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The history of computer data storage, in pictures. Nowadays we are used to having hundreds of gigabytes of storage capacity in our computers.

The history of computer data storage, in pictures

Even tiny MP3 players and other handheld devices usually have several gigabytes of storage. This was pure science fiction only a few decades ago. Computing History Displays - The University of Auckland - Historydisplays - FifthFloor - MagneticDataStorage. Magnetic tape recording was a technology available for use by the first computers.

Computing History Displays - The University of Auckland - Historydisplays - FifthFloor - MagneticDataStorage

However, adapting the analog audio technology to provide fast and reliable long-term storage for digital data required a number of years of development and appears to have been a more difficult engineering task than was the development of the magnetic drum. The first US commercial computer, the UNIVAC, was designed to operate with magnetic tapes which they called "Uniservos". The characteristics of the recording were just as in later tape drives. There were 8 tracks read or written in parallel, giving 6-bit characters and timing control. The tape stored 128 bits per inch, operated at a speed of 100 in/sec and could transfer data at a rate of 800 characters per second once the tape was up to full speed.

Godspeed Furniture. Art and the internet: When the virtual is more real than the physical. Curiouser and Curiouser: Handmade QR Codes Pop Up in NYC. Curiouser & Cursor: Handmade QR Codes Pop Up in NYC Article by Delana, filed under Guerilla Ads & Marketing in the Design category.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Handmade QR Codes Pop Up in NYC

The world of digital media tends to feel a bit cold and impersonal. Is there a way to personalize an interaction between a human being, a printed QR code and a digital story of creativity? Designers Lauren Manning and Camile Wei-Hsin Lin put together The Curiosity Project to find out. (all images via: Laura Manning Design) The project involved two distinct yet interconnected layers: print media and digital media. Using familiar materials like small magnets, Hershey’s Kisses and Post-It notes, the team constructed analog QR codes that were precise enough to be scanned by handheld mobile devices.

The Internet as Art. Korea's Tesco reinvents grocery shopping with QR-code "stores" – Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & Updates. Japan Marketing News: Luxury brands, QR codes and cell phone commerce. If you have any interest in e-tailing, e-marketing, marketing technology or fashion, check this out.

Japan Marketing News: Luxury brands, QR codes and cell phone commerce

An article in last Friday's edition of Women's Wear Daily (WWD)—the must-read daily newspaper of the fashion industry—announced that Polo Ralph Lauren is about to embark on selling its products through cell phones (presumably in the U.S.). "Taking its philosophy of “merchan-tainment” to a new level, Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. is breaking into mobile commerce — m-commerce — incorporating technology that allows shoppers to buy Polo merchandise from their cell phones. To realize this, the company is incorporating Quick Response Technology codes in its ads, mailers and store windows, which potential shoppers can scan and download on their camera phones.

Once scanned, the site allows a mobile phone user to enter the world of Ralph Lauren — not just by offering the limited edition 2008 U.S. Illusions Orkut Scraps - Illusions Scrap Graphics. Illusion Orkut Scraps - Illusion Scrap Images Illusions Scrap Graphics and Image Codes - Scroll all the way down to view all of our Orkut Illusions Scrap graphics.

Illusions Orkut Scraps - Illusions Scrap Graphics

Remember that there may be more than one page, and if there are extra pages, links to view extra Illusions Scraps will be at the foot of the page. Although these Scrap codes are mainly used on Orkut profiles, they can also be used on the majority of social networking web sites including: Friendster, Xanga, Cherry TAP, Hi5, Zorpia, Stickam, TooSpoiled, Yahoo360, Flixter, Tagged, Perfspot, AIM Pages, HoverSpot and Veoh. To use an Illusions graphic on the site of your choice, simply copy (control + C) and paste (control + V) the code into an area of your profile, or a Scraps form that allows html code to be added.

FREE Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics. The relationship between culture and fashion is intrinsic and dynamic.

FREE Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics

Cultures across the world use clothing to make statements on the nature of power relations, personal relationships and hierarchies within communities. Computer Data Storage Through the Ages. Your next build may very well come configured with dual-SSD drives in a RAID 0 array for the OS, a gluttonous 2TB SATA HDD for storage duties, and a Blu-ray optical drive for movie watching and HD backups.

Computer Data Storage Through the Ages

Geekologie. History of data storage. The history of (computer) storage. From the beginning of mankind, man tried to find a way to store information for the following generations.

The history of (computer) storage

When people nowadays hear the word storage or computer storage they normally think about CD Rom, USB key or DVD. Things like the floppy disk or the punch card are nearly forgotten. In fact, the history of information storage goes back to pre-historic times where mankind used red and yellow ochre, hematite, manganese oxide and charcoal to paint information about their life on rock walls, caves and ceilings. In Ancient Egypt Papyrus, which is an early form of paper, was used to store information. It remained in use until about 800 AD, when it was replaced by cheaper paper. The Chinese ordinarily wrote documents on bamboo.