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eLuminous: Best option for fulfilling all your offshore development needs. eLuminous Technologies is an Indian company that delivers state-of-the-art Web Development, Mobile Apps & Virtual Assistance & SEO Solutions to clients in USA, Europe and around the globe.

5 intimations that your business needs business intelligence for optimization. The survey shows just 21% of business leaders are really happy with the information their reports provide and 76% of those reports are found out from dispersed sources.

5 intimations that your business needs business intelligence for optimization

This comes out disappointingly for each team member who has to waste their time in hollow meetings, going through an infinite number of excel spreadsheets, conversations. So, accessing, analyzing & understanding data becomes a full-time job for them. However, when you have a right business intelligence solution, none of the stones will remain unturned. All you need to know about routing in AngularJS Development! AngularJS, a hugely popular framework having a variety of websites built with it, including Gmail, Youtube, Upwork & a pool of Google sites.

All you need to know about routing in AngularJS Development!

Let us know more about the routing in angularjs, how to set up the routes and more, as front-end developers are hardly working on it to make the application more effective & result-driven. Routing is all about changing the state of your application, loading different components depending on the URL that the user entered. Let’s see how routing can be implemented in Angular 2.

In order to use routing, we, of course, need to set it up. Setting up the Routes: In-app folder, I will create a new file named as ‘app.routing.ts’. When I create my APP_ROUTES constant, I will then export it to be called by app component. React Native-Future of Mobile App Development. Looking at the Google trend, it is clear that React Native has gained a huge popularity within 2 years.

React Native-Future of Mobile App Development

The searches for ‘React Native’ are more than ‘android development’ & ‘iOS development’. The need of an hour is to get the mobile app developers who could develop our app within short development time, better app performance, run on more than one device. It is possible with the hybrid app development, where the framework allows the app to run natively on distinct devices. 6 Signs that your website needs Redesigning. Guide on 'Routing In Laravel' Making a web application more interactive, easy to use & readable are the basic objectives of any web developer before beginning with the web development.

Guide on 'Routing In Laravel'

For back-end developers, routing in laravel is one of the coolest features that makes the website more readable. With this, you would be able to see top down view of your application & the routes file is like staring down at a roadmap from the clouds. Let’s explore this routing more closely for applying them to real world outline. All routes are defined in route files. For the new version of Laravel 5.4, we have a separate directory for routes (in previous versions the path of routes file was app/http/routes.php). Routing works in following way: Step-1 We need to execute/hit the route url of application. Step-2 The executed url find the appropriate match for the route url in route.php, this will execute the related function. Step-3 Function calls the related procedure/view and produces the expected results. Angular vs React. Increase your #mobile app's productivity & performance by implementing Firebase Analytics in #Android.

We are happy to serve 2000+ clients worldwide who could increase their ROI by 16-22% per year which is absolutely beyond their expectations!!! Do you want to have same or more than this for your idea? Get in touch with our web development experts now. Misconceptions about outsourcing. Multiple database connections in Yii 2.0. The world is changing with the emerging digital trends right from ordering food online, banking, online shopping to online education, events & much more.

Multiple database connections in Yii 2.0

All these activities are being possible only due to technology experts who have developed the websites, mobile apps which can carry the load of huge data & functionalities. While creating such kinds of complex web applications, back end developers often need to deal with multiple databases at the same time.Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage and handle multiple databases in the same web application. Yii 2.0 framework provides a simple way to connect your web application with multiple databases.Yii provides multiple database connections by default. Yii components are used to make a connection between your database and models. If you are using advanced Yii framework, you just need to follow few steps: Step 1: Open main-local.php file from your-application/common/ folder. Build Your Mobile App With Award Winning.

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NodeJs. Business Intelligence Services/ Yii localization with I18n. Web services in PHP Development. Where there is technology, there comes the dynamism.

Web services in PHP Development

Every day we can see new websites or mobile apps that use Web Services. Technology Trends in 2017. Nowadays, faster technological advancement is reality and its implementation at each moment is rising in the industries like e-commerce, healthcare, utility, entertainment, finance.

Technology Trends in 2017

The goal behind it is simply to serve the people around the world in a better way. Let us have an overview of the emerging technology trends here: 1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Advanced Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning involves neural networks, natural language processing. How will AngularJS help to enhance your website performance? Being the trendy open-source front-end development framework maintained by Google, it is necessary to understand & make use of it in our web applications or mobile application development projects.

How will AngularJS help to enhance your website performance?

