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Louis Edwin's answer to What are the advantages of hiring social media virtual assistants? - Quora. Louis Edwin's answer to What are the examples of tasks that your virtual assistant does? - Quora. Louis Edwin's answer to What are the working hours of virtual assistant? - Quora. Tips if you are struggling with your e-Commerce Website in this Pandemic Period. Louis Edwin's answer to Which is the best and the most affordable virtual assistant services company? - Quora.

Louis Edwin's answer to What's it like to have a virtual personal assistant? - Quora. Louis Edwin's answer to What are the types of online virtual assistants? Louis Edwin's answer to What does an online virtual assistant do? Louis Edwin's answer to Why do I need to hire a Virtual Assistant for Shopify? Louis Edwin's answer to Are you looking for eCommerce virtual assistants?

Louis Edwin's answer to What is the importance of hiring a virtual personal assistant? Louis Edwin's answer to What do virtual assistants do? Louis Edwin's answer to Is a virtual assistant service in demand? Louis Edwin's answer to Why is it important to hire the best mobile app developers for building m-commerce app for your business? Louis Edwin's answer to Are you looking for a virtual assistant? Louis Edwin's answer to What business benefits do you get from virtual assistants?

Louis Edwin's answer to What qualifications are required to be virtual assistant? Louis Edwin's answer to Should an e-commerce business opt for a mobile app or a mobile website? Why? Louis Edwin's answer to What is the per hour rate for a virtual assistant? How can LMS create a Safe Zone in Global Pandemic? Louis Edwin's answer to How does a virtual assistant works? Louis Edwin's answer to Which LMS is best, and easy to operate? Louis Edwin's answer to What do you think about growth in mobile commerce? Louis Edwin's answer to Which is the best LMS system to use and explain why?

Louis Edwin's answer to What is the best LMS software in India? Efan Acevedo's answer to How do I get started in finding and using a virtual assistant? Louis Edwin's answer to What do virtual assistants offer customers? Louis Edwin's answer to What is the most successful strategy for mobile commerce, and is there any particularly successful mcommerce operating system in development? Louis Edwin's answer to Is Ecommerce going the Mcommerce way? LMS Development Company - Elsner Technology. Elsner Technologies is a proficient LMS development company that provides custom eLearning course development services that can provide a good learning curve for your organization.

LMS Development Company - Elsner Technology

We have developed and implemented LMS solutions for hospitals, colleges, government corporations, training centers, K-12, government agencies, organizations, companies, etc. We have a team of LMS developers that work to create a comprehensive eLearning solution from scratch. Irrespective of whether you require a simple eLearning website or an intricate one – we can help!

We always evaluate our learning and development programs on the basis of the results derived. It has generally been found that training the new employees, delivering How-tos and FAQ’s for a major software rollout is a very tough job. How to improve the user experience of your e-commerce platform. The growing platform of e-commerce has been on a huge rise in the past decade.

How to improve the user experience of your e-commerce platform

Large retail marketers are shutting their physical store dues to the plunging revenue. The once large and successful marketers are wrapping as they failed to adapt to e-commerce platform. Also, the online competition is ruling them out. But even the e-commerce marketers are swimming in heavy competition. Then what makes you stand out and take your product to the customer against the war of price. Top 6 Trends in Mommerce: Blooming Industry In 2020. The invention of mobile phones and the internet has changed several things in people’s lives.

Top 6 Trends in Mommerce: Blooming Industry In 2020

Almost everyone can find the mobile phone in everyone’s hands when they move out of the homes and even being inside the home. This gave rise to online shopping. Set Your Schedule For The Top 5 Magento Events In 2019. People rely on Magento events for knowledge and inspiration.

Set Your Schedule For The Top 5 Magento Events In 2019

It is one of the best ways to connect to peers, prospective clients and spread brand awareness. Attending such events opens up a number of opportunities for your e-commerce business. Such events make it feasible to bring all the influencers at one place and thus allows you to connect with the fellow professional. Upcoming eCommerce Conferences in 2018 [Infographic] New Year has just begun, and all the eCommerce store owners will be enthusiastic about the upcoming conferences and eCommerce meetups to be organized around the year.

Upcoming eCommerce Conferences in 2018 [Infographic]

No need to worry about the information, here we are, with the details of each and every eCommerce conference in 2018that will be held across the Globe. Check out our infographic below and plan your next business tour accordingly. Have you read: A Complete Checklist before Starting an Ecommerce Project. Most Popular WordPress Themes - WordPress Development. If you are looking to best WordPress theme for your website then this article will help you.

Most Popular WordPress Themes - WordPress Development

There are so many responsive themes available in market but it becomes to difficult to choose best one from them. Based on our experience we picked up best 6 wordpress development responsive themes. Have a look into the list below. Avada Avada is the #1 selling theme of all time. It’s easy to customize, good performance and no technical skills require to manage. Magento 2 Advanced Analytics Report Extension For E-commerce. Magento 2 has been one of the most feasible platforms that has offered the ecommerce owners with features to assist in building a strong website and added extensions as per the user’s requirements.

