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Air conditioning installataion cost | coil cleaning. As a Miami resident, we are sure you would agree that a quality air conditioning system is important to maintain the comfort in your home. With average summer highs in the 90s and nearly 10 inches per month of rainfall between June and September pushing humidity levels off the chart, your comfort depends on a good air conditioner.

That’s why Air Authority takes its role as one of the region’s top air conditioning service providers so seriously. We know that the systems we install, maintain and repair are on the front line of your family’s comfort and safety almost every day of the year in Miami. If you need a new air conditioner, or need a service performed on your current system call for assistance today. We are Trane comfort specialists, and if you have any questions about Trane air conditioning installation or service, we are always ready to help. Air Conditioning Maintenance in Miami Once your new AC system is installed, Miami air conditioning maintenance is an absolute must. Residential Heating | Air Authority, Inc. Living in Miami, you probably assumed you’d never need to worry about heating. The balmy weather means winter lows of 60 degrees or higher. But just because the temperature never gets below freezing doesn’t mean you’ll never need a heating system. Cold snaps happen and when they do, you’ll be glad you are prepared.

At the same time, Miami homes have very specific heating needs so you want a company you can trust to provide the kind of service that suits those needs. Miami Heating Installation Miami heating installation is a relatively simple process if you have a WMA air handler that has room for an electric heating strip. Our Miami heating installation experts will work closely with you to select the perfect residential heating system and perform installation so it works properly when the temperature does drop below 50 degrees.

For all your Miami heating maintenance needs, make sure you call us or setup an annual maintenance plan that fits your needs.

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Outsourcing Billing. Primary Care: Are You Just Another Number? - ABELLA HEALTH. Written by Joana Pichs Bringas, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC Marina is a 67-year-old Hispanic female who presents my office today as a new patient so that I may provide here primary care. She has multiple conditions, cannot remember the name of her medications, and did not bring a list of her medications or her medication bottles. As I continue to ask her questions and examine her she appears frustrated, confrontational, and distrustful.

In addition, she asks angrily, “And who are you, the doctor’s assistant?!” I then reply, “No, I am not the doctor’s assistant, I am the Nurse Practitioner, however, the doctor and I do collaborate on every patient’s care in this office to provide exceptional care and create increased access with improved healthcare outcomes.” Toward the end of the office visit, Marina begins to vent on how unhappy she was with her previous primary care provider (PCP). It is unfortunate to say that Marina’s experience seems to be a very common one. Compression Stockings: Not Just for Long Flights - ABELLA HEALTH. At Abella Care we have been singing the praises of compression stockings for years.

These specialized hosiery improve circulation, can help prevent, or reduce the progression, of venous disorders like thrombosis, phlebitis and edema and can even prevent blood clots in the legs. Most recently we have prescribed them to our varicose vein patients. They are effective in reducing the appearance of varicose and spider veins as well as aiding in the recovery of patients after varicose vein removal procedures. Compression stockings are manufactured with strong elastic fibers and rubber that can create a significant amount of pressure on the feet, ankles and legs.

They are designed to be tightest around the ankles and the pressure lessens further up the leg. The Importance of Proper Fitting The American Journal of Nursing studied the use of compression stockings and found that as many as 30% of user had stockings that were improperly fitted. Now in Fashion Colors. Financial Responsibility for College Students. Last month we covered some ways for your college bound student to manage spending while at school. This time we'll look at how a college student can get a good financial start by avoiding debt and establishing good credit.

You may be surprised by just how much guidance your intelligent and resourceful child may need in respect to personal finance. These skills need to be learned and a young adult will benefit from some insight in order to avoid costly mistakes. Leaving home to attend college is an excellent time for students to learn about financial management. Student Loans - Use Them Wisely Many students must borrow to get a college education. The latest estimates put the average student loan debt of a graduating senior at $29,000.

Borrowing only what is required is one way to avoid problems. Be Extra Careful with Credit Cards College students should be wary of the credit card offers they will receive. Young Adults are Hardest Hit by Identity Theft. Help Your College Bound Kid Spend Wisely. College is a time for growing and learning. Unfortunately, one of the things many students learn about themselves is that they are lousy at managing money. More often than not, the student is not at fault. Not all, but many high schoolers that work do it for disposable income or maybe to pay for gas and a cell phone bill. Leaving the nest and going off to college brings with it a number of responsibilities, many of which involve managing money.

Now the young adult has to worry about stocking their own fridge, rent and utilities, transportation expenses and having something leftover for the weekend. It can get complicated and most college freshman are not prepared to sort it all out successfully. College Life = Frugality How many of us don't have fond memories of scraping by financially in college. Students should consider every purchase and expenditure carefully. Budget with the Envelope System Envelopes are labeled with different expense categories: rent, groceries, gas, weekends, etc.

