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Infra Red

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Arduino Remote Control Tutorial | Build Electronic Circuits. In this tutorial we will make an Arduino remote control. It can be used to copy any remote control. A remote control sends out an infrared (IR) code when a button is pushed. This IR code is received by the gadget we are controlling. To make our own Arduino remote control, we need to copy the IR code that is sent. To create our remote control we need to: Get button-code from original remoteMake a remote-control programUpload our program to the Arduino We will use these components for our Arduino project: ArduinoIR Receiver TSOP31238IR Diode100 Ohm Resistor Connect the hardware We start by connecting the components to the Arduino.

Get the Arduino-IRremote library In this tutorial we will use the Arduino-IRremote library. We’ll download and install the library as described on their website. This library includes everything we need to receive and send IR signals. Retrieve the button-code and protocol First we need to get the button-code and protocol from the original remote.