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Teaching Practice III

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This collection guides students to prepare them for being a teacher of English. It prepares teacher trainees for observing classes, students and teachers.

Issues of concern being observed in the classrooms can be addressed through Action Research, aspects to observe while observing can be identified through preparation of sample tasks to complete, preparation of lessons can be focused through lesson observations, analysis and preparation of plans and practice can be a real experience in classrooms. Programa Practica Profesional Docente III 2017. Obseve, learn and practice - March 2017. 1- Focus on the classroom- March 2017. 2- First Semester . Topics and Bibliography for Units 1 and 2- March 2017. 3-Unit 1 Section 1 Focus on Action Research- March 2017.

Reflections on typical areas. 5- Class Assignment on the Video Action Research. 6- Questions on Action Research. 7- Assignment on the article Reflection as a Necessary Condition for Action Research. 8- Assignment 4. Jigsaw presentation on Action Research paper. 9- Assignment 5 on Using L1 in the L2 Classroom. 10- Assignment 6 on the article Who gives the instructions. 11- Assignment 7 on Improving through integrated workshops. 12- Unit 1 Section 2 Focus on lessons- 2017. 13- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 1. 14- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 2. 15- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 3. 16- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 4. 17- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 5. 18- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 6. 19- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 7.

20- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 8. 21- Assignment on Jeremy Harmer´s video 9. 22- Assignment 1. Teacher Supervision Moving towards an Interactive Approach. 23- Assignment 2 on Someone to watch over me. 24- Assignment 3 on Focused observation. 25- Assignment 4 on Observation by checklist. 26- Assignment 5 on Eye on the classroom 5 and 6. 27- Article Observation Model: Non-linear summary. 28- Task for analyzing the structure of the class. 29- Assignment 6 .Task to analyze Miss Lee´s lesson. 30- Assignment 7. Lesson Plan for the secondary school. 31 - Assignment 8 on Chapter Describing Learners. 32- The classroom itself. 33- OBSERVATION TASK for the classroom itself.

34- Assignment 9 on brain images. Teaching for Success. 35- Second Semester. Topics for units 3 and 4. 36- Unit 3 Focus on Planning. 37- Sample Lesson Plan 1. 38- Sample Lesson Plan 2. 39- Model Lesson Plan to complete. Portfolio requirements. Attendance Sheet Teaching Practice. Suggested tasks to observe. Task 1. Task 2. Observation and practice task model completed. Task 3. Task 4. 40 -Unit 4 Focus on Assessment. 41- Assigments on Assessment. Guide to activities. 42- Assessment mind maps for class assignment. 43- Focus on the practice period.