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Strata Management in Sydney

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Commercial Strata Management in Parramatta Sydney. Crown Strata is a dynamic commercial strata management dedicated to providing commercial associations with a great level of customer service.

Commercial Strata Management in Parramatta Sydney

At Crown Strata, we focus intently on two major aspects, people and property. Riding on a vast experience in the field of strata management, we can promise to make strata easy for you. Crownstrata Development Services. We offer comprehensive services to developers and solicitors by establishing books and records of the strata scheme and provision of 109 certificates.

Crownstrata Development Services

Crown Strata realises that developer’s needs are important and pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a the service to work with your needs. We offer professional advice regarding preregistration of your development, guidance in establishing a Strata Scheme as well as other documentation and procedures which will see you through from start to finish. We understand that effective advice from the early planning stages through to registration ensures that issues are discussed in an open manner in order to formulate effective solutions.

A Director of Crown Strata will meet with you to arrange the following: Planning Planning assistance at conception stageRealistic budgets for the first yearInsurance establishmentArranging the calling of the Inaugural General MeetingSinking fund forecast coordinationAdvise on common property issues. 10 Reasons to Use Crown Strata. 1.

10 Reasons to Use Crown Strata

Competitive Fees Competitive fees are important to everyone. At Crown Strata we believe we offer some of the lowest fees within the industry. Contact us and compare our fees with what you are paying now. You will be glad you did! 2. Access to Crown Strata Connect- a secure online portal which offers the convenience for registered owners to view full details of their building administration and finances, pay levies and update their details from anywhere 3. One of the main reasons for appointing a strata manager is to get the important things prioritised and completed. 4. Crown Strata is a family company that has grown its customer base on the personal service we offer our customers. 5. It’s no good having a manager you can’t talk to. 6.

We have designed our reports to be as easy to read as possible, so that non-technical people can understand where the money is being spent, whilst every owner gets a report, every 3 months. 7. 8. 9. Find Reliable Sydney Strata Management. If there’s one place in Australia where the apartment industry is booming, it’s the metropolitan area of Sydney.

Find Reliable Sydney Strata Management

In their ‘Apartments in Sydney Suburbs 2014 to 2019’ report, the independent business research firm BIS Shrapnel said that apartment construction is likely to increase in the area, up until 2018 or 2019 at the least. Property Observer writer Jennifer Duke says that there are five local government areas in the metropolitan that show great promise of increased “high density apartment approvals”, chief among which is the City of Sydney: Unsurprisingly, the City of Sydney tops the list with an expected 3,700 apartments per annum.

The report notes that this is still, by far, Sydney’s main location for apartment development.It is under considerable occupier demand and offers “ample supply potential”. Prospective buyers and tenants will want to look at the strata report of Sydney apartments to assess the “health” of a property. For More Information Visit: Fire Safety Compliance By Sydney Strata Management Company. Fire damage in a strata building can be discouraging to people seeking residential or commercial space in it, thus requiring a thorough safety compliance programme.

Fire Safety Compliance By Sydney Strata Management Company

Stanley Correy of ABC News reports: “There is a growing concern in the fire protection industry about whether high-rise residential buildings are complying with Australian safety standards.The tallest apartment building in the country does not meet fire safety standards demanded by the Australian building code, yet it was certified as fit for occupation.Laddie Assey is a mechanical engineer who owns an apartment in the Q1 tower – Australia’s tallest residential building – at Surfers Paradise in south-east Queensland.What he identified back in 2005 was, in the case of a major fire, one of the two escape routes from the tower would be seriously compromised.” Although the place of concern is up in Queensland, Sydneysiders have much to worry about from fires that break out in their locality.

Tips for a Successful Sydney Strata Living. What’s known as condominiums elsewhere in the world is called a strata in NSW, Australia.

Tips for a Successful Sydney Strata Living

A strata title is the ownership of a space (whether residential or commercial) in a multilevel block of apartments or a horizontal length of subdivisions that share common areas. The decreasing accessibility of land for residential purposes is partly a reason why strata living has become quite popular. Aside from being a compact living area, it is a great opportunity for investment. Effective Property Management in Sydney. When you live in a residential strata property, things change in the sense that you are now amidst a sea of strangers under one big roof.

Effective Property Management in Sydney

However, as the Owners Corporation Network writes, you deserve peace and quiet even in such settings, and that will require some hard solutions from managers. “Noise problems are not just the bane of apartment living. Noise is the fastest growing area of complaint and disputes in urban Australia.