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Agile Software Project Management, Software Development, Programme Management, Tools & Templates | OSHW Doc Jam Followups: Releasing the Format to the Community | Finally! I’m able to followup after the First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam! As many of you might know, at the end of April, I’ve been the facilitator of a Jam in New York city: it was the First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam – OSHW Doc Jam (see for details): the event has been sustained by many Sponsors and Supporters and OSHWA supported the event from the beginning.

We held the event with the objective to start a fruitful discussion about how to share more documentation regarding Open Source Hardware projects. One of the Jam groups at work – thanks to Bilal Ghalib for this amazing picture. We had almost 40 people working along the three days to think about possible strategies and solutions, prototype (some times) and sharing them with the public in real time.

The Results Coming back to the Jam; let’s focus a little bit on the documentation we are releasing today. We had actually run nine sessions as follows Standardization Experience: