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Sites | Yachting Limited Yachting Limited has developed the following yachting websites. Yacht Charter Guide The world's most comprehensive list of yacht charter companies. Sites | Yachting Limited
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View Member Locations Click Here to browse positions on the comprehensive member map. XPlot The XPlot Manager is used to manage all your saved positions and tracks. It is a comprehensive tool that not only provides latitude & longitude information to maps, but is used to also geotag your blog posts and media, import and export GPS data, store extended position data (like course and speed) and take input from automated tracking devices. Sailing Blog Hosting, Map Tracking & Social Network Sailing Blog Hosting, Map Tracking & Social Network
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Atlantic Source Atlantic Source Thank you for your visit to Atlantic Source web site. We are specialized in every kind of satellite communications, and specially satellite geolocation services with global coverage. Besides we count with a long experience in the AIS field (automatic identification system) and our equipment is currently on board of many ships all around the world. Visit our special satellite products section or AIS to know more and get in touch with us if you have any doubts about our products and services.
Importante Las cartas naúticas digitalizadas, y el GPS no sustituyen a las tradicionales en papel, y las que puedes descargarte en esta web pueden no estar actualizadas con los últimos avisos a navegantes, bajos, señales de peligro, etc. Así pues, la información contenida en esta web sólo puede usarse a título orientativo. En realidad, tanto el GPS como las cartas naúticas digitales son considerados como 'auxiliares de navegación', si bien su utilidad es indudable, por lo que es importante mantener estos equipos auxiliares en perfecto estado. Velero Olaje Cartas Nauticas para descargar Velero Olaje Cartas Nauticas para descargar