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I am high school teacher and Digital parenting coach. I love guide non-tech savvy parents to use latest technology to channelize their teens and children.

Parents Should Monitor Tinder on Valentine’s Day. Tumblr’s Popularity Among Children: Parents Should Examine. Is Your Child Addicted To Porn - Find Out With TheOneSpy App. Our generation is much different from the 90’s generation.

Is Your Child Addicted To Porn - Find Out With TheOneSpy App

We don’t have to go down to the CD place at the end of the street and buy porn from the adult section of that shop. You could very easily get access to porn, probably much easier than anything else. So, can children gain access to porn as quickly as anything else? The answer would be yes. No porn website wants tweens on their website. Let’s talk a bit more about the limits. Guest blogging: Looking for Free guest website Join techuniverses. Never before have we seen a game that has received so much love from the audience in such a small amount of time.

Guest blogging: Looking for Free guest website Join techuniverses

Long story short – Pokémon Go took over the world as we know it. Pokémon Go was the first app of its kind that asked their players to actually walk around, to play and progress.Nintendo tried something similar with their “Wii” console but wasn’t able to achieve the desired results. The controllers’ advanced technology made people move their arms and legs to play the game, but that didn’t work out too well since they could do so by sitting in one place. However, Pokémon Go achieved exactly what they wanted with the game. 3 months into the first beta launch, the game has been downloaded 600 Million times on Android and iOS combined. However, the app is not all rainbows and unicorns. Best Genuine review Website. In the 21st century, children are too much involved in mobile phones, tablets, and social media sites.

Best Genuine review Website

They watch their parents using smartphones, tablets, using social sites, updating status, or suffering the internet in any way. In short, they saw an environment full of technology from their childhood. The parents give their phones or tablets to their children for the sake of fun or entertainment; this is good but also bad when children demand their own personal phones before their teenage. The parents give access to technology to their children for having the advantage from an internet.

They can keep in touch with parents more easily and parents think that they are safe. Child Molestation: How to Know When Something Is Wrong? It is a sad fact to know that 96% of the time the person who has sexually assaulted your child, based on the reported cases, are the people your child or you know intimately.

Child Molestation: How to Know When Something Is Wrong?

They maybe your sister, your brother in law, your next door neighbor, a work friend, your child’s nanny, babysitter, your housekeeper or even their own father. Unfortunately, that is a very true, yet devastating, fact that 16% of the time it is your own husband or your child’s father who is responsible for traumatizing your child and scaring him or her for life. Thus, instead of looking closely at the bookstore owner the next time you pay them a visit, look closely at the people who live in your own home. What TheOneSpy App Brought Forth In 2016. Christmas Holidays Discount at TheOneSpy - 50% Flat OFF on Everything. World’s Most Fantastic Smartphone Monitoring Applications. When it comes to monitoring, multiple options flashes into the mind and a new user often times gets confused which one to go with.

World’s Most Fantastic Smartphone Monitoring Applications

Our write-up aims at the reviews of top 5 more than amazing monitoring apps that should be the choice of every user. Before we get more specific, it should never be shrugged off that a monitoring app is designed to facilitate the users so that they can keep better and more vigilant eyes over their children, employees and other individual targeted persons. Though we found a number of apps but we have selected the five best and second to none apps if you are looking for such a program to spy on anyone. TheOneSpy Application. Buying a Spying App? Here’s What Not to Miss – Kim Kardashian – A Real-life Lesson To Every SnapChat User Out There – Social Techy. One may feel real good when they get a new bauble or a dress, but in the age of social media, one feels even better when they get to show off their latest bauble or dress to people that follow them on social media.

Kim Kardashian – A Real-life Lesson To Every SnapChat User Out There – Social Techy

While no one doesn’t think much when they post the picture of the diamond necklace they bought for themselves or when they post a picture of the brand spanking new diamond engagement ring that they had just received from their fiancé, but in reality, things like these can be the very reason why people with nefarious intentions may target you to get their grubby little hands on it. This is exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian a few months ago when she was in Paris attending the annual Paris Fashion Week. She was in her apartment at an exclusive Hotel Le Portales; seven rue Tronchet in Paris, where many celebrities frequent.

Where Things Went Wrong? Why Responsible Teens Need Monitoring Too - Imagination Waffle. You have a model teen living in the house with you, who have never done anything wrong.

Why Responsible Teens Need Monitoring Too - Imagination Waffle

He or she wakes up for school on time, gets good grades, does not drink or do drugs or even show no remove signs of rebellious behaviour. They are friendly with kids and their peers and are polite to a fault. They never argue with their parents i.e. you and always do whatever you ask of them. They are and have always been on the honour roll as long as you can remember and look after their siblings when you are not able to look after them, or you are unavailable.

