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LOL World Championships. BY ELO Coach IN League of Legends News On 23-04-2015 The League of Legends World Championships is considered the pinnacle of LOL eSports.

LOL World Championships

With only the Grand Final match remaining, and over a million dollars of prize money at stake, tension is running high for the League of Legends pros. Beginning back in mid-September, the World Championships have seen some epic performances, as teams from around the world battled it out for a seat in the Finals. What Have You Missed? Founded in mid-2012, the South Korean owned Samsung Whitehad a disappointing run in last year’s tournament. The Chinese owned Star Horn Royal Club (formerly known as Royal Club and runners up in the 2013 Championships) had an excellent run leading up to the tournament, placing second in the 2014 Season China Regional Finals. What Have They Got To Offer? Samsung White have to their advantage one of the best LOL supports around, ‘Mata’, who listed number 3 in a recent top 5 list of Championship players. Best LOL Champion Picks for Noobs.

BY ELO Coach IN ELO Boost Secrets On 25-04-2015 Champions come in distinctive forms, characters and unique set of strengths, weaknesses and ideal roles.

Best LOL Champion Picks for Noobs

There are over a hundred champions in the League of Legends that may be difficult sort out if you are a newbie gamer. Trying out something new can be quite a challenge. Players may need lol boost and helpful tips to keep them stay ahead. We picked up a few suggestions for beginners that are not only fun to play but are worth every penny. 1. Darius is worthy of a champ. 2. Galio is a fine champion with massive amounts of effect and area abilities and sneer that would eventually bring him to farm good and intensely cast a lot of damage to his enemies. 3. Ryze holds a tanky build option and has the knack to withstand ultimate. 4. Warwick is a famous champ with abundant sustain and damage abilities.

New to LOL? 7 Top Tips You Need To Succeed. BY ELO Coach IN ELO Boost Secrets On 25-04-2015 If your League of Legends account is all shiny and new, then odds are you’ve got some important things to learn before you plunge in and start winning battles.

New to LOL? 7 Top Tips You Need To Succeed

Building skills and increasing your ELO Tier will take practice, but in the meantime, here are some starting pointers that will set you on the right path. Communication is Vital You and your teammates can’t form any kind of winning strategy without effective communication. This doesn’t just mean everyone saying what they want to do and individually doing it. Pushing = Wins Human logic says that the way to win a game is to kill the enemy team. Last Hitting Last hitting is an important tactic that every gamer needs to understand. Enemy Towers An enemy tower will make short work of a low level hero. Map Awareness It is important that you familiarize yourself with the map, but don’t get distracted trying to memorise every nook and cranny. Experiment Jobs vs Roles. Buy Lol Account. 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy LOL Accounts.

BY ELO Coach IN LoL Accounts sale On 26-04-2015 Every gamer’s heard about it.

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy LOL Accounts

Some are curious. Some are unsure. Some enthusiastically embrace it. LOL Account for Ranked. How To Setup Your Fresh LOL Account for Ranked. BY ELO Coach IN ELO Boost Secrets On 28-05-2015 We have many customers ask us the best way to setup their new unranked LOL Account.

How To Setup Your Fresh LOL Account for Ranked

So we’ve set up a basic guide to show you the most optimal way to get your first 16 champions and rune page. All of our accounts come with 20,000-50,000 influence points and even with 20k you can easily get what you need to start dominating the ladder. Start off by going to the store, and sorting the champions by Price(IP) Then buy the 11 champions that cost 450 influence points From there you can save even more influence points by getting the free Riot Girl Tristana, and Unchained Alistar skins (which also give you the champion) by liking their facebook and youtube. Riot Girl Tristana For the NA Region: For the EUW Region: For the EUNE Region: Unchained Alistar. The Ultimate Challengers ELO Guide. The Season 4 Guide to dominating League of Legends has now been released and the price has been slashed for a limited time only!

The Ultimate Challengers ELO Guide

Get your hands on this best selling guide and get to where you belong! Have you ever wondered what techniques a professional player uses to consistently climb the ladder? As a top player and a coach I constantly see common areas players have difficulty in. Level 30 League of Legends Account. Save yourself the 230 hours it would take to level it yourself in pointless games grinding XP.

Level 30 League of Legends Account

These accounts already come with tons of IP and is ranked ready so you can skip all the boring normal games. They are even instantly delivered via email for instant gratification. Splendid Coaching League of Legends. Professional League of Legends Boosting Service. Best Duo Queue Boosting. Professional Duo Booster. Cheapest ELO Boosting. Easy Use of ELO Boosting Service. The #1 ELO Boost Service - Get the benefit of ELO Boosting Service.