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Mercury Prize: Grime star Skepta wins music award. Olivia bee's call for radical diversity in the land of trump. On election night I stayed in a cabin in rural Montana.

olivia bee's call for radical diversity in the land of trump

Watching the country get painted red, I sobbed my eyes out. And the tears were heavy. I thought about the people in my life who Donald Trump ignores or insults or threatens: those who identify as LGBTQ, those who are black, those who are Muslim, those who are Asian, those who are Latinx, those who are immigrants, those with disabilities. I thought about the people I loved. Where Is The Love? Why Aren't There More Mixed-Race Relationships On Screen? When I first saw the trailer to A United Kingdom, I felt a prickle on my skin, a gust of affiliation to this story promising to tell the triumph of an interracial relationship.

Where Is The Love? Why Aren't There More Mixed-Race Relationships On Screen?

I was bewitched by this film that showed a black man and a white woman in love, something of a given for me growing up in a mixed-race household but rare for my other home as a film programmer and writer - the movies. My normality was about to be in cinemas and it felt revolutionary. Love stories are the oldest in the book and there’s no sign of this going out of fashion. This year’s biggest blockbuster is a record breaking romcom - Bridget Jones’s Baby, and the greatest story ever told is still Romeo and Juliet. Even the steelier genres tend to have a sizzling romance or a heartbreak in the nooks of the story. I’ll bet you good money you know someone, or are someone, who’s dating someone not of their race. How Block Workout's Terroll Lewis went from gang member to fitness entreprene... “Come on, five more!

How Block Workout's Terroll Lewis went from gang member to fitness entreprene...

Four! Three! Two… One?” Through the haze of pain across my skinny arms and chest, I’m only dimly aware of Terroll’s words of encouragement. Genderless fashion blurs lines on London catwalks. London (AFP) - Menswear or womenswear -- who cares?

Genderless fashion blurs lines on London catwalks

Genderless fashion is the buzzword for many of today's top designers, highlighted at London Fashion Week by a string of androgynous touches on the catwalks. From Christopher Kane's heavy, dark, asymmetric tailoring to Burberry's parade of male and female models in military overcoats and aviator jackets, masculine styling repeatedly stood out in the women's autumn/winter collections. It's not just in London where designers are experimenting with preconceptions about gender and identity. Gucci has sent men down the catwalks in pussybows and hot pink suits under new creative director Alessandro Michele while Jaden Smith, son of US actor Will Smith, was unveiled as the face of Louis Vuitton womenswear last month. Transgender models such as Andreja Pejic and Lea T are among the most sought after in the industry.

Brands Are Throwing Out Gender Norms to Reflect a More Fluid World. James Charles may not seem like the typical ambassador of a beauty brand—and he's not.

Brands Are Throwing Out Gender Norms to Reflect a More Fluid World

Meet CoverGirl's first CoverBoy. No doubt the half-century-old brand raised a few eyebrows last week when it introduced its latest model. But this was no mere stunt. Coty's CoverGirl says Charles will be an important part of growing the brand moving forward. Apple adds more gender diverse emoji in iOS 10 - Apple. Sadiq Khan issues challenge to Donald Trump after US election win. Sadiq Khan today challenged Donald Trump to heal wounds of the most divisive election campaign in American history.

Sadiq Khan issues challenge to Donald Trump after US election win

The Mayor said: “It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Donald Trump or the way he has conducted his campaign, but he has clearly won the US presidential election. The campaign divided America — and the world — and emotions are understandably running high. “I hope Donald Trump will now do everything in his power to unite people and bring divided communities back together. I wish him well.” Early signs indicated Mr Trump would try to build bridges with groups — including Democrats, Hispanics, blacks and women — whom he regularly insulted during the campaign.

Play Video. Genderizing Makeup. By Kathryn Wolper James Charles is the new male face of CoverGirl, a first for the makeup brand.

