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WhatsApp Magento Extension. Instantly share and promote your online business products on the increasingly popular instant social messenger and now, a Magento extension – “Product share on WhatsApp”.

WhatsApp Magento Extension

“Product Share on WhatsApp”Magento extension empowers the WhatsApp users to share product details through WhatsApp with Individual users and groups when browsing your webstore through a mobile device. Users receiving this promotion link on their WhatsApp group can click and get directed to the product page containing images, pricing and product description of the product you want to promote.

This will help improve the traffic to your online store and result into increased sales conversion. Why I should install “Product share on WhatsApp” on my Webshop. “Product share on WhatsApp” as a Magento extension offers out-of the box few of the finest marketing features, available for free- Product share on WhatsApp was last modified: September 12th, 2016 by helios. Mass Email To Registered Customers.

Numerous customers do not wish to register at the first instance, but with Mass Email Extension, you can effectively track and contact the customers, whether your registered user or not.

Mass Email To Registered Customers

Mass Email extension empowers you to send mass email to registered & guest customers through admin customer grid & admin sales order grid. Stay in contact with customers to update or assist them with Mass Email extension developed for Magento. Construct, edit and send messages from the sales/customers list window. Also view history of sent mails. Simplify the long process by adopting this smart way. Characteristic Send Mass email to multiple customers through admin sales order grid & admin customer grid.Maintain email history of sent mails in admin customer order details & customer details section.Fast, secure & easy extension for Mass Emailing.Best for communicating with registered & guest customers.Send mails to a various groups of customers.

Magento Video Gallery. This Video Gallery Extension is helpful to Merchants, who desire to exhibit their line of Products & Services to their potential/Current Users all the way through Vimeo Video Gallery.

Magento Video Gallery

Characteristics. Best Magento Extension. This extension of Social Media Buttons gives you Social Follow Buttons to get more fans and adherents for your social media profiles on the prominent social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google In addition to.

Best Magento Extension

Helios Social Accompany Catches will deal with your destinations, writes and so on. You can effectively install the modified Social Media Follow Buttons to your Magento Web-shop. Add Simple Social Buttons to your site and reproduce your business with these Social Sharing buttons. This is the best Growth as it could be modified and put to the: Left or Right half of the page and with customizable top edges. Attempt to make the best through Social Offering Catches like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter In addition to and Pinterest and showcase your substance to millions with Simple Social Buttons. You have to follow the Below steps Social Media Buttons was last modified: September 12th, 2016 by helios. Best Request A Quote Extension.

Request the Quote extension is beneficial for Merchants (Wholesalers / Distributors) as it can produce a Submission Form & send data to Store proprietor.

Best Request A Quote Extension

It can assist you figure out the real state of the Business. It overwrites Magento wishlist functionality.Registered user can insert/erase products from the wishlist & Request for Quote.The form re-directs to Request for Quote screen & from there, one can post request for many number of merchandise selected in wishlist.Admin can examination the notifications of Registered User by means of all details by e-mail.Admin can post the proposal or other stipulation through e-mail template.The admin can allow/stop the module commencing admin section to employ the default Magento module.

Request a Quote for the Wish-list Items was last modified: September 12th, 2016 by helios. Magento Video Upload. This Youtube Video Gallery is helpful to Merchants, who desire to exhibit their line of Products & Services to their potential/Current Users all the way through Youtube Video Gallery.

Magento Video Upload

Admin need to add only the Youtube Video URL, one time the URL is added, it will mechanically get the names of the Video & its thumbnail from the Youtube Server. Therefore the weight on the server is concentrated & performance is improved.Alter, erase, various determination and fare to CSV / Excel configurations to deal with the Motion picture Display.Admin can additionally deal with the settings of Film Exhibition by – Empowering / Impairing the Movie, Display Title, its Depiction and Tallness & Width of the Motion picture.Another exceptionally paramount characteristic is that if the Film is impaired, then a notice will be shown and the client will immediately be redirected to the homepage inside 5 seconds.Unlimited Movies might be added to the desired list.