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Emaan is working as a senior content strategist and social media manager at RealClobber. Her work can be seen on various online blogging platforms. She has been associated with the writing business for the last three years. To learn more about her work, you may visit

How to Protect Your Smartphones from Cyber Threats - RealClobber. Cyber threats and attacks are common on the Internet.

How to Protect Your Smartphones from Cyber Threats - RealClobber

It is said that “If it is on the internet then it is not safe”. It’s true. Every online business is at threat and no one can deny the truth. This is way Cybersecurity plays a very important rule in saving businesses that are available on the web. As technology is growing rapidly, it is important to keep the necessary precautions to manage your company as well as protect it from cyber threats and attacks.

How to Stop Internet Throttling - RealClobber. Playing online games or watching your favourite shows and movies is everyone’s go to pastime activity.

How to Stop Internet Throttling - RealClobber

These activities have only grown in popularity since the coronavirus-imposed lockdowns around the world. After all, why wouldn’t they? What else will you do to pass your time? One cannot just rely on books all day. But you might have experienced that while watching Netflix, YouTube, or playing any online game, the internet becomes quite slow. How to Setup Personal API Key for YouTube on Kodi – RealClobber.

This blog post is related to our series on ‘Kodi’.

How to Setup Personal API Key for YouTube on Kodi – RealClobber

We will be covering another issue and then talk about how to solve it. While watching YouTube on Kodi, your screen might flash an error saying that you have exceeded the daily limit or quota. It is quite perplexing given the fact that you have not set up any limit for Kodi or even YouTube. In addition to this, your internet connection has limitless bandwidth. This issue can easily be resolved by getting a personal API key. Step 1: Search Google Cloud Console by clicking on this 2: Accept all the terms of services and click agree to continueStep 3: Select a project Combo box and click on new projectStep 4: Enter Project Name.

Step 5: Search Google API Library by clicking on this link Step 6: Click YouTube Data API and enable itStep 7: Click ‘Credentials’ on the side menuStep 8: In this step, tap on ‘Create Credentials’. How to Protect Your Smartphones from Cyber Threats - RealClobber. Poor Diet and Hair Loss - Is there any Relation Between these? Our hair is our treasured possession.

Poor Diet and Hair Loss - Is there any Relation Between these?

Most people try to care for their hair as much as possible. They have proper hair care routines that they follow religiously. If they suffer from occasional hair loss, their hair loss treatment is ready to stop it. While most hair loss is genetic, it is not the only reason for losing hair. There are many other reasons for hair loss. AgeMedical Conditions (diabetes, thyroid disorders, and lupus)Medication or Major SurgeryPoor DietStress These common causes of hair loss can be easily dealt with.

Poor Diet and Hair Loss A diet that does not have sufficient nutrients counts as a poor and unhealthy diet. FruitVegetablesLegumes (lentils & beans)Nuts & whole grains (unprocessed maize, millet, oats, wheat & brown rice)Free sugarsUnsaturated fats (fish, avocado, nuts, sunflower, soybean, canola & olive oils)Iodized salt. Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters in 2020. The shape of blade There are three types of blades; diagonal, straight and V-shaped.

Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters in 2020

Knowing the right blade to pick is very crucial as each serves a specific purpose. Some cutters come with the feature of interchanging blades; you can have the benefit of using these three blades. Straight- used to cut and slice veggies such as sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Best Cookware for Gas Stove - Guide and Reviews. Things to Consider It is essential to ensure that your products are of excellent quality and stylish as well.

Best Cookware for Gas Stove - Guide and Reviews

Remember, when it comes to the kitchen, you desire to get the best experience that you can be proud of. How to Fix Windows 0x80096004 Installer Error - RealClobber. The 0x80096004 occurs when user start updating Windows.

How to Fix Windows 0x80096004 Installer Error - RealClobber

The error mainly caused due to the DNS conflict or the internal Windows error. This error causes corrupt updating of Window files and hence uer faces problems. This is a common issue in the Windows 10. How to fix Windows Error 0*80300002 - Windows Installer Error Fix. The Error 0*80300002 mainly caused by Hard Drive and corrupted Windows installation media (USB, DVD etc.).

How to fix Windows Error 0*80300002 - Windows Installer Error Fix

Such corrupted files causes broken file in Windows installation due to which you won’t be able to install the Operating System in regular way. Here in this guide we are going to explain the easiest methods for fixing this common problem occurs on regular basis in Windows. Have a look on the guide given below to fix your issues in no time. Remove all the currently created partitions on your Hard DriveDo a fresh install of Windows 10 using a USB or any other Media you haveAt the time of installation, when it comes to partitions on disk, just go with default.

Select “Drive Options” and Create a New Partition with Unallocated Space. Top 10 Best Kodi Sports Addons 2020 to Watch Live Sports. This is another one of our articles on Kodi.

Top 10 Best Kodi Sports Addons 2020 to Watch Live Sports

But we are not focusing on any issue in this post. Instead, we will be talking about the best Kodi Sports addons. Everyone has a favourite sport that they absolutely love playing and watching. For me, it is football. Complete Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery. They say bigger isn’t always better and that is entirely true about breasts.

Complete Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery

Women desire beautiful breasts but that doesn’t mean they have to be enormous. A perfect proportion is key to beautiful breasts. Most women have naturally perfect breasts that are proportionate to the rest of their bodies. However, if someone has excessively large breasts, it can be problematic. Not only does it make women feel conscious about their appearance, but it can also cause health problems, too. 10 Amazing Habits that can Transform Life Completely - RealClobber. Life is the most precious gift that God has given us. As it is an important gift so it also need extra care and cannot be ignored the way most of the people doing. There are some cruel and fearless people who ends this gift in the form of suicide and other unhealthy activities.

It is not the way to treat a gift in this way. We all must spend it in the best possible way. To spend life in the best and amazing way, you must develop extraordinary habits that will give you a surprisingly healthy lifestyle. WhiteSmoke vs Ginger, which one is Best Grammar Checker. WhiteSmoke and Ginger are the two online proofreading and grammar checkers tools that provide their services in order to make your contents look great by getting rid of mistakes.

Although, these are both the tools that aims the same purposes, but one can use only one of them at a time. So, which of them should a user use while writing for their blogs, thesis or even personal writing? Real logo. Covering Technology and Lifestyle that Matters! Tips for Women to Buy Gilets Dresses in Cheap Price. Red hat Integration Platform for Businesses Operations. Business organizations, whether selling products or providing services, require new solutions to handle their diverse operations. Different companies are engaged in providing necessary solutions that businesses can adopt to improve their productivity and serve clients with better effectiveness. Red hat salesforce integration enables businesses to handle their business clients with greater efficiency and perform necessary activities with greater efficiency. Necessary consultation services are also provided by such companies which can help business organizations in managing their day-to-day operations and serving their clients with complete efficiency.