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Voting day in three of Tripoli’s Tawergha camps for internally displaced refugees. For three years they have been living in the camps shelter, short of water, sanitation and food and often afraid to leave for fear of intimidation and violence. Due to the fighting during the war, the towns use by Gadaffi forces and the close proximity to Misrata they are unable to return home, a town that now resembles a ghost town. Naziha Arebi Naziha Arebi
Toronto for a Free Libya - - Supporting the February 17th Libyan Revolution and the Libyan people. email: info, twitter: @libyatoronto
News from the Embassy | Embassy of the United States Tripoli, Libya Public Affairs Office Preeminent Libyan Fashion Designer Ms. Rabia Ben Barka shares her latest designs with Cultural Affairs Officer Jared Caplan, as modeled by Ms. Maysoun Omar Haroun. TRIPOLI – Leading Libyan fashion designer Ms. News from the Embassy | Embassy of the United States Tripoli, Libya

Youths See All Parental Control Negatively When There's A Lot Of It
KhadijaTeri KhadijaTeri Here's a recap of my world, 2013... January My single post for January was about the weather... as usual it was a rainy January and I spent quite a bit of time in the car, traversing on very bad roads. February The month began with a post about a historical landmark near Tarhouna. Later on in the month I posted about a childhood remembrance. There was Libyan Revolution Day to get happy about, and fun times with my son Ibrahim. We waited for Nora's exam results to come out while we devised plans to scare off marriage proposals.