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How to price a service or product in the creative industries. Pricing policy has both immediate and long-term consequences on a creative business and has an impact not only on the economics of the enterprise but also on the perception of its products and/or services. In the video and article below, David Parrish offers his advice about how to price a service or product in the creative industries, using three perspectives: economics, positioning and customers’ perceptions of value. Prices can be derived from costs and this is a useful exercise to do, though it’s not the only way to decide how much to charge.

All the direct costs must be included of course, including the cost of labour. More difficult to calculate is a proportion of the indirect costs that should be allocated to products and services – in other words, how much should the sale of each item contribute to the overheads of the business? There is no exact way to do this but there are conventions of management accountancy, which can help. Sustainability in jewelry. What does sustainability really mean when it comes to jewelry? We should start by defining what makes jewelry making harmful to the environment. It seems hard to believe that something as tiny and innocent as a silver charm can do damage. The main issue is in how metals are mined. The extraction techniques which may include stripping the surface soil and using chemicals can cause soil erosion, formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity and contamination of soil and both ground and surface water.

This happens even when fairly stringent environmental regulations are followed, as they are in the United States, where metals mining is the most toxic polluter, responsible for 96 percent of arsenic emissions and 76 percent of lead emissions1. Secondary factors include manufacturing processes (energy to produce certain types of glass, for example), and materials, like toxic dyes, used in those processes. What does sustainable jewelry mean to Eco Lustre? By practicing what we preach:


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