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Nirvana: Nevermind [20th Anniversary Edition] Despite its tremendous influence on the mainstream rock that followed, it's hard to think of another album that sounds much like Nirvana's Nevermind, a record with so much more pop and punk punch than any music it inspired.

Nirvana: Nevermind [20th Anniversary Edition]

Of course, no diamond-certified, canonical treasure hitting the two-decade mark can be left well enough alone in 2011-- especially one that changed the lives of a lot people now approaching middle age, with the discretionary income to prove it. After all, "super deluxe" reissues of classic albums don't even have to be tied to an anniversary these days. But Nevermind is 20 this week, still a pretty respectable number in a world where any milestone marks an excuse to shift a few more units. Sadly, both expanded versions fall into the latter category, with material ranging from "interesting" to "historical curiosity" to "of zero value to even superfans. " The box set does make clear that Nirvana honed these songs over a long period. Critique de l'album Nevermind de Nirvana § Albumrock.

Nevermind, ou le disque qui a bouleversé la face des nineties, et le plus gros carton passé (et probablement à venir) du rock alternatif.

Critique de l'album Nevermind de Nirvana § Albumrock

Mais Nevermind, c'est bien plus que cela : au delà des 27 millions de galettes parées du bébé nageur cupide écoulées partout dans le monde, cet album phénomène s'est aussi drapé dans une sorte de gloire honteuse et embarrassante, détruisant petit à petit un Kurt Cobain qui n'est jamais parvenu à dompter le monstre qu'il avait engendré, manifeste de colère magnifique qui représentait déjà les prémices de la déchéance et de la mort du Christ aux yeux azurs.

S'il est de notoriété commune que le succès assourdissant du disque a littéralement pris tout le monde par surprise, y compris (et surtout) les intéressés, il est par contre totalement aberrant d'attribuer ce triomphe au simple fait de la malveillance pécuniaire. Réécouter Nevermind en 2011 pose de nombreux problèmes. Wikiwix's cache.

Critique de Nevermind, Nirvana. Chronique de Nevermind Derrière ce bébé nageur et ce dollar se cache l’un des plus grands albums de l’histoire du rock.

Critique de Nevermind, Nirvana

Deuxième album de Nirvana après le mésestimé Bleach, Nevermind s’ouvre sur l’un des titres les plus importants de la décennie, « Smells Like Teen Spirit », ode à la vie désabusée d’une bande d’adolescents en chemise à carreaux. Power Trio, Pop Craft : NIRVANA: "Nevermind", DGC - latimes. From its earliest singles, Nirvana has had the ability to persuade you that you were, for the moment at least, listening to the best band in the world--sort of a universal alienated-youth cry set to an undeniable punk-rock roar.

Power Trio, Pop Craft : NIRVANA: "Nevermind", DGC - latimes

Nirvana, a power trio from the tiny, Twin Peaks-ian town of Aberdeen, Wash., distills the essence of what it means to be young, and smart, and not have a whole lot to do. Even now that it's signed to monster-label Geffen, the trio remains the quintessential Northwest underground band. When bellowing choruses, singer-guitarist Kurt Cobain has an amazing voice, the vocal equivalent of a Stratocaster pumped through a fuzzbox and a stack of Marshall amps, a voice thick with anger and melody and pure noise. If Hendrix sang like he played the guitar, it might have sounded a little like this.

Nevermind. Nevermind The problem with current college-radio rock is that most so-called alternative bands desperately want to sound normal.


NME.COM - NIRVANA - Nevermind - 21/9/1991. NIRVANA Nevermind (Geffen) NIRVANA DO here what Sonic Youth did so emphatically with 'Goo' last year - making the move from cult indie to major label with not as much as a hiccup.

NME.COM - NIRVANA - Nevermind - 21/9/1991

NME Reviews - Nirvana : In Utero - 04/09/93. LET'S OPEN up Kurt Cobain and pick at his guts.

NME Reviews - Nirvana : In Utero - 04/09/93

Let's check how many of his vital organs are pickled and poisoned beyond repair. Let's trepan his cranium, shake out his brain and see how he thinks, what he thinks, if he thinks anymore. Let's carve him up, pig out on the leftovers and hang him on a crucifix as one who's really suffered for his art. Because this is what we're meant to do, isn't it? Because we're journalists, the petty banes of his existence, the ignoramus vampires who just want to dig dirt on that oh-so-unimportant private life. OK, then. Bullshit. Throughout, he's riven by contradictions: so embarrassed by his touchingly blatant love for Courtney that he has to dress it up in doubt and infected imagery; so freaked out by having to follow up the most significant rock album of the '90s that he's torn between upsetting and fulfilling expectations. Nirvana In Utero Album Review. This is the way Nirvana's Kurt Cobain spells success: s-u-c-k-s-e-g-g-s.

Nirvana In Utero Album Review

Never in the history of rock & roll overnight sensations has an artist, with the possible exception of John Lennon, been so emotionally overwhelmed by his sudden good fortune, despised it with such devilish vigor and exorcised his discontent on record with such bristling, bull's-eye candor. In Utero is rife with gibes — some hilariously droll, others viciously direct — at life in the post-Nevermind fast lane, at the moneychangers who milked the grunge tit dry in record time and at the bandwagon sheep in the mosh pit who never caught on to the desperate irony of "Here we are now, entertain us.

" The very first words out of Cobain's mouth in "Serve the Servants," In Utero's petulant, bludgeoning opener, are "Teenage angst has served me well/Now I'm bored and old," sung in an irritated, marble-mouthed snarl that immediately derails any lingering expectations for a son of "Smells Like Teen Spirit. " It gets better. NME Reviews - Nirvana : Bleach (Sub Pop import US LP only) - 08/07/89. REAL ROCK music should hurt.

NME Reviews - Nirvana : Bleach (Sub Pop import US LP only) - 08/07/89

Like being too near an exploding plate glass window, it should get under your skin and cause you to writhe with a mixture of pleasure and pain. If you find yourself nodding off to Guns N' Roses' occasional acoustic noodlings then wake up to Nirvana. Scrap all that Soft Metal crap and get behind these brats! Nirvana are shot in negative for their cover photo, but don't be fooled for there is a totally positive attitude to what they do. They walked into some guy's recording studio, stuck their $600 life savings into the breast pocket of his bowling shirt and said, "Let's make a record…One that hurts! " This is the biggest, baddest sound that Sub Pop have so far managed to unearth. Wikiwix's cache. Nirvana Nevermind Album Review.

Despite the hand-wringing the fanzines do each time an indie-rock hero signs a major-label deal, righteous postpunk stars from Hüsker Dü to Soundgarden have joined the corporate world without debasing their music.

Nirvana Nevermind Album Review

More often than not, ambitious left-of-the-dial bands gallantly cling to their principles as they plunge into the depths of commercial failure. Integrity is a heavy burden for those trying to scale the charts. Led by singer-guitarist Kurt Cobain, Nirvana is the latest underground bonus baby to test mainstream tolerance for alternative music. Given the small corner of public taste that nonmetal guitar rock now commands, the Washington State trio's version of the truth is probably as credible as anyone's.