Genderizing Makeup

(Courtesy of Flickr) Four Gender Neutral Denim Brands Getting Into the Unisex Game. Jaden Smith, wise beyond his 18 years, claimed that fashion is about “dressing a generation.”

Four Gender Neutral Denim Brands Getting Into the Unisex Game

If that’s the case, designers and retailers are doing a pretty decent job of catering to the public’s shifting perception of gender norms. Months after Zara joined the movement towards non-binary fashion, debuting its Ungendered line of jeans, sweatshirts, and tanks, a slew of denim companies are releasing their own unisex collections. Today, the German denim label Closed released a 12-piece collection called “EQL.” Boys in pink: Tapping the 'genderless' fashion market. No stranger to barrettes, bows and beauty products, Instagram icon and model Genking is a proud flag bearer for “genderless” fashion in which young men adopt unequivocally feminine styles and challenge traditional norms.

Boys in pink: Tapping the 'genderless' fashion market

Although women around the world have taken to menswear in droves — sporting trousers since the 1930s when French fashion legend Coco Chanel put her equestrian clients in pants — the sight of a man in a skirt still raises eyebrows in the West. In much of Asia, however, unisex clothing — whether in the form of a traditional shalwar kameez, sarong or kimono — boasts a long history, while popular theatrical traditions regularly feature gender bending performances. With Generation Z comes genderless fashion. So far in 2016, Urban Decay has already announced gender fluid model Ruby Rose as its new ambassador; transgender model Ben Melzer has posed on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine; while transgender model Andreja Pejic has graced the cover of Marie Claire.

With Generation Z comes genderless fashion

Fashion brands themselves are also keen to diversify: H&M, not only put Pejic on its catwalk for Paris Fashion Week, but has appointed Caitlyn Jenner as the face of H&M Sport. Where men’s and women’s collections were once kept strictly separate in the capital – displayed at the female-fashion dominated London Fashion Week and the male-centric London Collections: Men – brands like Burberry and Tom Ford are defying tradition and choosing to showcase their collections at the same shows. Campaigns are becoming more androgynous, too: It’s been a long time since anyone batted an eyelid at the suits, skirts, dresses or tunics that appear on the runway on all sorts of models.

Kudos to Zara for leading the charge. Sorry Not Sorry, but Fashion Won't Be Truly Genderless Until More Men Wear Skirts. Between its tiny models, outrageous price tags and mind-boggling designs (hello, Hannibal Lecter masks), fashion isn't always the most inclusive of worlds. But recently the industry has been celebrating a shift to greater inclusivity when it comes to gender, with designers sending men and women down the runway in identical outfits and retailers ending the divide between men's and women's sections. Is the Future of Fashion Genderless?

Men in womenswear and women in menswear is nothing new, but clothing has taken a turn toward a less gendered appearance of late. And it’s not just avant-garde designers—even Zara has a unisex collection called Ungendered. At the same time, however, the move toward genderless fashion has occurred as growth in menswear outpaced womenswear: a recent Fashionbi report revealed that menswear sales grew 1.9% in 2015, compared to 1.6% growth in womenswear.

Freeing kids from stereotypes? Meet the mumpreneur who created a 'gender neutral' clothing range for children (which means there are no labels for boys or girls) When Maddison Noble first started making some gender neutral clothing options for her daughter Riley in her spare time, she couldn't imagine where she would be two years later. Now the Canberra mum has her own kids clothing line, called Raising Riley, and orders coming from all over the country. 'It was kind of an accident,' Ms Noble told Daily Mail Australia. Canberra mum launches gender neutral kids fashion label. Each weekend, in a lounge room in Chisholm, a mother and daughter team sit together and draw brand new designs for their gender neutral clothing line. Raising Riley is a new online fashion label launched by Canberra mum Maddison Noble and her four-year-old daughter Riley Freeman.