It is mainly made for single page applications & front-end developer is responsible for making such kind of applications. With the upgraded version- AngularJS2, the framework has come with improved features for web app development. Webpage Screenshot. Recently, I was to implement a web application requirement that the screenshot of a web page containing sketches done by users be captured, as the image is being saved.

Webpage Screenshot

While this may seem trivial, a lot of intricacies is involved in building an image representation of the page as it is shown on the browser. However, when I tried to implement that, it wasn’t so easy as I expected. Mean Stack Development Company. Ionic App Development. Hire Front End / Back End Developers. Virtual Assistant & SEO Services. Indiasoft 2017 - eLuminous Technologes. Mobile apps. Web Development. Mobile Apps - Mostly iOS. Mobile. Mobile App Development Success. It is not new to anyone of us that searches on mobile are being overtaken by mobile than those on the desktop.

Mobile App Development Success

Also, the PC sales have collapsed for constant eight quarters which is the longest decline in the history of the industry. We can see the mobile explosion over the last few years that allows you to browse, buy, work, and chat anywhere. The credit for this wonder goes to the mobile app developers & creative ideas that had led to developing such a collection of apps who made our lives easy & well-ordered. As users hardly prefer to go through the company website or using the desktop for a particular search for their need, businesses are seriously thinking about the building mobile app strategies. Most of them are optimizing their website for mobile use and started working on the solution.

Business Intelligence Tools for Operations. We all know how Business Intelligence Tools proves critical in ensuring competitiveness and productivity. If you’re a business owner or manager, you must be aware of the difficulties of assessing everyday business data and operations manually. It is a real time-consuming, irrational activity. But when there is a problem, there is always a solution. And this is where business intelligence tools come into the picture. Tableau Business Intelligence. For those who are new to tableau business intelligence, it is basically an extremely innovative and visually embarking data visualization software. It has the capability to connect to multiple data sources within an organization, like Microsoft excel, corporate data warehouses, any other web based or internal data.

It allows a super-instant insight of everything required by processing and transforming all the available data into an attractive graphical format and display it on a single dashboard. This process, with the help of Tableau business intelligence, takes only a few instances unlike months that we might take to extract in its absence. The interface is really appealing and easy-to-use with simple drag and drop features. Find out what makes Tableau a perfect BI platform for diverse industry sectors: QlikView Business Intelligence. If you are into QlikView Business Intelligence, you might be aware of the fact about QlikView 12’s newly launched features. Well, we all know how QlikView has never failed to keep us satisfied, thanks to the uniqueness of its approach to helping us find the solution to all our business concerns through its dashboard. With QlikView 12, they have integrated the same QIX associative data indexing engine i.e., the QIX that is mainly available with the Qlik Sense and Qlik Analytics platform.

Business Intelligence Tools for Retailers. Business Intelligence Tools. Business data is no longer just a file to be saved and overlooked. It has become an essential part of every modern business. With the enhancements in the processes and the incorporation of Business intelligence tools, businesses are now becoming more conscious about their data from multiple office locations as they realize how critical it is to their business growth.

Most of the big players in retail and manufacturing sectors are now emphasizing on adding a section in their organization which will completely focus on the overall analytics and structuring of the available data of the entire organization. Increase Ecommerce Site Sale. Whether you own a small ecommerce website, or a million dollar ecommerce business, the first thing you want to do is, beat the competitors and reach your best level. MEAN Stack Components:AngularJS. After going through the detailed understanding of MongoDB, Node.JS & Express.JS, let us have a look at the section which is taken care by front end developer i.eAngularJS. No wonder AngularJS is creating a buzz in the software development industry. Advantages of AngularJS Development. Mobile Development.

Cloud Computing In Mobile Apps Development. With the growing mobile world, each industry segment whether it is entertainment, e-commerce, travel, communication, gaming, education, utility & many more wants to have an online presence in the form of mobile apps. Increase Mobile Apps Engagement. How to make a successful mobile app? Most common Mobile Apps Development mistakes that you should avoid. How to make your mobile app stand out from a cluster?

Are you looking for having a mobile app development for your business/company? Ionic App Development Platform. Recently our mobile apps development team came across so many clients who were confused with regards to the selection of the platform for their app. Expand your Business with Mobile Apps Development. Has your business deployed the mobile apps development strategy yet? Well, having a mobile app doesn’t equally benefit every type of organization. 5 tips to outsource mobile apps development effectively. Do you want to develop an app?