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MIGRAINES AND NAUSEA. Therapuetic Ultrasound and Tension Headaches. MBSR for Mirgraines. Kids and Tension-type Headaches. After a Fire. After a Fire Safety Is the First Concern Last month we talked about how to be prepared in the event of a fire and what to do if you are caught in a fire. This article will cover some tips on what to do after a fire has hit your home. A fire can be a disorienting, frightening and even traumatic experience.

It is important after a fire to keep a cool head and not to make any mistakes. Rebuilding will come later, but immediately after a fire your first concern should be to keep yourself and your family safe. The first rule after you have gotten yourself and anyone else out of a burning building is not to go back in. Make sure to contact family members and friends to let them know what has happened and where things stand. If the house is deemed safe to enter, the next step is to secure the house. How Your Public Adjuster Will Help The public adjusters at Guardian Adjusting have decades of combined experience handling fire damage claims in South Florida. Prepare For Hurricanes Before They are Even Approaching. Any time a hurricane approaches the coast you're likely to see scenes of people wasting their time and energy "preparing" for the storm.

In fact, you might have seen these images so often that you think the folks shown are doing the correct thing. If a hurricane is approaching, forget about: Rushing to a building supply store to buy plywood for your windows. Taping up your windows. If your house is in danger of being hit by a hurricane, protecting windows and sliding glass doors is almost always the number one thing you can do to ensure you'll have a livable house if the worst happens. An important rule for any wind storm is to not be in a room with windows that can be broken. While tape doesn't do much, heavy plywood or metal shutters are vital.

Why is protecting windows so important? Here are some other things you should do before a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning is posted: Remove weak and dead trees or tree limbs on your property.

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Weight Loss For Life. Lose Weight While You Eat Being overweight is like a ticking time bomb—it’s only a matter of time before your health will be impacted. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that losing weight is only half the battle. The other half is keeping the weight off. Starving yourself is definitely not the answer. So where to begin? For people struggling with weight issues the thought of looking for the right diet and adjusting to a more active lifestyle can be a daunting prospect. If you are debating whether to try a weight loss program there are some basic questions you’ll want to ask yourself and consult with your doctor: Based on your size and body composition—what is a healthy weight for you?

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Weight Beware of false claims made by all too many weight loss programs. But you don’t have to go it alone. There are many benefits to a doctor supervised weight loss program. All plans are customized to fit each individual’s specific needs. How To Find The Right Doctor. How to Find the Right Doctor For You and Your Family The importance of selecting a good primary care doctor can not be overstated. There are many fine family doctors in New Jersey. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting your primary care physician is that your doctor is more than just the person you consult with whenever you feel sick or suffer an injury. Armed with intimate knowledge of your medical history and a focus on preventive care, your primary care doctor will help you maintain your good health and encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

They are an investment in your future. Evaluating a Family Doctor in New Jersey: What You Should Consider Primary care doctors in New Jersey include family medicine physicians for patients of all ages, doctors of internal medicine for adult patients, and pediatricians for children. As you narrow down your search, consider the following: Are they In-Network?

The Key to A More Healthful Lifestyle. Healthy Lifestyle. Obesity has become a large and very serious problem in the US. It is believed that by 2020 more than half of all Americans will be overweight. This is not something that dieting will be able to fix. Americans need to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle. At Advance Health Services we offer a number of weight loss programs that can help patients loose weight quickly and get a jumpstart on a healthy lifestyle. But no diet will be effective if the underlying unhealthy habits are not addressed. It does not have to be difficult. Move More - A sedentary, inactive lifestyle is the quickest path to weight gain and disease. Shop Smart - The best way to avoid high fat, high sugar, high salt snacks is to not bring them into the house in the first place.

Plan and Document - A meal plan is a great way to get control over what you eat. Drink Black Coffee - The coffee drinks many of us have grown to love since Starbucks appeared on the scene are really little more than dessert in a cup. Exercise and Mood. Exercise Your Way to a Good Mood At Advance Health Services we are proponents of a holistic approach to weight loss and being healthy.

Recent studies are showing that there is a real connection between physical exercise and psychological well being. This is something many have always suspected. We all know runners who talk about the "high" they get from a good run, and most of us have experienced the euphoric sensation that results from a good workout. While there are definite links between lower impact exercises, like yoga, and improved mental states, the recent research has found that the strongest effects come from higher impact and cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming and demanding sports like basketball and tennis. Although exercise provides an immediate and measurable positive impact to one's mood, to truly benefit from the positive psychological affects of exercise requires commitment. Traditional Positive Effects.