The label offers "wardrobe staples" for kids, including t-shirts, long sleeve tees, baby onesies and bomber jackets. Maddison's kids range was inspired by the gender neutral trend in kids clothes in the United States, with the hallmarks of the label including minimalism, neutral colours and classic fabrics like denim and corduroy. The first male CoverGirl just appeared on Ellen. It is safe to say the last few months have been somewhat life-changing for James Charles. Charles, a 17-year-old student and New York State native was historically named as the first male CoverGirl last month. It all began earlier this year when Charles posted a picture to his personal Instagram account relaying how he re-took his senior year photos so his highlights would ‘pop’. The image soon went viral and next thing he knew, Charles received a call from makeup giant, CoverGirl.

“I’ve been posting on my Instagram account for about a year now, posting makeup pictures every day,” Charles told fellow CoverGirl Ellen Degeneres on her namesake talk show. “After my pictures went viral, I guess CoverGirl saw them and here we are.” Remember when Michelle Obama co-hosted The Ellen Show? Log In. Photo LONDON — Three weeks after naming the 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles its first cover boy, CoverGirl, one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States, has announced another first: its debut CoverGirl in a hijab. Nura Afia, 24, a Colorado native, first started watching online beauty tutorials in 2011 while breast-feeding her baby daughter, Laila. James Charles Interview - Jcharlesbeauty for Cover Girl. Instagram/@jamescharles design by Dana Tepper.

The Mercury Prize – Can You Predict The Winner With Streaming Data? It’s impossible to predict the winner of the Mercury Prize. The panel for its Album of the Year award changes every year, and past winners have ranged from the high profile to the relatively unknown – until they win the prize, that is. This year Bowie’s the favourite (he’s currently at 4/9) and The Comet Is Coming are the dark horse (50/1). Deezer to champion UK grime talent - M Magazine. Deezer has announced the launch of a new dedicated UK grime channel to help nurture and champion emerging talent. The digital platform will support up-and-coming artists, promoters and content creators through bursaries, mentorship, guidance and offer a spotlight to showcase the genre to a wider audience.

According to Deezer, the channel has launched and will see the service collaborate with 36 talents over the next six months to produce playlists, podcasts and videos, in addition to promoting new albums, artists and live radio stations. 'Orange Is the New Black' actress: Immigrants 'are here to stay' - Nov. 11, 2016. Skepta And Levi’s®' 'Music And Revolution' Event At London's V&A In Photos - NME. As part of a collaboration between Skepta and the Levi’s® Music Project, 12 students from the grime MC’s hometown of Tottenham performed in a special 'Music and Revolution' event at London’s V&A on Saturday night (November 5), the culmination of a series of workshops and monitoring from the ‘Konnichiwa’ star.

For the past two months, Skepta and his team have guided this group of youngsters towards the final performance, one inspired by the themes of the current V&A exhibition, ‘You Say You Want a Revolution? Stormzy speaks out on being active, political and fighting racism. Stormzy: the 22-year-old grime spent time with GQ to talk about grime taking over the music industry.

A battle cry resonates across the car park. Stormzy: ‘My man Jeremy Corbyn! I dig what he says' Before Stormzy became the most talked-about new rapper in the UK, before Adele was shouting him out on stage, before he was the odds-on favourite to record England’s official Euro 2016 song, he was Michael Omari, a kid who lived for badges. Mobos 2016: A look at the resurgence of grime as Skepta and Kano dominate nominations. Ten years ago, it would have been unfathomable that grime collective Boy Better Know could headline a major music festival like London's Wireless. Well, that is exactly what happened in July 2016, proving just how prominent the grime genre has become – again – over the last year. Supreme just told racism and sexism to fuck off. Supreme Says No to Racism, Sexism & Political Ideologies With Tee. Karl Lokko. Streetwear Brand Supreme Endorses Hillary Clinton: Gothamist. How Many Women Voted For Hillary Clinton? In The End, Not Enough.

