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How will AngularJS help to enhance your website performance? Being the trendy open-source front-end development framework maintained by Google, it is necessary to understand & make use of it in our web applications or mobile application development projects. It is mainly made for single page applications & front-end developer is responsible for making such kind of applications. With the upgraded version- AngularJS2, the framework has come with improved features for web app development. Some of the key concerns of AngularJS2 are: The angularjs2 framework makes Web application effective to handle things & improves load time.Stability is improved with non-breaking features of API.The main objective of Angular 2 version is to make unbreakable for any hacks which assure the security of distinct business domain. Many other enrichments in web application development have come forward with this release. Simplified web content thus allowing to run scripts even in backgrounds, the inclusion of multiple languages to facilitate server-side rendering of apps.

MEAN Stack Development(Part 2-ExpressJS & NodeJS. After getting to know about MongoDB in MEAN Stack Development, let us move further to Node.JS & Express.JS in this blog. We will be going through Angular.JS in the upcoming article. MEAN Stack is surely innovative & fully JavaScript powered development technology. Node.JS and express is played an important role in MEAN stack to handle server side of an application. Role of Node JS in MEAN Node’s goal is to provide an easy way to build fast and scalable applications. Node is the interpreter/environment. Before Node.JS, developers would have to use different languages like PHP, Java, ASP.Net run on the server, and JavaScript would run in the client browser. Node JS is built on chrome’s JavaScript runtime V8 for developing fast, scalable network applications.

Node.JS uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient which is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Advantages of Using Node.JS Happy Coding..! MEAN Stack Components:AngularJS. After going through the detailed understanding of MongoDB, Node.JS & Express.JS, let us have a look at the section which is taken care by front end developer i.eAngularJS.

No wonder AngularJS is creating a buzz in the software development industry. Of course, you need to use it smartly & appropriately like other technology frameworks to make most out of it. Angular JS is a client side JavaScript superheroic MVC framework to develop a dynamic web application. It is entirely HTML and JavaScript based, so there is no need to learn another syntax or language. Angular JS is working with data directly in the front end. Role of Angular JS in MEAN stack Angular JS also used in MEAN stack as a Front-end framework. Data Binding: Data binding is a very useful and powerful feature used in software development technologies. One-Way Data Binding The one-way data binding is an approach where we take the value from the data model and placed it into an HTML element.

Two-Way Data Binding jQuery vs Angular JS. How MEAN Stack development technology would be a great option for new startups? In the rapid growth of the entrepreneurial world, most of the founders are getting confused due to the enormous technology options are present to transform their ideas. Considering the technology trends as explained in my previous blog, it is necessary to go in the right direction from the start & adapt them to excel out in your business. Let us know about how MEAN (Acronym for MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS NodeJS) Stack development technology for web application development for startups: 1) Time & Cost Saving: By considering the vision of most of the entrepreneurs today, they wish to have dynamism & great user experience to fascinate targeted audience within the best possible price. MEAN stack provides both, as you need only one language i.e.

JavaScript development expert or a team to implement your ideas. 2) MEAN Stack accelerates data storage: The most significant change as compared to LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) is it uses the ‘non-relational’ database, unlike MySQL. Related Posts. Technology Trends in 2017. Nowadays, faster technological advancement is reality and its implementation at each moment is rising in the industries like e-commerce, healthcare, utility, entertainment, finance. The goal behind it is simply to serve the people around the world in a better way. Let us have an overview of the emerging technology trends here: 1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Advanced Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning involves neural networks, natural language processing. It is said that there would be more progressive techniques rather than traditional algorithms to create systems.

These systems will work, predict & adapt the functionalities with slight help of human guidance or automatically. This is how AI & machine learning encourages the system to not only understand the core concept but also learn the behavior. 2) IoT (Internet of Things): Internet of things is evolving very rapidly. 3) Automation: Automation is definitely not something new for every one of us. AngularJS Development. With the dynamic changing IT world, if you haven’t tried to use AngularJS for your website development, then you are missing out one of the most flexible languages in the world! It is dynamic, open source, MVC, structural framework offering flexibility for any changes in front end development. Google has optimized the framework to enhance the performance of web application.

