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Top Fashion Designer Hotels and Suites. Among the world’s most celebrated fashion designers, there are those whose collections are so iconic and truly transformative that, given the opportunity, you would choose to live in their creations. Now, thanks to an emerging trend in travel, you can—by simply making a reservation. Over the past few years, a growing number of international style arbiters, from Christian Lacroix and Armani to Missoni and Dior, have been teaming up with high-end resorts and hotels to put their distinctive stamp on properties around the globe.

Some, like Diane Von Furstenberg and Oscar De La Renta, were tapped to rework the décor of a suite or series of rooms at a single property, while others have gone so far as to partner with major developers to launch eponymous hotel brands that span from Australia to South America to the Middle East. These ultra-chic living spaces reflect the fashion brands’ unique personalities and exemplify the way that they themselves would choose to travel and live. Elizabethan Make-up. The History of Interior Design | SBID. Asda registers 'George Home'... but will it replace Living brand? The first George store opened in Dubai this week Asda looks set to expand its George clothing brand into homeware. The retailer has registered the ‘George Home’ name with the Intellectual Property Office across all the main home appliance, clothing and electronic product categories, as well as under the domain name George.home. It is not yet clear whether George Home will be a standalone or in-store offering or whether it will be in addition to or a replacement for Asda Living.

Asda refused to be drawn on its plans for the George brand, which opened its first clothing store in Dubai this week but hasn’t had a standalone presence in the UK since 2008, when Asda closed its 11 George stores. “There is nothing to report at the moment,” an Asda spokesman said. “We register logos, trademarks and domains all the time.” There are currently 33 Asda Living stores nationwide. It also announced that it had been improving the layout of Asda Living stores, following feedback from customers. Asda registers 'George Home'... but will it replace Living brand? The History of Interior Design | SBID. Why Every Man Needs A Man Cave. Sorry ladies, but this post is devoted to men (although, stick around for some great gender-neutral decorating inspiration). While both sexes need a place to escape; a place to call their own—the popular evolution of the man cave has blown away its competition (the sewing rooms, home libraries and craft rooms that most women dream of adding to their home take second place in this war of square footage).

So all of us ladies will step aside for a moment to allow all of you men to pursue your dream of the ultimate man cave. If you are going to use precious square footage to make room for a man cave in your home, then it might as well be amazing, right? We have gathered images of some pretty amazing manly retreats for you to use as inspiration. Men, if you are having trouble convincing your wife or significant other as to the reasons that a man cave is a must, then just show them this article—it outlines the basic reasons that EVERY man needs a place to call his own. A Place to Unwind. October Communications. COMMERCIAL DESIGN TRENDS: DESIGN DIVERSITY.

Blog Camper knows how to find designers who can really make their brand shine. A-cero‘s design in Granada certainly highlights the strong brand. A steadfast rule in commercial interior design is to maintain consistency for corporate chains across their many locations. Have you ever wondered why every McDonald’s restaurant design looks the same no matter its geographical whereabouts? A lot of research was completed to help brands like McDonald’s determine that consistency in their image improves brand awareness, and ensures their customers know exactly what to expect whether they visit a store in Vancouver or Montreal.

Sound reasoning right? Well, yes and no. McDonald’s demonstrates perfectly the new commercial design trend of brand diversity with this French location designed by Patrick Norguet. This progression to design diversity has not happened overnight. A new demand for variety encouraged evolution for the preferred design model. Camper has a slightly different approach. Luxury Opera Penthouse with Inspiring Armani Design Décor in Israel. Opera Penthouse is an exclusive home located at the 31st floor of a residential complex built on a cliff in Netanya, Israel. Gorgeously decorated with soothing Armani design features, the two-level mansion imagined by Domb Architects creates “a harmonious meeting point between the sky and the sea” and exceeds even the expectations of the most demanding clientele.

The very expression of luxury, this lovely home opens to the breathtaking blue horizon, inviting residents to enjoy the shimmering turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea while soaking in absolute comfort. The kitchen, dining, lounge and living room are all interconnected, compiling a grand, continuous social area. Master bedroom and dressing room are both located in the private area facing east. “A luxurious sitting area welcomes the amazing suite which overlooks from the heights, the roofs of the city and the sea. Recommended For You Luxury in Every Detail: Extraordinary Penthouse Apartment in Sydney. THE MAINSTREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Date Defended | Yu An. ABSTRACT J. Gregory BristerDepartment of English, December 2010University of Kansas The Mainstream of Consciousness: James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner and Mass Modernism argues that the “stream of consciousness” method which has become synonymous with “high” modernism was, in actuality, a widely accepted and employed trope within interwar popular culture.

