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Italian Wedding Soup. Italian Wedding Soup is incredibly satisfying and filling, yet light. One of my all-time favorite soup recipes. Howdy everyone, hope you had a nice weekend! Ben and I kicked ours off with breakfast at HyVee on Saturday morning. I’m thinking this needs to become a weekly tradition, uh, ASAP. My parents used to occasionally take my brothers and me to HyVee for brunch after church on Sunday mornings when I was growing up, and it was the best thing ever. Call me crazy, but I still get giddy going out to breakfast/brunch to this day! Especially because HyVee’s hash browns are so perfect. We spent the rest of the day running here, there, and everywhere. Today I kicked the day off with a trip to the gym, followed by a nice juicing sesh. 3 hunks organic spinach1 small beet1 organic Granny Smith apple1/4 peeled lemon2 organic carrots I just love the way fresh juice really sets the tone for a healthful day.

One shower later and Ben and I headed over to my parent’s house for Sunday lunch. AMAZE! NT - Green Goddess Soup. If you’d like to try something new that’s easy and delicious, not to mention an eyeful, this is it, and stepping out the door to harvest the fresh herbs is part of the attraction. This verdant spring soup might transport you to a land where the sun shines, the garden grows and the economy sizzles. A place where kitchen goddesses and gods lounge. Known for his elegant meals, one might expect chef Jerry Traunfeld’s recipes to be complicated and snooty.

Not so, as I’ve learned over and over again. This soup, from The Herbfarm Cookbook, is a classic example of his less is more approach to cooking – the use of fresh herbs in everything is his signature talent and that’s the main attraction. While plucking herbs straight from the garden is satisfying, they’re available at Farmer’s Markets and that’s fine too. The soup tastes as fresh as it looks, this one imbued with the flavors of early spring’s sorrel, parsley and chives.

From The Herbfarm Cookbook, Spring Sorrel & Chive Soup.