Magento 2 Advanced Analytics Report Extension For E-commerce

Respecting the ability of all the other good extensions there can be no better companion of the owner than any tool which automatically processes all the data to generate analytics report. No online store can solely run on the assumption of generating traffic, it has to track things like sales in ratio with the traffic, the location of the visitors and similar things to plan a sound market strategy. Also, it is quite cumbersome to put all the details in an analytics tool separately to generate a business report. Top Benefits of Hire Dedicated Magento Developers.

With more than 13, 00, 00 live websites powered by the open-sourced platform Magento, the demand for developers skilled in Magento Development has really shot up across the world.

Top Benefits of Hire Dedicated Magento Developers

The newly released Magento 2.0 with its redesigned checkout, new admin UI, easy product configuration and responsive design features is even more appealing for both ecommerce merchants and developers. If you are an aspiring ecommerce merchant, everyone will recommend hiring the services of professional Magento developers. Such developers make sure that your e-store will run seamlessly on every kind of device i.e. desktops, smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and much more. So let us check out multiple benefits that you can reap by availing the services of these developers. More Savings – As told before, Magento is an open-source platform i.e. it does not come with a license fee and has a large community.

Advanced E-commerce SEO Tips to Improve SEO Results in 2018. SEO plays an important role in enhancing the ranking of websites on search engines.

Advanced E-commerce SEO Tips to Improve SEO Results in 2018

The use of more effective keywords will help your web pages to gunner more visits from online users and make your website to be placed high on search engines. E-commerce websites have been encountering issues from very long but Magento eCommerce Development Company can enhance the search results and rise up your website rank in search engines because of use of excellent SEO tactics. If you would like to enhance your SEO of E-commerce Site, below are tips. What's New in Laravel 5.4 - Transformation that took place. Laravel is again here with its latest update Laravel 5.4.

What's New in Laravel 5.4 - Transformation that took place

Let us learn something about unique features of the latest update upon the previous updates. Laravel development has become easier with this update. This update continues the improvements made in Laravel 5.3 by adding support for Notifications and Laravel Dusk. New Middlewares. Magento Masters: New Magento Community Initiative.

Magento is now a very well known platform in the technology world for the e-commerce website. It has gained fame only because of the community members who contributed to the development of the platform and made it such a successful platform for e-commerce development. Magento has a highly talented team of in-house developers but it is actually a community of individuals of all the Magento developers who contribute to the success of Magento. Every podcast episode from over the world, every blog post sharing some knowledge about the platform, makes the platform better every day. Magento 2.3 Release: Paving New Opportunities For Ecommerce Stores.

Magento platform has been outgrowing not only as a website building platform but has also brought various plugins to the table. Different Magento releases have brought major changes in the way developers used the platform. This year Magento 2.3 is expected to surpass all the previous versions and focus extensively on new features.

The version is expected to release by the end of 2018, as we had known it back in April. Magento 2.3 is not just another exaggerated version of stereotype additions, but the list of expected features actual mean to open new opportunities for the ecommerce merchants. How M-commerce is Beneficial In 2020? M-commerce is one of the buzzwords in this current internet-dominated era. With the growing number of smartphones and tablet users, this industry is gaining intense growth. As per the research, mobile commerce is on pace to control 73% of the world’s eCommerce market by 2021 up from 59% that was in 2017.

In the last 6 months over 79% of online shopping was through mobile devices. With more convenience and benefits, people are drastically looking to place an order for different products online only with such mobile phones. Now are the benefits to enjoy out of the mobile commerce solution? Google Lens : Visual Search Made Smarter. Google is making its camera significantly more quick witted with another element called Google Lens, which will perceive pictures of things and have the capacity to give clients extra data about these pictures. “We’re at an enunciation point with vision,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai, at the pursuit monster’s designer gathering, Google I/O. Google Lens (“GOOG”) is an element of the organization’s voice colleague, Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is accessible on Android telephones and iPhones and also the organization’s home mechanization gadget, Google Home. It can react to inquiries regarding the climate and movement, and can likewise interface with things like individual logbooks and Gmail accounts. Pichai said that Lens will likewise be coordinated into Google’s famous portable photograph sharing application, Google Photos, which has 500 million dynamic clients. Customer Discount Magento 2 Extension by Elsner Technologies. Owning an eCommerce store and thinking to provide out of the box services to your customers?

Want to offer special treatment to every customer? Great Idea! But, not practically possible if you own a huge eCommerce store. So, to make your dream come true with the easiest process, magento experts at Elsner under their magento extension development service, have developed a perfect solution for the eCommerce store owners. Customer Discount Magento 2 Extension, it can be one of the best solutions used by the online store owners to offer special discounts to their customers. Android Users : Protect Yourself in Gmail from Phishing. Android users all over the world can now relax as with this the latest update in Google, phishing assaults can now be ceased.