Pokémon Go – The Hype and The Danger. The Fine Line between Monitoring and Spying in a Workspace. For any good manager or employer, it is imperative to know what goes about in their workplace, for obvious reasons.

The Fine Line between Monitoring and Spying in a Workspace

Such reasons are what help them in combating rather common workplace misconducts like harassment and fraud. Therefore, keeping their employees under strict surveillance becomes an essential need in order to improve work conditions as well as its efficiency. Now when a word like “surveillance” comes into play, the discussion about privacy laws is never far behind, since the need to draw boundaries becomes quite important. Is It Even Safe For Teens and Tweens to Use Social Media? Every single social media outlet out there requires their users to be at the very least 13 years of age in order to create an account.

Is It Even Safe For Teens and Tweens to Use Social Media?

Yet, this rule of sorts is not that strictly applied. Even an 8-year-old today can create a Facebook or Twitter account by merely faking their date of birth. Since these portals do not really ask for documents of proof, it can prove to be a bit of a hassle for parents, especially ones that have forbidden their children from joining such social media networks. It would be wrong to say that parents always know best, especially in this time and age where a number of factors no longer give room to youngsters to grow into responsible adults. When such “man-children” to put it crudely, become parents, not all their decisions are necessarily the best decision for their children, even though those decisions come with care.

Learning from the Past Can Help Shape a Better Future. If there is one thing we can learn from the past is that no one is always safe.

Learning from the Past Can Help Shape a Better Future

Being safe is a condition that we choose for ourselves and work hard to achieve it. It’s a conscious decision and not a whim of the moment. Kids like Hayley Dodd were very unfortunate when it comes to safety. While justice is being served as her abductor/murderer is currently under trial, there is no way of bringing back an innocent life that was lost. However, with technology at our side, we can ensure the safety of countless others like her. How can spying applications protect our loved ones? While the idea itself sounds shady, in the right hands and the right situation, monitoring applications have proven themselves worthy of their existence. Can There Ever Be Un-hackable iPhones? – Innovative Information. Presently it’s for sure that there is no unhackable stock iPhone.

Rather the Apple is trying to bring out something that is really unhackable. Social Media – The Rumour Mill of Today - Csdoon. Is Your Child Lying To You? Find Out The Causes. One Stop Guide to Spying Applications. The market for spying applications has phenomenally grown and there are very fewer chances that it will slow down anytime soon. Although most people were initially very skeptical about using spying and monitoring applications, today the phenomena have very readily accepted and even opted for. Parents, employers, spouses and businesses all seem to be reaping large amounts of benefits from spying applications these days. While almost all top tier spying software tend to offer similar features, a lot of people are unaware of other things that come along hand in hand when you go on to purchase a monitoring application.

This article is primarily going to shed some light on the three major factors that should be taken into account when going to purchase a monitoring application. Top Features The most important aspect to keep in mind when going to purchase a monitoring application is the list of features that it offers. How reliable are Spy Applications? - RANSBIZ.

With the many spying and monitoring applications found in the market today, occasionally many people tend to question the reliability of these applications. This usually stems from the shocking results that get generated. When acceptance doesn’t settle in, people tend to blame the application’s reliability and validity. However, well reputed and authentic spying applications tend to produce comprehensive results enough for you to piece together other ambiguous information to generate a larger picture. How Spy Applications Have Changed The Way Businesses Work - GoNetworks India. In today’s technological era everything and anything happening in the workplace is always connected via servers and LAN connections. While everything has become centralized, and there is very less paper trail left nowadays, the concerns for employers regarding the safety and security of their businesses has increased.

10 Apps to Automate Tasks on Your Android Smartphone. One of the best things about Android operating system is its flexibility and nature to adopt further apps and extensions. Remote Monitoring – How does it Work? Technology against Technology-How Spy Apps Work - Soft2Share. Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps - HowToWhatIS. Mobile commerce, simply known as M-Commerce, is the purchasing and buying of goods and services via wireless handed devices like cellular smartphones and tablets. Nowadays most of the trade and business is done through internet remotely. Understanding Why Teens Use Trendy Text Lingo - HowToWhatIS. Text messaging is a recent invention. Texting: A Miraculous Tool for All Digital Parents - NGE TECH. Online World: A WarZone for Kids. Need To Spy On Call? Just Turn To TheOneSpy. Why would anyone spy someone’s call?

Digital Parenting Training Blog. Parenting is not like a walk in the park. It’s among the hardest jobs in the world.