It is making easy for implementing applications on various types of platforms right from mobile, tablets to desktop with faster speed. Let us go through its advantages in a detailed way: Two-Way Data Binding System: In web application development, data & templates go hand in hand. Comprehensive MVC Structure: It provides a great solution for faster front-end development as it does not require additional plugins/frameworks. A declarative user interface: As AngularJS uses HTML for a user interface which is declarative language, less fragile for recognition than JavaScript interface. Less code writing requirement: Outsourcing to PHP development company. There might be so many times that you have heard about this equation of time, quality & cost from the PHP Development company that you hire. It says: When you want to develop a good quality project, you must be ready to invest more time & money.

When you want to save time, you need to invest even more money & yet have to compromise on the quality. And when you want a project developed at a lesser cost, you need to compromise on the quality & should be ready to invest more time. This sounds absurd but apparently considered as a truth. Well, I find this fact unrealistic when it comes to dealing with an experienced PHP Development Company.

It is quite possible to enjoy the benefits of all the three factors if you follow proper technique of selecting a service provider. Want to know how? Choose experience over reputation: There are two types of companies in the industry, one shouts out loud to be the best quality service provider while the other claims to be experienced in the industry. Mean Stack Development Company|Hire Mean Stack Developers. Benefits of MEAN Stack Development.

The transition from the cutting-edge investigation to practical implementation is not one that many technologies make. If we take the review, MongoDB, Experess.js, AngularJS & Node.js were introduced only a few years ago. Now they are evolving, growing together (MEAN) & performing better than LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Why is it so? The straightforward answer is common structure & simplicity make your tasks easier. MEAN Stack is a progressing trend for full stack JavaScript development. Find out the benefits of MEAN stack development in detail: One Language Development Journey: The unique benefit of it is entire code is written in JavaScript, from client to server. Flexibility: Unlike My-SQL, it does not force you to put the data into tables. Faster Speed & Usability: Node.js is faster & scalable due to its non-blocking architecture.

Isomorphic Coding: Undoubtedly, MEAN stack is leading edge technology, which is acquiring the market slowly. Outsourcing Web & Mobile Apps Development. Warning: Not outsourcing to PHP Development Company? What makes people discontinue outsourcing to any particular PHP development Company? It can be a bad experience with respect to the Quality, timely deliveries, improper project co-ordinations, language barriers, lack of skills or communications gaps. Having these challenges is a possibility, but it does not mean you will face these challenges every time you outsource your projects. It totally depends on what company you chose and on what priority you set; Quality or Cost-effectiveness. If you are thinking about a low-cost product, you shouldn’t expect a premium quality of services.

It’s like if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. I know this fact that almost 60% of people outsource because of the low cost, but you can’t be sure of the quality. Now, how am I sure that you are losing your business by not outsourcing? How to hire best PHP Development Company? There are so many people in the world who might be going through the nightmares of handing over their dream projects to the wrong PHP Development Company. Or may be trusting the acquaintances to deliver the development project just the way they want, however getting just 20-30% of it. This situation is quite common nowadays since every alternate person has started calling himself a Web-developer. Never believe the person who is expert in tossing jargons about himself or his firm, go with the PHP development company who has a proven record of successful projects execution.

Imagine yourself in these situations: 1) You have a brilliant business idea which you want to convert into a software/website. You share it with just any ordinary developer, he understands only 40% of your idea and delivers only 20% of the idea which doesn’t even make any difference to your business. If you are very serious about your Web development project, choose your web developers cleverly. MEAN Web Development Stack. Developing a Web-driven application requires some server-side and client – side infrastructure. For many years, the go-to infrastructure referred to as the LAMP stack.