Instead of considering the ways writers like Joyce, Woolf, and Faulkner resisted consumer culture, this project argues that their work both informed and was informed by advertising and best-selling fiction. ELEMENTS OF DESIGN SCALE AND PROPORTION. Blog Although another element of design, colour, is applied, proportion is also a key contributor in making this lounge space at Creston (designed by The Interiors Group) really stand out.

For our final post in our blog series, we are going to focus on the elements of design, scale and proportion. In commercial Interior Design, the most important objective for a project is to enhance our everyday experiences within the environments we work, live, and play. Although consideration of all the elements of design is necessary to achieve this goal, scale and in turn, proportion have the largest impact on spatial functionality. The classic Barcelona chair is an icon, but because it’s so low it often appears as though it is not sized appropriately for our modern human scale. In the room pictured above by Design Partners International for Kuper, vertical line has been applied to the ceiling and wall to draw the eye down and add a sense of proportion to the space.

Scale Proportion. What is Gestalt Psychology? Question: What is Gestalt Psychology? Answer: Gestalt psychology is a school of thought that looks at the human mind and behavior as a whole. Originating in the work of Max Wertheimer, Gestalt psychology formed partially as a response to the structuralism of Wilhelm Wundt. The development of this area of psychology was influenced by a number of thinkers, including Immanuel Kant, Ernst Mach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. "The fundamental "formula" of Gestalt theory might be expressed in this way,” Max Wertheimer wrote. Major Gestalt Psychologists Max Wertheimer Kurt Koffka Wolfgang Kohler Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Organization Have you ever noticed how a series of flashing lights often appears to be moving, such as neon signs or strands of Christmas lights?

The Influence of Fashion on Interior Design - CocoMode. Interior design styles are ever changing in the same way that fashion styles are, yet it's interesting to see just how much one industry influences the other. Year on year both the interiors and fashion worlds feature different materials, colors, and textures to suit every taste. Trends for 2014 combine classic and modern looks with different materials and concepts. The foundation for fashion however is more relaxed, comfortable, classic, and modest. For Interiors with minor changes, stylish furniture, and bold ornaments, you can easily transform your home to keep up with the upcoming interior design trends for 2014. The Influence of Tartan - Adds a touch of colour for a more casual look The use of pastels adds a softer more relaxed look Dark Muted Tones - Create a more dramatic formal space.

World of Interiors Influencing World of Fashion. The world of fashion is getting influenced by the world of interior design and décor. The worlds of fashion and the décor seem to be colliding. Both the worlds are now engaging as the creative minds of the worlds are joining together and that is happening because of the social media forces. As the collection hits the fashion runway the media such as reporters, fashion photographers, bloggers like me are now sharing the events with their readers and followers. The images are posted on the blogs, or on websites, or even flashed across the television to consumers. When fashion was once driver of trends and style and even the world of interiors, now the two worlds are working together in sync.

Now the décor is even stepping into the world of fashion and influencing it little bit. The street style is important and is powerful influence in worlds of the fashion and design. Let me just explain you in simple manner: since this is a interior design and décor blog will keep emphasis on that. Fashion designer hotels. Top Fashion Designer Hotels and Suites.

Diane von Furstenberg - The Rug Company. Since her arrival in the fashion world in 1972, Diane von Furstenberg has captivated the industry with her exceptional vision and iconic designs. Responsible for empowering millions of women around the world to celebrate their femininity, her designs are loved for their distinctive prints and confident colours translated in luxurious fabrics. In 2003, Diane ventured for the first time into the interiors world with her exclusive collection for The Rug Company. Colour, pattern and quality are seminal to Diane’s designs, so to find her inspiration, she turned to her archive rich with iconic prints. The result was a five-piece collection of instantly recognizable and sensual rugs, Funky Zebra, Royal Leopard, Grand Rose, Spiral Hearts and Bishop’s Cape. Two years later, the DvF collection expanded with Tribal Diamond, Leopard and Climbing Leopard.

