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Sider som inspirerer til å lage ting

The North Elevation. Single Measures. Frameweb. Koloni stockholm. Blog. Sfgirlbybay. Emmas designblogg. Creature Comforts. NOTCOT.ORG. Spring 2011 - Page 60-61. MoCo Loco.

Apartment Therapy. Kickstarter. OMG Vinyl... Because Records Sound Better. Sister Golden Air. Kunstforum. Oh Joy! I'm excited to announce the launch of the Oh Joy for Nod kids' bedding and decor collection!

Oh Joy!

Inspired by Ruby and her transition to a big girl room, the collection is a limited-edition bedding and home decor line for kids. It includes baby, toddler, and kids' bedding, pillows, lamps, plush toys, rugs, and a curated collection of art to go with it all. The Sundae Best collection is inspired by Ruby's favorite food—ice cream—and how fun it would be to sleep surrounded by your favorite treat. I wanted to create an abstracted version of ice cream with sprinkle sheets and a cone-inspired pattern on the duvet. Topped with the ice cream cone and cherry pillows, it's seriously what my dreams are made of. The Pattern Party collection is inspired by the shapes that kids draw when they are first learning to draw and explore their creativity. On Monday, I'll be sharing before and after photos of Ruby's room as we transformed it from a baby room to a big girl room with my new collection! Life Without Buildings – Jimmy Stamp writes about architecture and [crime + criticism + fiction + pop culture + theory]

HILDA GRAHNAT. Cllctr - it´s easy. don´t make it hard. Le voyage créatif. This July I met up with Annette Joseph in her amazing apartment in Italy for a little summer get-together with cooking, eating and dancing on the agenda.

Le voyage créatif

If you know Annette Joseph from before, then you know she knows how to throw a party and make it all look oh-so effortlessly, she is a food and lifestyle stylist after all with years of experience under the belt for magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, and is an lifestyle and entertainment expert on the Today show. My lucky part was to be able to watch her work her magic up close and personal, enjoy heartfelt and fun conversation along the way, and play with my camera. It was such a treat to spend time in her company. It´s always so inspiring to have conversations between women, to hear their life wisdom, how they make their relationship work after many years of marriage, to listen to their life stories and to learn from their creative journey, how they began their career to where they are now.

Spicy orange shrimp. L'ESPRIT NOUVEAU. Bloesem. Monday, 9 December 2013 by Irene Hoofs So delighted to receive these photos taken by Wendy of the Dutch design blog, Beeldsteil, in her own home ...


Wendy is showing us how she is decorating for the festivities this year... so let's start this Christmas week with this! We love the subtlety of the decorations and ornaments. They fit so nicely in with the rest of her home's interior. Truly insipred by the Nordic countries ... and the current black and white themes we see flowing aroung the web ... we believe Wendy had added the exact amount of joy and cheer a home could even have all year round! A 180 degree flip from the va-va-voom out there kind of green, red and gold decorations we see so often. Freunde von Freunden. Timeless Modern Tactile Functional. Blogs. Dos Family. Door Sixteen.

Babyramen. Brick House. The House That Lars Built. ALVORADA.

Bilder som inspirerer til å lage ting

TV-programmer og YouTube-snutter om kunst. My Modern Metropolis. MEDIUMPHOBIC. Illusion › The Most Amazing Creations in Art, Design, Photography, and Video. Popular favorite pictures on VisualizeUs.

Imgfave - amazing and inspiring images. The Video Militia. Print Blog / The Colors Of Andy Gilmore by COLOURlovers. Amazing textures and colors are seen throughout the complex, geometric, spirograph loving work of Andy Gilmore, who just recently opened Black Math, a show running through August 22, 2009 at Berlin's Pool Gallery.

Print Blog / The Colors Of Andy Gilmore by COLOURlovers

Bright swirling colors, intricately interwoven lines morphing into sleek harmonious forms – the mesmerizing kaleidoscopic images of Rochester, New York-based multi-talent Andy Gilmore have a futuristic, almost alien feel to them. His designs transcend straightforward aesthetic beauty, their forms inhabiting a realm of mathematical complexity, containing a certain geometric musicality. The 'musicality‘ of his works is more than a coincidence – Andy Gilmore is also a musician. Deeply interested in the physics of sound and acoustics, his work reflects just that. Composed primarily of bold and bright colors on black backgrounds, Gilmore‘s hypnotic forms seem to hover like spacecrafts – out-of-this-world figures of elaborate and sophisticated design.

Daily news about creative and cultural entreprenuership. Get inspired, find your passion and join a global network of creative and radical minds. Monoscope. Yay!everyday.


Solid frog. Australia's most popular design blog. Finheter - L O L I T A. BOMB Magazine. Swissmiss. Kunstblogger. Interiør- og designbutikker. Favoritter. Blogger med diverse inspirerende innhold. Interiør- og designblogger. Kunst- og hobbybutikker. INSTRUKSJONER for hvordan lage ting. Farger. Interiør- og designmagasiner. SIder for grafiske designere. Portofolier/galleri. Plakater. Visualisering av data/informasjon.