Before introducing MEAN, first we take an overview about existing, current web development stack. It’s LAMP stack. It is traditional stack, is made up of all free, open-source software elements that work well for Dynamic web sites and applications. LAMP includes the Linux operating system, PHP application software, MySQL database and the Apache Web server. It’s flexible, easy to develop applications with, easy to deploy and customizable, but have some challenges. Web development with LAMP not much faster and more scalable due to its blocking nature. Programming languages (Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP) that are blocking in nature.

From a development point of view in LAMP, for frontend, you need JavaScript expert and backend you need is PHP expert. The MEAN stack is a more modern stack that’s challenging the LAMP stack. Top CakePHP security tips. I am sure you all know how CakePHP is one of the popular open-source web application framework used by every php development company. It was released in April 2005and was written in php while following model-view-controller architecture. It provides the features to make the application faster, easier and there isn’t much of a need to write long codes. Many developers love it because of its improved functionality and enhanced security. Security is usually a major concern for the applications that are written in PHP frameworks. But CakePHP is one of the most secured frameworks. Whenever security issues occur in this framework, the community immediately starts working on it.

While developing the applications in CakePHP, we must take the help of data validations and data sanitization. In the application building process, along with Authentication component and Access controlled lists, we should take a help of Data validation and Data sanitization. Validations Sanitization Sanitize::html. Most common Mobile Apps Development mistakes that you should avoid. It is not any more complicated process for developing a mobile app to any mobile app developer, but the challenge for them is ‘perfection’. We can see, there are a huge number of apps available on play store, though very few of them could meet clients’ expectations or becomes popular. Had anyone thought of the reasons behind it? Small mistakes in mobile apps development can cause extensive impact in performance or risk of loss of money. And after development, it may find difficult to correct those. User-Experience has given a secondary value: We should not forget that we are making a mobile app for the ‘users’ & user-experience is the prime factor in app development.

Excessive Use of App Functions: Sometimes, it may happen that there would be overuse of functions & features with focusing only on business return. Lack in Clarification of Device, OS: Providing proposal with just having an overview can make trouble for future. Lacking of Backup Plan: Don’t Spend Time & Money on Marketing: Problems faced in Mobile Apps Development. When it comes to Mobile Apps Development, the prime importance should be given to things ‘not to be done’ rather than ‘to be done’. As the use of mobile apps is increasing at a speed of light in our day-to-day lives, it’s becoming more complex for mobile app developers to make them. Let us pay attention towards challenges faced in app development: Selection of Mobile Platforms: Many of the mobile app developers fail to decide for which platform they are targeting to.

How to overcome? Select PlatformUnderstand basic ability of platforms in which you are going to run that app.Manage technical aspects of studying the potential customers. Mobile apps are the pillars for having lifetime customers. Icons, Logo are the face of an app. I think, the user interface is the crucial factor in concern with more installs of your app & make it popular. Try to find the companies who are ready for a joint venture in same concern.Try to get in touch with investors who have an interest in your concept.

Ionic App Development Platform. Recently our mobile apps development team came across so many clients who were confused with regards to the selection of the platform for their app. The debate between “which is better- hybrid or native?” Is a never ending thing. Our team has developed more than 100 apps, but still the question is unanswered as each one of them had their own pluses and limitations. When I was a part of one of the projects, there was a big puzzle in front of me related to this hybrid and native platforms. And then one of my boss’s put Ionic in front of me which helped me find that missing piece of this jigsaw. To be honest, Ionic is not a complicated deal for app developers. But if you are in a customer’s shoe, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to deciding what platform one should go with.

Pluses of Ionic 1. 2. 3. 4. Limitations: If you are targeting any specific OS for developing the app, the performance may not be the best. Hope this answers your basic questions. How to make mobile app stand out from a cluster? Mobile Apps Development. How Business Intelligence helped their business to improve the productivity by 8%?

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