Prince of Pattern: Jonathan Saunders’ colourful new rugs - The Rug Company Blog. Since exploding onto the international fashion scene, Jonathan Saunders has been revered for his graphic prints and vibrant colour combinations. Now he lends his prodigious talent as a print maker to rugs with four new designs, showcasing his masterful understanding of pattern and flair for clashing incongruous colours, creating visual harmony in discord. Having started in product design, Saunders is frequently inspired by architecture and interiors. Nouveau blends the sinuous shapes reminiscent of decorative glass with surreal colour tones, while Herringbone is a transformation of the weaving technique, with an unexpected clashing colour palette. The collection includes two runners: Harrington, influenced by the architectural aspects of Charlotte Perriand’s work, and Hutton, inspired by vintage wallpaper given a modern twist with Saunders’ vibrant hues. How Does the World of Fashion Influence The World of Interiors?

How does the world of Fashion influence the world of Interiors? According to Gretchen Aubuchon, Editor in Chief of Fashion + Decor, who recently spoke with industry leaders in both the fashion and the home design fields about this very topic, feels that “the worlds of fashion and decor are colliding.” She explains where there was once a 5 to 6 year lag from the runway to furniture showrooms, “then a couple of years ago we were seeing just a 2 year or 2 season lag, and now both worlds are engaging as the creative minds are joining together with the social media forces.”

It seems, according to many, that almost as soon as a collection hits the runway, reporters, photographers and bloggers are sharing these events with their readers and viewers. Through these images that are posted on blogs, websites and across our television screens to the consumer. So, where fashion was once a true driver of the world of interiors, the two are now working together.

Florals, a sign of the times? M.interiordesign. A few years ago Philippe Starck made a splash by collaborating with Italian cashmere company Ballantyne , just as Missoni started building hotels and Zac Posen designed interiors for the 16w21 condos . After decades of determined separation, interior and fashion designers are playing nicely together—or at least sharing the same playground. According to some, this trend is a throwback to the past. “In the 18th century, fashion fabrics and decorative fabrics were very similar,” says Patrick Lelievre , chairman of the Parisian textile house Lelievre , which has successfully partnered with Rochas , Kenzo , Sonia Rykiel and most recently Jean-Paul Gaultier in a merger of the two mediums. “We work a lot like fashion designers,” says Patrick Reymond, co- founder of Atelier Oï , a Switzerland-based architecture and design firm who has collaborated on bottles for Bulgari Parfums and, most recently, furniture for Louis Vuitton.

Birmingham City University - Sign In. Matthew Williamson turns interior designer for Osborne & Little. British designer Matthew Williamson has turned his panache for prints into a collection of wallpapers and fabrics for luxe upholstery label Osborne & Little. BY Alice Newbold | 29 August 2013 Matthew Williamson with his Sunbird print wallpaper for Osborne & Little "Having my own interior design collection has long been an ambition of mine and I'm thrilled to finally see that ambition start to come to life," notes Matthew Williamson of his collaboration with Osborne & Little.

The Central Saint Martins graduate, who celebrated 15 years in fashion last year, has designed a series of printed wallpapers and fabrics entitled 'Eden' for the interiors brand. With names like Sunbird, Cheetah and Celestial Dragon, it's fair to say Williamson has gone to town on a diverse set of interior prints. Although this comes as no surprise from the designer who cites both India and the stalls of Manchester's Afflecks Palace as inspiration for his previous clothing. Left: Tyger Tyger wallpaper, £98 per roll. Modern Kiev Apartment Designed for a Flourishing Young Family. The Psychology of Achieving Balance In Interior Design. Why Our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors. How Can Design Describe the Personality of the Owner. Interior Design Meets Fashion: The Classics | Terrys Fabrics's Blog. Charlotte Perriand's lost holiday house built by Louis Vuitton for the first time.

Home Decor Obsession May Mean Self-Image Problems | Michelle Manetti. Inside Louis Vuitton's pop-up residence 'L'Appartement Hong Kong', designed by André Fu | Design. 8 Dude-tastic Man Caves. My space: Ed Stafford. How Does the World of Fashion Influence The World of Interiors? Raf Simons Launches Interior Textile Collection For Kvadrat - 5 Amazing Homeware Lines Made By Fashion Designers. Homeware Collections by Designer Fashion Brands, Designer Homeware Brands, LuxDeco Magazine, Luxury Interior Design Inspiration, Ideas & Trends. Interiors: inside Trinny Woodall's stylish London home. Interior Decorating articles & Interior Design ideas. Collaboration between Architects and Interior Designers | Pocket Full of Design. Ted Baker & Nina Campbell CollaboraTED. 'Fashion Fusion' Fashion Week September 2012 Clothing Tailor Made For Interior Designers | cj dellatore.