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History of Bollywood - BOLLYWOOD. Brief history of Bollywood cinema - by Shaheen Darr. Shaheen Darr's image for: "Brief History of Bollywood Cinema" Caption: Location: Image by: In 1913, a soundless film called Raja Harishchandra with both Hindi and English subititles was produced in India by Dadasaheb Phalke.

Brief history of Bollywood cinema - by Shaheen Darr

The industry soon took off and the 1920s saw the rise of several film directors trying their hand at making silent Indian movies. In 1932, Bombay hosted the first Indian film festival inspiring Indian directors like Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen to introduce Indian films to the world cinematic audiences. The film industry was the ideal media not only to entertain but to educate the masses about all sorts of issues that affected India and its people. The 1980s brought in films with lots of violence and Amitabh Bachan became the 'angry young man' fighting injustices against corrupt leaders and politicians. Today the Bollywood film industry is the largest film industry in the world. Friday Review Chennai / Cinema : Moving with the times. Friday Review Bangalore Chennai and Tamil Nadu Delhi Hyderabad Thiruvananthapuram Moving with the times For today's audience, a film should be as long as demanded by the script.

REENA KAGTI FOUR-HOUR-LONG: `Hum Apke Hain Kaun.' During a Shivaratri festival, one kept awake at night by going to a film. The film had plots within plots and ran for about five hours. No complaints Most Indian films in the past took their own time to tell a story. The average Hindi film never ran for less than three hours. Film viewers often commented on the contrast between Indian and Hollywood films, which seldom went beyond two hours.

After watching the World War II classic, `From Here to Eternity' one wag commented that the film appeared to run for an eternity. Starting January 2007, there have been some significant changes in the pattern of commercial Hindi cinema. Both new and old filmmakers have taken to this trend. No one is complaining. Sharp focus. The New Crew. Bollywood is witnessing a fresh burst of energy, thanks to a crop of young actors and directors The only thing constant about life is change, or so the saying goes.

The New Crew

Mumbai's film industry is no exception, with a new generation of directors and actors ushering in a change of guard and a fresh burst of creativity. Punit Malhotra, debutant director of I Hate Luv Storys, says this happens every decade. "Ten years back, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali were some of the new directors and actors who redefined filmmaking. : Entertainment news, movie, music and fashion rev. India's Premier Bollywood Portal - Bollywood. Bollywood. Dola Re Dola HQ Devdas 2002. Main Hoon Na - Gori Gori Gori. Kaahe Chhed Mohe song - Devdas. Satyajit Ray, film Le Salon de Musique - Kathak dancer scene. Satyajit Ray - Devi. Satyajit Ray's - Shatranj Ke Khilari - Part 1.