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Does Your Web Design Business Need a Rebrand? How long ago did you start your design business or side gig?

Does Your Web Design Business Need a Rebrand?

Leverage the benefits of using winning combination Angular & Ionic for mobile app development. Cross-platform app development is pretty much in talks these days.

Leverage the benefits of using winning combination Angular & Ionic for mobile app development

AngularJS and Iconic are considered as one of the winning combinations for building mobile apps across all the globe. Earlier there was the internet, and now mobile apps have become the sole reason for transformation in our working habits and browsing patterns. Developers are going all guns and making the most of cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and platforms to create incredibly useful and high-end mobile apps without much hassle. DevOps mobile app development: benefits and challenges. Olivia Diaz, technology observer at, discusses how DevOps has transformed mobile app development and the mobile industry as a whole DevOps is important in mobile app development.

DevOps mobile app development: benefits and challenges

DevOps mobile app development has allowed the mobile industry to become the primary source of information for humans across the globe. Over the last few years, multiple industries have been forced to adapt towards the rise of the business app user. To cope with this shift, they have built their own business apps for mobile users. With this shift, the IT industry has focused more on market demands; businesses are concentrating on creating a new market presence by giving more priorities on app development costs, security, maintainability and code quality.

In this article, we will be discussing approaches of DevOps mobile app development by looking at some of the major challenges and best practices to overcome those hurdles. 16 Best Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Themes 2019. As restaurant owners, you need to understand the importance of promoting your business through all possible channels.

16 Best Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Themes 2019

Your guests come to the restaurant because of the recommendation of friends or feedbacks of food bloggers. But what about the website? Do you need to invest money and time in it, or is it all a waste of money? What should a restaurant owner know about site management? Restaurant website as a communication channel is important as an effective marketing strategy. How to create product descriptions that boost conversions. 6 Must-Have Tools for Growing Your Online Business - ShortPixel Blog. Now is the best time to launch an online shop.

6 Must-Have Tools for Growing Your Online Business - ShortPixel Blog

After all, by 2021 there should be approximately $4.5 trillion gained from online sales. With mobile traffic accounting for nearly half of all global internet activity, you can bet that there will be an estimated $319 billion in mobile online sales as well. AR and VR Set to Revolutionize E-Commerce. It is obvious that any technology that helps to attract more customer engagement and increases the sale is likely to be more selected by the e-commerce companies.

AR and VR Set to Revolutionize E-Commerce

Most of the technology innovations which drive incremental improvements will be packaged and sold as a niche product. A technology that touches core human experience and changes human actions is truly revolutionary. Such is the artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the world of digital markets. 5 proven WordPress plugins that you can use to easily speed up your website. Key Benefits of Transforming Your Traditional Grocery Business to Digital Business. How to get product reviews to increase your ecommerce sales. If you’re selling in a competitive market, you should consider using the power of product reviews to get your brand promoted, proven, and trusted.

How to get product reviews to increase your ecommerce sales

Let’s take a look at why and how. Buying online doesn’t include the perks that come with brick and mortar, like being able to touch, feel, or try products. That’s why 84% of people trust online reviews when shopping online. Laravel Vouchers. Top Reasons Why your Business needs Biometric Security. Go for a stroll through any place of business and the probability of discovering login passwords attached to PC screens or sitting in work areas is regrettably high.

Top Reasons Why your Business needs Biometric Security

Like leaving the key in the file organizer, recording passwords furnishes cheats with access to huge measures of touchy information. Anyway, there is innovation accessible that could give an answer for this and endless other security shortcomings in your business: biometric security. Customarily, access to verify structures or PC frameworks is conceded by something you have, for example, a keycard, or something you know, for example, secret word. Retail Website Advice for Newbies. Laravel Form Builder. A Few Things to Consider For Developing Future-Ready Mobile Apps. The market seems to be flooded with competing for mobile applications, each striving for supremacy.

A Few Things to Consider For Developing Future-Ready Mobile Apps

There are over 2 million apps on the Google Play store and 1.5 million on Apple’s App Store, but at the same time, it is getting difficult to sustain in the realm. In simple words, getting an app ranked is no longer a child’s play; you need to devote a substantial amount of time and energy while developing one. There is no doubt in the fact that mobile devices have become a ubiquitous technology where two-thirds of the world’s population seems to be connected with a mobile device. Businesses are getting serious when it comes to developing an app- whether it’s for shopping, getting a ride, scheduling appointments, design, playing video games and a lot more. Benefits of Using Symfony in the Development of a Web Application for Your Business - TFOT. Image Source.

Benefits of Using Symfony in the Development of a Web Application for Your Business - TFOT

Free Bootstrap Login Form Source Code. Free Bootstrap Login Form Source Code by Web Dev Trick: You have seen login form in a lot of websites online and every day you use it in various sites. So, today I will create a login form using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Why Bootstrap? I would like to tell you first that Bootstrap is currently the most popular CSS library. It is built on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Why bootstrap? About This Login Form I created this login form using HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap. I have Created two files, first “login.html” & second “style.css” Copt these codes and create new files with given file names.

Implementing JavaScript Promise in 70 lines of code! Ultimate guide to use animation in User Experience (UX) - Web3Canvas. Fundamentals of Java Enum Types. Whatever code you’re working on, chances are you will sooner or later need a list of constants, like Monday, Tuesday, etc. for all weekdays or January, Februrary, etc. for all months. Java has you covered with enum types, usually only called enums, which make it exceedingly easy to define just that. In this article I will teach you everything you need to know to become a proficient user of Java enums. Techwebspace. Implementing the “Card” UI Pattern in PhoneGap/HTML5 Applications - DZone Mobile. Neural Networks In JavaScript With Brain.js. A fun and practical introduction to the underpinnings of AI. Working with AI is increasingly easier thanks to new and versatile libraries which encapsulate all the logic so you don't have to, to the extent that your AI skills are worth less than you think: As exciting as the progress is, it’s bad news for both companies and individuals who have invested heavily in AI skills.

Today, they give you a solid competitive advantage, as training a competent ML engineer requires plenty of time spent reading papers, and a solid math background to start with. However, as the tools get better, this won’t be the case anymore. It’ll become more about reading tutorials than scientific papers. Top 8 WordPress Security Hacks You Should Try On. WordPress websites are in demand because it’s easy to build and use for the online businesses. But, security is the main concern when running a website. As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to secure your website cause if your site gets hacked then you might not blame your hosting providers. It is very crucial to take proper security measures to protect it from various online threats to provide a secure environment for your visitors and increase the trust in your brand.

In this article, we are going to share some few hacks which you can apply for securing and maintaining your website to help minimize the chances of getting hacked. Beware before Installing a pluginAs the largest WordPress CMS development is getting a lot of attention from third-party developers who are creating and distributing plugins for your WordPress websites. Wrap Up. A Complete Guide To Deploying Your Web App To Amazon Web Service. Why one marketer thinks smart speakers have their work cut out for them. Getting started with Gateman.JS for Node app authorization.

The 20 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes 2019. Uberfication Impact on eCommerce - Understanding eCommerce. In the present times, the internet has created a huge storm among the industries to stay ahead in this bottleneck competition era. Each and every business have to strive harder for constant growth and development. Above all, the e-commerce development companies are worried about the hike in their e-commerce websites as they require the latest updates for constant customer engagement.

To help this out, the Magento development company has come out with the idea of Uberfication and its impact on these e-commerce websites.