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Why DaaS Makes Sense for Today’s Enterprise - VDIworks. VDIworks Offers Desktop Virtualization through CenturyLink’s Cloud Marketplace - VDIworks. Austin, Texas 12th January, 2016 VDIworks, a provider of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, today announced its certification under the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program.

VDIworks Offers Desktop Virtualization through CenturyLink’s Cloud Marketplace - VDIworks

This integration allows customers of the CenturyLink Cloud platform to easily create, manage and deploy virtual desktop solutions in a range of different environments. The Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) from VDIworks allows CenturyLink Cloud customers to have a flexible, secure, business-ready virtual desktop solution. VDP is a comprehensive VDI management suite that has been architected to reduce complexity and costs typically associated with VDI. It allows CenturyLink Cloud customers to set up a hosted virtual desktop infrastructure within a matter of minutes. The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program allows participating technology companies, like VDIworks, to integrate with the CenturyLink Cloud Platform. 5 Reasons Why Vendor-Agnosticism Is Mission-Critical to VDI Success. Role Of Connection Brokering In VDI. Anyone trying to answer the question of “how does virtualization work” is bound to come across one of the most critical components of VDI, namely the connection broker.

Role Of Connection Brokering In VDI

Here’s the easy & comprehensible overview of what it is, and how it helps regulate enterprise resources when you transition towards a virtual desktop environment. A Connection broker lies at the nucleus of every hosted desktop environment and is the component responsible for assigning resources to end-users, as well as regulating their experience. A connection broker is where all the decisions are made in terms of who will get to access what and how, from a virtual machine to any other resource.

In essence, this is the software tool that ties together resources, whether physical or virtual. Tasks that typically fall under the connection broker’s domain include: Healthcare Solution Brief 3d. Your No-Risk & Win-Win Virtualization Alternatives to Moka5. VDIworks' Moka5 Transition Program. VDIworks is offering a trade-up program for all current Moka5 Customers allowing them the ability to upgrade to the VDIworks Solution ensuring business continuity.

VDIworks' Moka5 Transition Program

With the Virtual Desktop Platform, Customers can set up a true VDI experience eliminating the hassle to manage remote users and devices. Therefor the VDIworks moka5 Upgrade Program is best Alternative to Mokafive. Here’s why you should choose to transition over to VDIworks: A true VDI solution gives centralized control and added security as opposed to client side virtualization.VDIworks’ VDP gives you the flexibility to virtually use any device to connect to a virtual machine and access it from anywhere.Get better performing workstations with the ability to make upgrades on the fly.

Whether you’re a School, a Hospital or a large enterprise. VDI Solutions for Education, K-12 and Healthcare. Virtual Desktops (VDI) for Education, K-12 and Higher Education. Virtual Desktops for Healthcare. Desktop Virtualization Software: Points You Should Know about Virtualization Management. As the technology is shifting rapidly and more businesses are adopting virtualization so IT professional have to deal with the responsibility of virtualizing.

Desktop Virtualization Software: Points You Should Know about Virtualization Management

Nearly 63% It professionals are responsible for virtualization Management. Tip # 1 Better Virtualization choices: Expand your View of understanding the dynamic and dependent relationship between configuration, capacity, performance and applications. Help Adam & Leonard Nimoy's plan to Complete Their Spock Documentary. PayPal acquires International Money Transfer Service Xoom for $890 Million. 34.7 Million SmartPhones Sold By Xiaomi In First Half Of 2015. Xiaomi Sold 34.7 Million smartphones in 1H 2015 /Image Source: Xiaomi Twitter Xiaomi Inc. is a privately owned Chinese electronics company; it is headquartered in Beijing, China and is the world’s 3rd largest smartphone distributor.

34.7 Million SmartPhones Sold By Xiaomi In First Half Of 2015

They design smartphones, mobile apps, and also consumer electronics. According to Forbes, the Co-Founder and CEO; Lei Jun is the 23rd richest person in China. Current Selling Status Xiaomi Inc. sold over 60 million smartphones in 2014 and have sold 34.7 million smartphones in the first half of year 2015, which is a 33% year-on-year increase! Xiaomi Inc. is a five-year-old Chinese company with a revenue of around $12 Billion. Statement by Lei Jun Lei Jun, founder of this company said in a statement that “we did a commendable job, we outperformed in the market and we produced an excellent report card”.

