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Parents’ Guide to Choosing the Best School for their Children. As parents, giving quality education to our children is our top priority.

Parents’ Guide to Choosing the Best School for their Children

Picking a school infers you are putting your child on a lengthy, winding path of learning. Therefore this path needs to be chosen carefully and judiciously. However, this is often simpler said than done. Specialist Programs College Melbourne. St Monica’s College Epping offers three major specialist programs for students. Horizons: Designed for highly able students, it is an interactive program that is designed to maximize their learning abilities by placing them with other high calibre students. Open to all students applying for year 7 at St Monica’s College, it encourages learning at an accelerated pace. CLIL: CLIL stands for “Content and Language Integrated Learning,” meaning the learning of curriculum subjects such as geography, history, or religious education through the use of texts and resources in both English and another language.

With smaller class sizes and deeper understanding of the subject matter, students are presented with a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language in a conducive environment. Tips to Find the Best School for your Child - St Monica College. Finding out the best catholic middle school that suits your child’s learning requirements can be daunting.

Tips to Find the Best School for your Child - St Monica College

However, while choosing the best among the number of alternatives, parents need to consider some of the basic things that can make all the difference and make your child more skilful and accomplished. In the present era of cut-throat competition, marks scored is considered as the yardstick to measure the talent and capacity of children. Hence, it has become indispensable for the students to acquire intuitive and creative skills to remain competitive. Things to Consider while Choosing a School for your Children. Ways to Improve Your School’s Culture – Catholic co-education.

It is no hidden secret that educators when looking for a job in a school often prefer an institute which boasts a friendly, open, and positive culture and a climate conducive to a wholesome teaching experience.

Ways to Improve Your School’s Culture – Catholic co-education

In fact, this is the same process followed by parents who look for a school that could contribute to the overall growth and development of their student. This should not come as a surprise as both teachers and students spend more than 8 hours in the school and a school’s environment greatly influences the education that takes place. Staff and administrators in a good school possess the ability to achieve their ambitions/ Here we list some important ways in which an educator, there are ways you can improve your school’s culture that could prove immensely beneficial for the school, its culture, students as well as the staff. Put students first. STUDENT STUDIES - St Monica's College, Epping. Different Types of Private Schools. Once you have made the choice to send your child to a private school Northern Suburbs Melbourne you will see that there are several to choose from.

Different Types of Private Schools

This could leave you speculating which school to trust with your child’s education. There are different kinds of private or independent, such as Catholic schools or other religious, day and boarding, and so on. Understanding the differences can make selecting a bit easier. Is there a dissimilarity between private schools and independent ones? It is a good question, the terms are very often used interchangeably, which may cause confusion, because they are actually different.

Different Types of Private Schools. How to Choose an Appropriate Catholic School? If you're looking for the school that fits, you perhaps think that the school's education will prepare you for the real world.

How to Choose an Appropriate Catholic School?

However, it is a crucial factor in your decision, it's generally not the element that makes a school right. Careers and pathways for students. All students are encouraged to attend information sessions held at the College on a regular basis and also to attend as many of the outside advertised careers activities as possible to ensure that they are fully informed about all the options open to them. To assist with student investigations the Careers Centre and the Pathways Office both have a library of University and TAFE study options as well as occupational and vocational information that can be accessed by students both through appointments and at student break times. Individual career counseling is provided for students in the areas of subject selection, resume writing, new apprenticeship and job hunting, course selection and course application.

All students from Year 7-12 can access the service, details of opening times and how to make an appointment at either DSC or DRC is provided on the SMC Careers Website. How Catholic schools Instill Self-discipline – Catholic co-education. Educators and experts around the globe hold the unanimous opinion that self-discipline amongst students is far superior and productive than the externally imposed kind.

How Catholic schools Instill Self-discipline – Catholic co-education

But then the million dollar question is where exactly does self-discipline come from? Certainly home, family, church and other institutions of civil society play a considerable part in instilling self-discipline in children. However, over the years Catholic schools in Australia as well as in other parts of the world have been actively involved in development of sound character, including the acquisition of self-discipline.

And the results so far have been highly encouraging. 5 Challenges in Education in Today's Society. Education is a basic human right.

5 Challenges in Education in Today's Society

However, children across the major part of the globe are facing several barriers to accessing quality education. In some instances, there is no school, while in other cases the teachers are not trained well enough to impart quality education. Increasing access to education can do a lot of good for the entire planet. It can improve the overall health and longevity of the society, make people more equipped to combat climate change and lead to overall peace and prosperity. Here are 5 of the greatest challenges in education in today’s society that the world needs to address on urgent basis to achieve the objective of quality education for all by 2030.

Lack of adequate finance It is simply not feasible to expect developing countries to take care of their own education system with the limited financial resources they have at their command. Lack of teachers or teachers who are poorly trained Teacher effectiveness greatly influences a child’s learning. Coeducational Catholic School Epping, Melbourne. 5 Myths about Catholic Schools. Many parents send their children to Catholic middle school to provide them with an exceptional, well-rounded education.

5 Myths about Catholic Schools

Private academics are known for its rigorous academics and ability to help students to stay on track to reach their goals. However, there are many myths about Catholic schools, too. Let’s find out some. 1-You’re so rich! This is the most common myth, and it is definitely not right. Five Essential Marks Of Catholic Schools. What makes a school Catholic in the eyes of the Church?

Five Essential Marks Of Catholic Schools

Here are Five Essential Marks of Catholic Schools from Archbishop J. Michael Miller’s Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools. 1-Inspired by a Supernatural Vision. Careers and pathways for students. Coeducational Catholic School Epping, Melbourne - St Monica’s College. Specialist Programs College Melbourne. 5 Ideas to Motivate your Study habits and Improve them. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming exam or test, studying is often hard to manage.

5 Ideas to Motivate your Study habits and Improve them

There are many distractions that do not allow you to stay on task. Every time you open a book, there is a notification on your phone. Every time you open your laptop, the lure of YouTube is too hard to resist. Sometimes, you manage to get going but you forget where you were at. A Leading Coeducational Catholic School.