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Différentes façons de "s'aproprier" des objets, des idées, des sensations...
_ La "vending machine" permet de collecter des objets de mémoire et de les redistribuer

The Museum of the Future » The National Vending Machine – Building a community of objects. An automatiek type vending machine, or trekmuur – “pull wall” – as we call it in Dutch, is a traditional piece of robust technology used to sell deep-fried snacks. Many visitors to Holland might have seen it, especially late at night when they’re popular places to get something to eat. Over the last years some machines started to sell other stuff than traditional Dutch snacks. There are ones that sell Chinese food and even sunglasses, but that’s about all the innovation the machines have seen. The Museum of National History and Mediamatic decided to take the vending machine to the next level. Yesterday we launched the pilot of this project. The National Vending Machine The National Vending Machine (Nationale Automatiek in Dutch) is place where visitors to a museum can buy historical objects. The idea is to build a community of objects. Logically, the traditional vending machine did not suffice for all these new forms of interaction.

Reinventing the vending machine After the pilot… inShare6.