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PayPal opens polls on developer X games. High performance access to file storage PayPal has opened the virtual polls at, taking votes on the new-age payment applications vying for the $50,000 top prize in its inaugural Developer Challenge.

PayPal opens polls on developer X games

The competition received some extra spice yesterday, with one developer accusing PayPal of playing loose with the contest rules, but Naveed Anwar, head of the PayPal Developer Network, sees this as nothing more than a good thing. "I'm quite astonished that this is the first time we're doing this and we've only had one developer complain," Anwar tells The Reg. In November, the eBay-owned outfit officially unveiled a new development platform it calls PayPal X, a set of APIs that lets third-party applications tap PayPal's core payment processing system. The original deadline for submitting preliminary apps to PayPal for inclusion in the contest was January 17.

"It's important to remember that when you run a contest, not everything runs perfectly," she tells us. PayPal X Developer Challenge Winners Unveiled. In November, PayPal launched its PayPal X Developer Network, and with it it let a slew of developers into its platform, so that PayPal's backend technology could be integrated into web and mobile applications.

PayPal X Developer Challenge Winners Unveiled

PayPal also launched the first PayPal X Developer Challenge and at DEMO yesterday, announced both winners on stage. PayPal already showed off some of what is possible when you combine its API with an innovative app when it released PayPal Bump last week. I had a chance to talk to Osama Bedier, the Vice President of Product Development at PayPal and both the first and second place winners of the contest to gain more insight into what PayPal is doing for developers and what developers are doing with PayPal's API. The PayPal X Startup Accelerator In addition to announcing the winners of the Dev Challenge, Bedier also introduced the new PayPal X Startup Accelerator. The Winners Rentalic After you list an item, a person can come across your listing and agree to rent it. Appbackr. DEMO: PayPal launches an accelerator program for startups.

PayPal Launches Revamped iPhone App, Teams With Bump For Phone-T. PayPal has just launched an upgraded iPhone application that adds new features and includes a facelift that’s meant to help instill a greater sense of security.

PayPal Launches Revamped iPhone App, Teams With Bump For Phone-T

And it also brings with it big news for Bump Technologies, the startup that lets you exchange information simply by tapping smartphones together: Bump is now prominently featured in the PayPal iPhone application as a quick way to initiate transactions. You can download the free app here. PayPal has offered a free application for the iPhone ever since the App Store launched in mid-2008, and it has gradually been improving over time. Today’s release brings a handful of significant new features.

First, it now allows you to send a money request to your contacts (it’s essentially a bill). The PayPal app includes a few more minor new features. PayPal’s iPhone app is only one component of the company’s mobile strategy.