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Luxury. Are Camera Phones Killing Fashion? LONDON, United Kingdom — Wow!

Are Camera Phones Killing Fashion?

All those live social media reports from Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan. The Truth About 'Fast' Fashion in 2016. When it comes to fashion and technology, how fast is too fast?

The Truth About 'Fast' Fashion in 2016

You only have to look at Instagram to realise that taking photos of every waking move is now deemed as ‘normal.’ But what is ‘normal?’ And does normal mean good? Not necessarily. So whilst you were busy obsessing over the next big technology craze and taking photos of your latest outfit - ready to post out to your ‘friends’ on Instagram, or you were too busy writing a blog about your latest clothing purchase instead of actually enjoying the moment, you may have missed out on something...

One thing that has grabbed tech-addicts by complete surprise is that 2015/2016 has seen the rebirth of traditional mediums and outlets which we’ve started to forget about. In fact, Vinyl outsold streaming and digital downloads. It made online fashion giants such as ASOS question their entire business model. How Fashion and Retail Brands Are Using Snapchat. Of the many social networks that have come to the fore in the past decade, none is enjoying quite the same level of buzz at the moment as Snapchat.

How Fashion and Retail Brands Are Using Snapchat

The smartphone-only social network, whose auto-disappearing messages first made it popular as a sexting tool for teens after its launch in 2011, is now used by more than 100 million people every day — and more than a third of Americans ages 18 to 34 on a monthly basis, with a higher engagement rate than Instagram, according to Comscore. Warning: how social media is a danger to brands. A Marketing Week investigation has found that a range of brands, including Ugg Australia, Mulberry, Ray-Ban and Louis Vuitton are being targeted by unauthorised websites that use social media to promote their claims of selling luxury goods.

Warning: how social media is a danger to brands

We uncovered a number of sites not listed in these brands’ published networks of resellers that use links and paid-for advertising space on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to bring in web traffic, using brands’ photographs, logos and trademarked words. Social networks are the biggest cause of consumer complaints about fake products and January is the most prolific month of the year for reports being made, according to the Intellectual Property Office. Brand protection company MarkMonitor says online counterfeiting is worth about £10bn annually in the UK. But research among marketers published last year by Marketing Week and NetNames showed that a quarter have no process for monitoring or enforcing anti-counterfeiting action.

Ten of the biggest Fashion brands use social media effectively. This is a post by our very own Rebecca who is obsessed with social media and fashion.

Ten of the biggest Fashion brands use social media effectively

The fashion industry might have taken a little longer to cotton on to the power of social media marketing, but many of the brands embracing the medium - from luxury to high-street - are doing it with style. You wouldn’t expect anything less really. Here, in no particular order, are ten such brands. When Employees Talk: Key Issues for the Fashion Industry & Social Media. Mass-market definition. How Burberry became the top digital luxury brand. In 2006, Burberry’s former CEO Angela Ahrendts and chief creative officer Christopher Bailey declared that they wanted the brand to become the first fully digital luxury company.

How Burberry became the top digital luxury brand

Today, digital has become a core component of how Burberry runs its business, and it’s reaping the rewards in a category that has notoriously lagged in digital savviness. Burberry was early to turn user-generated content into its own social media platform (the Art of the Trench), which it launched in 2009. After that, it has been among the first to test new social media channels and developments: it jumped on Snapchat and Periscope, and tested Instagram’s video ads and Twitter’s buy buttons as they rolled out.

At the end of 2014, Burberry upgraded its mobile site, which resulted in its mobile revenue tripling. Bailey, now CEO as well as chief creative officer (Ahrendts departed in 2014 for a position at Apple), cited digital technology as central to the brand’s way of thinking. How Instagram is helping Zara take over the fashion world. A woman walks with a Zara bag in hand in Madrid Thomson Reuters Zara is crushing the competition.

How Instagram is helping Zara take over the fashion world

The popular fast-fashion brand's parent company, Inditex, reported strong earnings for the first half of the year, including a 17% increase in net sales and a 7% increase in same store sales. ASOS and Topshop are the most social fashion retailers: stats. ASOS and Topshop are the top performers for social media marketing, according to a new report from Stickyeyes.

ASOS and Topshop are the most social fashion retailers: stats

The report, which also looked at search rankings among women’s fashion retailers, found that the two brands achieved the top scores for the number of social touchpoints and the level of engagement with consumers. ASOS is the top performer, achieving 87% on Stickyeyes’ social media score card index. This is a reflection of how they have built and developed a large socially engaged audience. Topshop came second with 77%, but what do the scores actually mean? The Instagram Effect: How the platform drives decisions at fashion brands. Baublebar, the online retailer for fast-fashion jewelry, goes through its production design cycle in just a few weeks, from initial sketch to site launch.

