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ELO Coach has maintained the best reputation in the industry because of our commitment to excellence, and satisfying our customers! There is no other service for League of Legends that maintains the standards that we do. We start faster, we finish faster, and we communicate better.

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Login with: PremiumFAQ Help Report abuse Language en Your session has either timed out or has not been correctly established.Please login again. 4shared Login Don't have an account? Please log in to access your 4shared account or with your Email Forgot your password? Site Links Home Premium Link to Us Search Help Support FAQ Quick Tour Features Contact Us About Company Advertising Resellers Payment Contacts Copyright Legal Terms of Use Privacy Copyright Infringement Security Music Identification SLA Media Press Room Blog Twitter Facebook Google+ Tools 4shared Mobile Developer. Beginners Guide to League of Legends. BY ELO Coach IN League of Legends News On 13-11-2013 How will you learn how to play League of Legends?

Beginners Guide to League of Legends

It looks like a straightforward issue, but for lots people, it has-been some time since we first struck the Rift. With a large number of new gamers, lots of these our friends or family members testing out League for the very first time every day, this is a issue that we must have the ability to answer for them. Understanding a fresh game style can be difficult, and League definitely isn’t any different. Here are some ideas which could be achieved in order to make engaging in League enjoyable as possible and as simple, in the event you or somebody you realize wants to begin playing.

Start with the Robots Maybe it doesn’t look attractive to perform a custom game against computer-controlled competitors however, as the old expression goes, “If you cannot kill a robot you likely cannot kill a person.” Go Online, Coop Practice. LOL Account - Benefits of a Lol Boost. Benefits of a lol boost by Elo Coach - issuu. How A ELO Boost Will Help You. BY ELO Coach IN League of Legends News On 12-11-2013 Everybody who participates in League of Legends has desire to perform and compete with all the pro players, however, you can’t refuse that everybody must begin as a little fish in a large lake.

How A ELO Boost Will Help You

Whenever you participate in League of Legends, or any additional game for instance, you begin with a simple account or as a beginner that lacks understanding. Starting fresh could be interesting but a lot of League of Legends gamers have discovered that it really requires a long number of time before they’re able to get the opportunity to perform with more seasoned gamers. What’s worse is the fact that the complete process of leveling-up can get dull after a time. This is where an ELO Boost comes in. Top Picks For LOL Beginners. BY ELO Coach IN ELO Boost Secrets, League of Legends News On 30-12-2014 Even the League of Legends pros had to start out as “newbie’s”.

Top Picks For LOL Beginners

So, who is the ideal champion for a player whose LOL account is still as green as grass? The answer is unfortunately not that simple. It all depends on your style of play. Sometimes a “recommended” champion you’ll think is totally useless, whilst a champion considered “weak” will become your most valuable asset. Best LOL Game Modes. Battlefields will be one of two types. The Best LOL Game Modes. Best LOL Champion Picks for Noobs. BY ELO Coach IN ELO Boost Secrets On 25-04-2015 Champions come in distinctive forms, characters and unique set of strengths, weaknesses and ideal roles.

Best LOL Champion Picks for Noobs

There are over a hundred champions in the League of Legends that may be difficult sort out if you are a newbie gamer. Trying out something new can be quite a challenge. Players may need lol boost and helpful tips to keep them stay ahead. We picked up a few suggestions for beginners that are not only fun to play but are worth every penny. 1. Darius is worthy of a champ. 2. Galio is a fine champion with massive amounts of effect and area abilities and sneer that would eventually bring him to farm good and intensely cast a lot of damage to his enemies. 3. Ryze holds a tanky build option and has the knack to withstand ultimate. 4. How To Setup Your Fresh LOL Account for Ranked. BY ELO Coach IN ELO Boost Secrets On 28-05-2015 We have many customers ask us the best way to setup their new unranked LOL Account.

How To Setup Your Fresh LOL Account for Ranked

So we’ve set up a basic guide to show you the most optimal way to get your first 16 champions and rune page. All of our accounts come with 20,000-50,000 influence points and even with 20k you can easily get what you need to start dominating the ladder. Start off by going to the store, and sorting the champions by Price(IP) Then buy the 11 champions that cost 450 influence points From there you can save even more influence points by getting the free Riot Girl Tristana, and Unchained Alistar skins (which also give you the champion) by liking their facebook and youtube. Riot Girl Tristana For the NA Region: For the EUW Region: For the EUNE Region: Unchained Alistar Simply go to Then you simply have to click on the prompt “Click here to subscribe to Riot Games Youtube channel and claim your free unchained Alistar Skin!”

Is Duo Queue Boosting Cheating? Since video games were first introduced, there have been people trying to cheat them.

Is Duo Queue Boosting Cheating?

There are whole books written to providing cheat codes. Game Shark was a company that made multiple products providing cheat codes. Online games are putting in safeguards to look for people that are trying to cheat. But, is duo queue boosting cheating? Traditional Boosting Example Boosting is readily attached to games like Xbox. But, is Duo Queue Boosting the Same? The main question is if duo q boosting is the same thing as what most people think of as boosting. Cheating is looked down on by multiple online game companies.

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