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Free Instagram Social Analytics Tools. There are a few free Instagram analytics tools available today. What? You didn’t even know there were any tools available yet? Granted there is nothing available inside the Instagram app yet. Certainly not like Facebook Insights for your analytics. Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools 1. The king of the web based free Instagram analytics tools. From my previous post on Instagram apps, “Statigram is one of the first and best browser-based apps to provide you with stats for your Instagram account when you are signed in. 2.

The best, most fully featured mobile Instagram Analytics app. 3. A bare bones, but quick and easy to use mobile app for Instagram metrics. New followers (this week vs. today) – Fresh faces for you to follow now.Have unfollowed you (this week vs. today) – You may wish to do the same.Are not following you back – So you can decide to unfollow them or not.You are not following back – In case you want to reciprocate. 4. SimplyMeasured offers a “free Instagram user report“. 5. Tip: How To Track Your Instagram Analytics. Let’s face it, if you’re using Instagram for business, you need to be tracking Instagram analytics. Just like any other social media site, you should have a strategy in place on Instagram. And in order to monitor your progress and execution of that strategy, you need to know how you’re performing. The best way to do this is to track your Instagram analytics regularly. But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Instagram doesn’t provide any sort of analytics platform within the app itself.

Thankfully, though, a number of third party apps are available to help you determine how you’re doing. While there are a number of options available, I use and recommend Iconosquare. When you first access your Statigram account, you’ll land on your Overview page. Here are some of the best things I recommend to track on Statigram. Followers and Followings From the left menu, click on the “Community” tab to view your followers and followings information.

Here you can see, on a graph, how your community is growing. The Must Use 5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools !! If you were finding few free analytics tools for Instagram, you are at a right place. There are a few free Instagram analytics tools available today. Here are five great free analytics tools for Instagram that you can use now. Free Analytics tools Nitrogram (web app) Nitrogram this is a recently launched and funded marketing and social engagement platform lets brands better analyze and use the earned media they are generating on Instagram. The tool lets you see data on the 3000 latest relevant photos. Statigram This particular tool is solely for Instagram. SimplyMeasured This tool allows users to download analytics on different profiles for free as long as you agree to share a tweet to promote the company. Followers+ for Instagram (iOS app) This is yet another free app to download for your iPhone or iPad with some great add-ons available for in-app purchase (0.99 each).

InstaFollow (iOS app) This is a quick and easy to use mobile app for Instagram metrics. 4 Free Instagram Analytics Tools You Need to Try | Sierra Tierra Marketing. By Lisa Kalner Williams on Aug 5, 2014 Are you in need of serious Instagram user data — but have a meager budget to obtain this information? Try these four free tools to catapult your Instagram analysis and strategy. IFTTT (“IF Then, Then That”) allows you to automate over 120 apps through “recipes.” One of my favorite recipes? The one that populates a Google spreadsheet on my drive each time a particular user uploads a photo to Instagram. The beauty of this recipe is that unlike most other analytics tools, this one does not require you to log in to Instagram — which means you can get a nice data dump about other Instagram users. So if you were Qdoba Mexican Grill and wanted to dive into what your competitor Chipotle is up to on Instagram, you could set up the following IFTTT recipe: (Of course, Qdoba would set up its recipe to populate a spreadsheet on its own Google Drive account.)

Why you need to try it: This is the easiest way to analyze your competitors’ Instagram activities. 2. 3. 4. Free Instagram Analytics Software Tool.