You suck at PowerPoint

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How to TEDx [Presentation Design Tips] - EP - Create, Share, Explore Great Visualizations.
Description This template, adapted from Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire by Cliff Atkinson, incorporates fundamentals of classic story structure and the screenwriting process. With this template and the Beyond Bullet Points method, you can structure your next presentation in three acts in which you set up your story, develop the action, and frame the resolution. The Beyond Bullet Points story template - Templates The Beyond Bullet Points story template - Templates
Portfolio We help our clients communicate more persuasively by applying our VisualStory™ methodology to presentations of all kinds. PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows, on-demand presentations, videos, multimedia, self-guided experiences, dynamic documents…and sometimes no slides at all. Culture When we make art, drink wine, speak up, boogie down, share thoughts, do shots, solve problems, laugh, cry, collaborate, celebrate, innovate, commiserate, and tell stories, we do it as a family. Presentation Design & Training Presentation Design & Training
You Suck At PowerPoint!
Death by PowerPoint