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Laura Acquaviva. Central Illustration Agency. Central Illustration Agency. Guillaume Kurkdjian on Behance. Sam Peet. Sarah Illenberger: »Freud´s Flowers« General Portfolio : JAMIE CULLEN. Share.

General Portfolio : JAMIE CULLEN

Kevin Lucbert. Caroline Alkire. LAURENT DURIEUX. Illustration Portfolio. Resolution conflict – The resolver.

Illustration Portfolio

Danielle Kroll. AgencyRush Illustration Agency. Philippe baudelocque. Sophie tivona illustration. Catherine Pape Illustration. Charlotte Caron. Paris 4e. Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Cloître Saint-Merri. Shirley Jaffe appartient déjà à l'histoire de l'art.

Paris 4e. Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Cloître Saint-Merri

Elle fut l'une des figures majeures de la seconde génération de l'expressionnisme abstrait représenté par les artistes américains et canadiens actifs à Paris à la fin des années soixante : Joan Mitchell, Jean-Paul Riopelle, James Bishop ou Sam Francis. Comme eux, Shirley Jaffe a quitté l'Amérique du nord pour la France, où elle redéfinit progressivement son approche picturale, abandonnant le lyrisme gestuel pour une abstraction géométrique rythmée et colorée, qui caractérise encore aujourd'hui son oeuvre. Dans ses toiles, le figuré ne subsiste qu'à l'état de vestige, de résidu de réel.

Toute tentative d'identification se heurte à la neutralité des formes, à l'hermétisme synthétique des lignes, traits, bandes verticales, horizontales et diagonales, juxtaposés ou superposés dans un «chaos ordonné», pour reprendre les mots de l'artiste. Partout, la couleur domine. Shirley Jaffe — The Oblong Square, 2007. Cy Twombly. Pushpin Gallery. Katie Eberts - Home. Adam Savitch - photographer. __Aurelia Vernhes__ Agent002 - Agent d'illustrateurs. Marcus Oakley. MP Arts. Illustrator : Masako Kubo. Talent — Agent Pekka. Homepage - Handsome Frank Illustration Agency. Contact.

Tom Haugomat - tiphaine-illustration. Teaser d'un court métrage en attente de financement Teaser d'un court métrage en attente de financement, réalisé par Tom Haugomat et Bruno Mangyoku chez CUBE CREATIVE, avec l'aide précieuse de Théo Guignard, Sandrine Han Jin Kuang et Wandrille Maunoury.

Tom Haugomat - tiphaine-illustration

Musique et sound design de Edouard Charrey et Sylvain Legeai. Aaron Campbell Design & Illustration. Jacopo Rosati. Whitelightchase. Talkie Walkie. Illustration Agency, Illustration, Illustration Artists, Hire an Illustrator. Javier Perez (cintascotch) – Designer from Ecuador. Rachel Levit. Idafrosk: the food art blog. Windows of New York. BBQ. Official poster of the SXSW Film Festival 2014 (Austin, Texas).


In collaboration with Gravillis. Austin's symbols : - Paramount Theater - Food Trailer Parks - South Congress Bridge bats (- The Texas Capitol) "Our goal was to create a poster that did not feel like it could be easily digitally reproduced. Ultimately, we wanted to embrace the 'do-it-yourself' ethos that SXSW has shown each year with their creative and imaginative footprint at the festival.”

-Gravillis Inc. Direction, Crafts, Illustration2014 The French NGO Ecofolio, who works to show the benefits of recycling, asked the agency June21 to promote this idea in a national print campaign. Here are some vector art with monsters and strange characters.Digital Art, Illustration2009. Illustrated recipes. What better way to celebrate the beginning of spring in rome than to take advantage of the explosion of globe artichokes that overflows on market stalls around every corner?

illustrated recipes

My mama has always cooked a lot of artichokes, this round, typically roman variety when we lived here, and other varieties in australia, but i never really appreciated them until i got a little bit older, and i never had the patience to learn how to clean them and cook them. until i figured out it wasn't so hard at all. artichokes / carciofi are beautiful to draw too. now, because this is not a cooking blog and the illustrated recipes give importance to drawings rather than precise methods and culinary perfection, i recommend you head over to rachel's artichoke post if you want clear instructions on cleaning and prepping the chokes, other than this, it's super simple and delicious. took me a while to post this as i needed to finish the roll of film on the canon A1. bear with me!

Marina VANDEL. Iam.andrewho. Mmm. Max Kostenko - Home. Typography - LuGreen. Typography The series of works with hand-drawn typography.

Typography - LuGreen

You make me feel so lazy. What do you want? Emily Robertson. Klas Ernflo. They Draw & Cook. Valerie Henry. Hugo & Marie_illu. MP Arts. Illustration Agency, Illustration, Illustration Artists, Hire an Illustrator.