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Sherlock: Fanfic

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It Isn’t Strange Until You Think About It - ivyblossom. Well, you know how it goes.

It Isn’t Strange Until You Think About It - ivyblossom

You’re friends with someone for a while, it develops into something else over time, eventually you acknowledge it, that sort of thing. Bog standard, really. That’s all it was. Nothing to get all excited about. What? Blackout - ivyblossom. Electric Pink Hand Grenade - BeautifulFiction. To Light Another's Path - BeautifulFiction. A Cure For Boredom - emmagrant01. The Great Sex Olympics of 221B - XistentialAngst. A Study in Shagging - taylorpotato. The Loss of Flesh and Soul - deuxexmycroft. All the Best and Brightest Creatures - wordstrings. Two Two One Bravo Baker - abundantlyqueer. Performance In a Leading Role - Mad_Lori. Colors - Quesarasara. The Gilded Cage - BeautifulFiction. Organic Chemistry - cuddlefish. The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) - earlgreytea68. Letters - earlgreytea68. Winter's Child - Canon_Is_Relative, ImpishTubist. Nature and Nurture - earlgreytea68. The Bang and the Clatter - earlgreytea68. Working on the Edges - earlgreytea68.

Midnight Blue Serenity - BeautifulFiction.