The Instagram Effect: How the platform drives decisions at fashion brands

Co-founder Daniella Yacobovsky said that to keep up the pace, the team must have a clear grasp on what’s trending, what’s resonating with Baublebar’s customers, and current colors, patterns and designs. For such inspiration, “we rely on every single touchpoint that we can get access to,” said Yacobovsky. The most important touchpoint, for now, is Instagram. “We track the runways on Instagram, we forecast trends on Instagram. There’s never one clear answer — ‘this is the color of the season’ — but you pick up threads,” said Yacobovsky.

Luxury Fashion Brands Social Media Report. The fashion industry arguably has some of the best visuals to work with when it comes to social media — beautiful clothes, beautiful people, and lots of professionally produced, big-budget photography from ad campaigns and editorial shoots.

Luxury Fashion Brands Social Media Report

Some brands have successfully personified themselves on various platforms (though the death of social media “voices” seems imminent…), but there's still a lot of room for improvement in the luxury space, according to a new report by Brandwatch. The social media monitoring and analytics company analyzed 32 luxury fashion brands for the report, parsing through 721,140 social conversations, looking at five categories: social visibility, general visibility, net sentiment, reach growth, and social engagement and content. The Best Ethical Fashion Brands. What is ethical fashion? Green is the new black, people, because ethical fashion is higher than ever on the agenda for brands across the board from luxury, to high street – though shout out to Stella McCartney for pioneering the movement. Stella put it beautifully in her AW17 campaign, by saying her goal is ‘to portray who we want to be and how we carry ourselves; our attitude and collective path. Social Media Effect on the Fashion Industry.

Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr and many other apps are highly used today to sway how one understands and captures fashion. The photo apps are geared toward the younger generation. The reason for their success relies on their ease and their instantaneous qualities. For a generation that lives in a face-pace world, convenience and quickness is key to success.

According to Sherman and Smith, Instagram is one of the most innovative apps created for fashion and photography lovers and he includes, “the most popular photo revival software is Instagram available for iPhone you can load images from your photo library or from your iPhone and create stunning artistic compositions. Images are re-developed (digitized) replicating past analogue processes, before your very eyes, complete with original mechanical sounds of the Polaroid camera,” (146). Instagram is a mobile app for photo sharing and achieves the same social, visual goals as Tumblr, but in a scaled-down way. How fashion brands are taking Instagram from gimmick to strategic. London Fashion Week is officially kicking off tomorrow (18 February), which can only mean one thing – fashion brands are working overtime.

Besides putting the final touches on runway frocks, these days social media campaigns are equally as important. After all, a well-landed social campaign can see any fashion brand hit headlines, create a buzz as well as result in coveted consumer engagement. This year, Instagram seems to be the fashion world’s platform of choice. Figures by digital marketing agency Greenlight show that there have been 5,602 Instagram posts using #LFW2016 in the month leading up to London Fashion Week 2016, compared with 1,178 Twitter mentions over the same timeframe. In sharp contrast, last year saw more than 6,000 twitter mentions using #LFW2015. Instagram already proved its popularity among fashion brands during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. The rising popularity of Instagram. Asos loyalty scheme to put focus on engagement as well as purchases. The ‘Rewards’ scheme, which was trialled last year, will allow customers to build up points on purchases that are converted into vouchers for use on the site.

The scheme will also reward customer engagement, according to CEO Nick Beighton. If a customer, for example, posts a photograph of themselves on Instagram in an Asos outfit with the #asseenonme hashtag they will earn points. Speaking on a conference call this morning following the retailer’s full-year results, Beighton said the move is part of plans to “be awesome on mobile” and “create content so useful it feels like a recommendation from a friend” as Asos looks to boost engagement and therefore sales.

“Engaging content and experiences generates sustainable organic growth,” he explained. The move is part of a strategy at Asos that has seen it “re-evaluate everything it does on mobile” in a bid to improve customer service, traffic and sales. That has helped boost traffic and sales on mobile. UK fashion industry statistics. How social media is transforming the fashion industry. Image copyright Brooklyn Beckham/Burberry When Brooklyn Beckham revealed on his Instagram feed that he would be photographing Burberry's latest fragrance ad campaign, the outrage was palpable.

Commentators rushed to criticise the fashion house's choice of the 16-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham for the shoot, instead of an established industry professional. "Insulting to every artist out there"; "completely disrespectful to the artist community"; and "so tired of these celebrities buying their kids into everything" were some of the printable reactions.