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The Kooples

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The Kooples Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook. The Kooples continues U.S. expansion. Kristopher Fraser With several locations across the U.S., primarily in New York and California, and being in the nooks and crannies of department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, the Kooples is doing a pretty good job of making a name for itself in America.

The Kooples continues U.S. expansion

However, enough is never enough until everyone knows your name, and they are making sure they are on the right track to becoming as famous in the U.S. as they are in Paris. The French contemporary brand will be opening their fifth American boutique in Soho on Mercer Street come March 22nd, 2015. This will be the brand’s second New York location, with their first being nestled in the Meatpacking District a few blocks away from Union Square. The brand slowly built their reputation in the U.S. thanks to Bloomingdale’s and are now looking to focus on more independent operations by expanding their boutique offerings targeting major cities first of course. The Kooples: The must have brand for trendy couples. - Womenology. Alexander, Laurent and Raphael Elisha were all destined to work in fashion: their father, Tony, is the founder of the brand ‘Comptoir des Cotonniers’, and he soon involved his sons in his adventure.

The Kooples: The must have brand for trendy couples. - Womenology

In 2008, the three brothers developed some strategies (advertising in pairs), adapted their target market (young and trendy couples), and The Kooples was born. Three years later, it is one of the fastest growing textile brands in France and abroad… It was from word of mouth that The Kooples became known: even before opening the first store, the brand had launched a major advertising campaign featuring couples, with no mention of the brand. It was to attract attention, but also to show the originality of the concept: one shop for both men and women, with almost mixed collections, as shown in the slogan « A locker room for two. » Heterosexual or homosexual, young or old, all types of couples were represented. Their only similarity? The brand focuses on rock and classic British references. The French Contemporary Wave That's Reshaping Ready-to-Wear.

PARIS, France — Last April, a journalist from French daily newspaper Le Figaro asked Frederic Lefebvre, French Secretary of State for Trade, to name his favourite book.

The French Contemporary Wave That's Reshaping Ready-to-Wear

His answer: “Without doubt Zadig and Voltaire, it is a lesson in life, I dip into it often.” Mr. Lefebvre was, of course, mixing up Zadig ou la Destinée written by Voltaire in 1748 with Zadig & Voltaire, the fifteen-year-old mid-market French fashion brand. And while there are many conclusions one can draw from this, the slip is clear testament to the power of fast-growing brands like Zadig & Voltaire, which alongside Comptoir des Cotonniers, Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and The Kooples, form a highly successful contemporary French wave that is reshaping ready-to-wear fashion as we know it. But this kind of success doesn’t fall from trees. Best-in-Class Operations You won’t see “Made in Italy” or “Made in France” on Zadig & Voltaire tops or Maje dresses — not even “Made in Portugal.” US Expansion But questions remain. Why the Kooples are every couple's best friend.

Paris's Place Vendôme used to be famous for its dressmakers – Madame Chéruit had her headquarters here, as did Schiaparelli – but few remain.

Why the Kooples are every couple's best friend

Now it's known best for the Ritz and the last sad journey of Princess Diana. However, a new breed of fashion designer has moved in. In a hotel off the square's north-east corner is a suite of monochrome rooms filled with skulls. Skulls are incorporated into the lamps, stamped into candles and visible in the features of Keith Richards in a vast photograph. "In the end, we are all skulls," said one of the three black-clad brothers who greeted me. In the photograph Richards isn't alone. To many, theirs is an unlikely success story. Walking around Paris, it is clear from the number of couples carrying bags from Kooples how many buy into the concept. We are now in a room filled with the new season's collection. "Is your ideal a world where you are walking down the street and all the couples are dressed alike? " "That would be nice," says Alexandre.

The Kooples - BLACKØUT (full film) The History of The Kooples Brand – Essay. The History of ‘The Kooples’ Brand Tony and Georgette Elisha started Comptoir des Cotonniers, a fast selling clothing retail company in 1995, where their son, Alexandre, followed into the family business to deal with communications.

The History of The Kooples Brand – Essay

This was closely followed by his brother, Laurent. In 2005, the company was sold to a Japanese company, Fast Retailing, which held a non-competition clause to the Elisha’s for three years, denying them access to the user. Comptoir des Cotonniers was a fashion retailer whose audience was directed towards mothers and daughters. Even now, the company still holds these standards and morals.