BBC Radio 1Xtra - "Unless I own my beauty, nobody else is... Sophie Theallet Refuses to Dress First Lady Melania Trump - Designers Refusing to Dress Melania Trump. Songwriter Roundtable: Justin Timberlake, Sting, Alicia Keys and More Hitmakers on Gender Bias, Trump's "Hitler-Level" Rhetoric and Fears of a "Divided States of America" A body of work about shaming. A body of work about shaming. Kendall Jenner La Perla Intimates Modeling Photos. Is Facebook going to start freeing the nipple? 'Free the nipple' sparks a moral debate. Diane Guerrero on Her Parents’ Deportation and Why Trump Can’t Get Her Down. Top News Stories from 1999. A Brief Guide to Pop Culture in 1999 – Flavorwire. Mood rings - The 90 Greatest '90s Fashion Trends. Year in Review 1999.

How Craig David Got Cool Again - NME. Craig David review – audacious return of a mild-mannered risk-taker. UK garage - Wikipedia. Noisey.vice. NEXT: Lady Leshurr Is Birmingham's Dose Of Rap Girl Magic. Mobos: Craig David crowned best male act. MC Jumanji Starts American Grime label. Mobos 2016: A look at the resurgence of grime as Skepta and Kano dominate nominations. In conversation with Akala. Will 2016 be the year grime cracks the USA? A ‘Loving’ Life. In Loving Colour: even in diverse Toronto, the pressure's on five interracial couples. Hollywood has long shown discomfort with interracial couples, but change is happening. Bugzy Malone review – northern grime star bares his soul in tales of the city. Deezer launches grime channel and bursaries initiative. Grime music's 'time to impress', says Wretch 32. Rihanna reveals new hairstyle featuring hip-length dreadlocks 

Molly O’Malia Celebrity Profile. Sophia Mitchell - Online Personalities - Pretty Ugly Little Liar. Is it OK for my kid to start her own YouTube channel? YouTube will livestream the election debates, too. #voteIRL: YouTube Launches Young Voter Campaign. Trump Election Could Threaten LGBT Rights Globally. Suicide hotline calls reached record high as Trump victory became clear. LGBT rushing to legally change gender before Trump becomes president. This is what 'whitelash' looks like. Key Trump Backer And 9/11 Truther Joins Digital War On Fake News. Trump, LGBTQ rights — Your worst nightmares unlikely to come true. Would Trump’s Immigration Plan Lead to a Race War? » Alex Jones' Infowars: Th... How Trump took middle America. As Prince Harry and Meghan will find out, interracial couples still experienc... Emotional Tory MP Asks Theresa May Not Make Him Vote To Deport His Parents. Ethnic Minorities Reveal Why A Trump Presidency Sparks Fear For Them.

These Women Are Stripping Down To Challenge Traditional Ideas About Gender (NSFW) How technology is making American politics more accessible. Girls can code, despite the BBC's best efforts to convince otherwise - IT Opinion from Will Luxury Streetwear Get Millennials Into Department Stores? The dying art of French adverts painted on walls. Lewis Hamilton keeps F1 title race alive with Brazilian Grand Prix win - BBC ... Economy Of Fashion: How Different Trends Reflect The Financial State. Why Every Brand Needs An Instagram Marketing Strategy. Mirror Scans Your Face And Prints The Perfect Makeup. Burberry launches on Apple TV - Burberry Group plc. Futurecraft M.F.G. Is A Sneaker Made Entirely By Robots.

Visual trends 2016: 16 incredible projects to inspire you for the year ahead. The Marilyn Monroe Effect: Monroe Norms In Fashion And Beauty - All Clip. Fashion’s Great Appropriator Turns to Rave Culture. The moment hijabs dazzled the New York Fashion Week catwalk. Collaging fashion with 70s science and nature books. Arts, culture, creativity and tech: key trends for 2016. Gal-dem just launched a print mag and it’s a game changer. The Impact of Pop Art on the World of Fashion – From Art to Industry and Back. Xbox Insider Program opens the development of future updates to all.