Get 50% Discount On All Magento Extensions This Christmas. The tale of Santa Claus distributing gifts to children might be a fable one. But nothing can stop humans from gifting and celebrating the Christmas with all the fun. Impressive Impact Of UPI: Money Transfer Made Simple. The twists and turns have been quite fascinating since the world witnessed demonetization on 8th November 2016. Be aware of the m-commerce and its growth to adopt the best means of business.

Today, the retail sector is undergoing a seismic change, and this is due to the fast-growing online shopping and mCommerce industry. An Insight View Of The E-Commerce Portal. In the today’s era of the modern technologies E-commerce industries is the unbeatable platform for addressing the power of retail industry. The high-quality e-commerce solutions, digital marketing integrations, and many other activities can assist by increasing the sale and conversions of the online store. There are a number of the professional themes provided by the Magento, WordPress, Shopify and another E-Commerce platform. The client can easily manage brand and customize their various online store as per their requirement. Top 9 Tips for Providing Customer Service to Your Clients. For any organization whether it is a service providing industry or e-commerce industry the most important factor contributing to their success is the clients or customers. To retain the clients it is then necessary to provide the best of the customer service to the clients.

It helps in building trust among the customers when they are given the needed facilities. Customer service is very important for service providing companies as their whole market depends on how well satisfied their client is. Enlarge your eCommerce Opportunities with Magento Enterprise. In this world full of advanced technology, Magento is the fastest growing and latest open source eCommerce platform that can be customized according to the requirement of the organization. 4 Amazing Reasons for Immigration Businesses to Invest in a Mobile App. Google's Fast Pair: Bluetooth Pairing Made Easier. Google has announced Fast Pair – effortless Bluetooth pairing for Android.

Elsner's New Wordpress Plugin: Posts Slider Shortcode. Now, here is an addition to the ocean of WordPress plugins. An addition by a renowned WordPress development company, Elsner Technologies. We have developed a plugin that will create shortcode for your default WordPress posts and will show all of them in a continuous slider. Best SEO Conferences That You Should Attend In 2019. Best SEO Conferences That You Should Attend In 2019. iOS 11.2 Update: Check New Features (All Things Considered) Top 10 Digital Marketing Expert You Should Follow On Twitter.

New WordPress 4.8.2 Featuring Nine Security Fixes. What Needs To Be Taken Care Before Updating WordPress 5.0? The Million Dollar Question about Magento Website Development Cost. WordPress 4.8: New Key Features You Should be Aware About. Easter Treat: Get Sales Booster Premium Magento Extensions Free. A Complete B2B Marketplace Guide for Startup Business in 2019.

5 Hacks for Web Designing Company to Make Clients Happy !! Productive SEO Practises that will Work Effectively in 2018. Magento 1 Support Ends In 2020: Right Time To Migrate? Easter Discount : Get 20% discounts on all Services & Magento Extensions. A Contrast Detailing: Flutter VS React Native. Things To Consider While Designing Business Website. The Game-Changing WordPress Development Trends in 2019. The Game-Changing WordPress Development Trends in 2019. Complete B2B eCommerce Guide for Beginners. Google Sheet Tricks For Easy Localization In Mobile Apps. Android 9 Pie: 10 New Features You Should Check. Diamond industry Website Development with Magento E-commerce. Know Everything About WordPress 4.9.2. Magento Service Improved With Google reCAPTCHA and 2FA. WordPress' New Approach To Third-Party Plugins and Themes -Important Enough?

Top 3 Cons of Slow WordPress Website: Here is How to Fix it. Magento 2.3.2 Has Finally Released: Check Out Feature List and Enhancements. Drupal vs Wordpress: 7 Differences You Should Be Aware Of. The Role Of Virtual Assistant During COVID-19 In Ecommerce Industry. 7 Quick Design Tips That Will Increase Your Online Conversions. 7 Quick Design Tips That Will Increase Your Online Conversions. The Best Email Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce. Laravel Automation, Browse Testing using Laravel Dusk. What Holds In The Future Of eCommerce? Magento SUPEE - 10752 Security Patch. Exclusive Interview with Ray Bogman.

Sucuri Vs WordFence: Important Aspects To Consider Before Opting Security Plugins. How to handle multi-currency payment method in your online store? Choose The Right CRM Solution for Your Organization. By Using PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2 Extension. Did You Know About PHP 7.3 New Features? Latest Magento Security Updates Spotted for 2.2.3, 2.1.12 and 2.1.12. WordPress plugins that you must use in your website. Stand Out in $7.6 Trillion Online Industry Using B2B eCommerce Trends. iOS 11 Arriving Fall 2017: Latest Features You Will Fall in Love With. Error-free Tips for Responsive Magento Ecommerce Website.