Report Stats. Taxi Industry of London: Executive Cars Set for Innovation with Active Safety Systems. With the aim of bringing innovation and strengthening the safety and security framework, active safety systems are now being considered as an essential option to be introduced in executive cars.

Taxi Industry of London: Executive Cars Set for Innovation with Active Safety Systems

Primarily, these systems would incorporate technology that would cater to the demands of many used car buyers who have been requesting it for a while now. Executive cars exude elegance, style and outstanding class that brings an element of luxury and comfort to the journey. Heathrow airport on the radar for expansion. London Heathrow Airport, the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic, is under the UK Airports Commission radar these days for a proposed expansion.

Heathrow airport on the radar for expansion

Sir Howard Davies, the head of the commission, has decided to initiate a public consultation on the expansion in order to avoid the possible legal challenge to the three-year review. The move comes weeks after the Supreme Court ordered the UK government to make efforts to curb air pollution. The matter was initiated first in September 2012, when the British government established the Airports Commission to look at different options for increasing the capacity at UK airports. The commission proposed two options for expanding Heathrow, and a third option for expanding Gatwick airport. Atlas Cars of London Announces New Website Launch. London, United Kingdom — April 17th 2015 — Atlas Cars of London is pleased to announce the launch of its new full-feature website.

Atlas Cars of London Announces New Website Launch

The website has detailed and exclusive content to help consumers easily find information related to cab-hire and make timely decisions for booking. As one of the oldest and leading minicab companies serving London, the new Atlas Cars site is another step ahead in furthering the company’s growing efforts for consumer engagement. The aim is to offer a clean, modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience. Technological Advancement in London Transportation. Technological advancement has brought proficiency in every field of life with the passage of time.

Technological Advancement in London Transportation

Technology in the transport industry is continuously changing and upgrading which has a huge impact on the advancement of day-to-day transportation. Therefore, evolution in the transportation industry directly affects the passengers through improve and efficient service. Taxi Industry of London: London Minicabs- Setting out Positive Vision for Late night Commuters. London city is famous for its nightlife because Londoners always go out for entertainment especially on weekends.

Taxi Industry of London: London Minicabs- Setting out Positive Vision for Late night Commuters

They go to parties, restaurants, cinema, theaters and pubs for having fun and get together with friends. But when the nightlife is at its peak, a limited availability of the public transportation causes serious problems for the travellers. Poor transport services and violence at transport points cause a major risk for the late night commuters at streets or around nightclubs and bars. 5 Reasons that You Need a Cab booking app. In the Last couple of years, transportation becomes even more easy and convenient by the use of new technology. The problem of getting a cab have made researcher more concerned, so they come up with the advancement in the cab industry in the form of a cab booking app. These apps are now in demand due to its convenience because before the introduction of this innovation, people used to book a cab through phone call or via email. Through these apps people can easily book a cab by downloading and installing it in their devices. These apps can help the travellers who are always on the go or need to go anywhere because of the business or personal purposes.

Travellers can reserve a cab quickly and efficiently by few taps on the smartphone. Why should we need a cab booking app. Cashless Buses. The creation of a cashless transport system in London is a decision long been criticized. Many Londoners have always against the plan right from the outset. However, the positive impact of cashless buses is strongly being felt by minicab companies of London. A lot of minicab companies in London are already reaping the benefits of this change. Top 10 New Year Resolutions Well Worth The Effort. In two days’ time the New Year is about to knock our doors. Every year we think of so many things that we would accomplish, aka New Year Resolutions. Here is a list of the some recommended New Year resolutions that can add great value to our lives. Further Education Our careers define the quality of lives that we enjoy. Education forms an important part of that lifestyle that we have been able to attain. Lose Weight. Train Industry Crises And Where Can Minicabs Help?

Thousands of journeys came to halt yesterday for trains coming into and going out of London. Train operators gave warning that these disruptions would likely to continue with delays at various stations of London. Two of the worst affected train stations were King Cross and Paddington. The primary reason reported was overrunning of engineering works. The King Cross station has started working this morning as per Network Rail operator.

Staying In London - Follow These Safety Tips. Read the following safety tips and stay out of trouble when in London. Riding Cabs Black cabs or minicabs are usually safe to travel upon. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Use only a booked cab and do not get into an unbooked ride anywhere. Make sure you get into a cab that you have booked by verifying with the driver. Cycling Cycle is a cheap way of traveling shorter or medium length journeys. On Foot Make sure that you know what you are walking into. Public Transport When traveling on public transport, plan your entire journey in advance. General Conduct.