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Supreme reveal collaboration with the late, iconic ny artist dash snow. J.w.anderson is curating an exhibition at the hepworth gallery. As the head of his own brand, J.W.Anderson, and Creative Director of storied Spanish maison Loewe, Jonathan Anderson is one of Britain's most talented young designers; at the BFAs last year he even picked up both Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year.

j.w.anderson is curating an exhibition at the hepworth gallery

Quite a feat, and indicative of his romantic style and fluid approach to the traditional aesthetics of gender and the body. Somehow, the Northern Irish-born designer has found time in what must be a very busy schedule to curate an exhibition at Wakefield's Hepworth Gallery to explore the way designers and artists have approach the human form in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Afropunk brooklyn, straight up. Eustace, 20, Brooklyn What do you do?

afropunk brooklyn, straight up

I make music and clothing.What are you wearing, from head to toe? Supreme OG logo cap, thrifted stripe tee, Nike trunks, Converse.What's the best festival experience you've ever had? Brilliant Things To Do in September. New York Stories at the Waldorf Astoria, Berlin: September 1–7, 2016Trailblazers from Jean-Michel Basquiat and superstar Debbie Harry to the inimitable Mick Jagger star in New York Stories atBerlin's Waldorf Astoriathis September, a collection of photographs by image-makers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg, exhibited under their collective moniker The Hilton Brothers.

Brilliant Things To Do in September

The exhibition paints a bewitching portrait of New York’s buzzing nightlife scene of old, inciting awe and envy in equal measure: just see if you can resist the urge to go out merry-making upon leaving it. Paper Journal at Webber Gallery Space, London: 9-23 September, 2016Prolific online magazine Paper Journal turns three years old this September, and to celebrate, the team has collaborated with photography agency Webber Represents to showcase some of their most esteemed contributors in an exhibition. If all you know of Turkish cuisine is shish kebabs and baklava, you have a lot to learn.

Are you a Marilyn Monroe?

A Marlene Dietrich? A Greta Garbo? A Brigitte Bardot? What Not to Miss at London Design Festival 2016. London Design Festival returns to the English capital this month to celebrate its wildly impressive and diverse creative scene – uniting typographic wine tasting, mesmerising colour installations, and gender neutral fragrance sculptures in the process.

What Not to Miss at London Design Festival 2016

Presenting numerous large-scale installations, open studio events, talks, workshops and exhibitions, the nine-day visual culture behemoth proves that London is proudly a capital of brilliant design: from fashion to graphics, furniture, architecture, typography and interiors. Now in its ninth year, this year’s LDF is accompanied by the inaugural edition of the London Design Biennale. Charlotte Olympia X Barbie. It's a Barbie World: Charlotte Olympia and Barbie Collide In New Collaboration. Designer Charlotte Olympia has teamed up with Barbie to doll up the epochal figure in true Charlotte Olympia fashion; emulating pure old Hollywood glamour, Barbie sports a thick bouffant 50s hair style, a leapord-print dress, the signature red Dolly platform pumps, the classic red Bogart leather handbag, paired with perfectly painted nails and lips to match.

It's a Barbie World: Charlotte Olympia and Barbie Collide In New Collaboration

The box also includes Olympia's iconic Eve platform sandals, Kitty flats, the Banana bag and the transparent Pandora Clutch Box. Some special add ons include the Web logo fascinator, gold spider web earrings, ivory cat-eye sunglasses and a Charlotte Olympia shoebox complete with a dust bag. For all you adult collectors out there, this is the perfect glamorous item for you. Charlotte Olympia Dellal said in statement: "This was a childhood dream come true to collaborate with Barbie! Modern Movement - Kinfolk. With its clean lines, high ceilings and ample use of natural materials, Emmanuel de Bayser’s apartment in Berlin is the epitome of modernist living.

Modern Movement - Kinfolk

His eclectic mix of furniture, including pieces by Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, inspires a sartorial silhouette that’s equal parts muted and bright. Order The Home Issue here. Styling Assistant Billy LobosHair and Makeup Dirk NeuhoferModel Monique at Nevs Model Agency. Chinese drivers fashion rat-proof car 'skirts' Image copyright Nanning TV Residents of a city in southern China have been attaching "skirts" to their cars to protect them from rats.

Chinese drivers fashion rat-proof car 'skirts'

Locals in Nanning, in the Guangxi autonomous region, came up with the unusual solution after rodents were found to be clambering inside the vehicles and gnawing through the wiring. Parked cars have been spotted around the city sporting the makeshift, wraparound shields - dubbed "car maxi skirts" in the Chinese media - some fashioned from fabric and chicken wire, others using bamboo. "There are many rats in this area," local man Mr Zhao tells Nanning TV, adding that it's a particular problem during cold spells when rats like to snuggle down in warm places, like car bonnets.

5 Famous Artists Who Influenced Fashion Designers. As an Art History major who loves fashion, I spend a lot of my time oohing and aahing over the clothes depicted in the paintings we study.

5 Famous Artists Who Influenced Fashion Designers

From long Victorian crinoline skirts to the intricately decorated brocade sleeves popular in the Renaissance, I love them all. Throughout history, artists have spent a lot of time painting clothes - but it's a two-way street. Over the past century, many fashion designers have been influenced by traditional artists as well. Below are five of the most well-known and creative fashion collections inspired by artists, ordered by date. Culture - How Warhol’s work influenced our wardrobes. Where Is the Line Between Fashion and Art? Schiaparelli's famous shoe hat.

Where Is the Line Between Fashion and Art?

Image: Getty While the mingling of the art and fashion worlds is not a modern concept, the visibility of fashion and art crossover seems to be at an all high. The spectacle and sensation created by collaboration among creative forces inspires fashion houses to seek out contemporary artists for runway shows, capsule collections, or as commissioned filmmakers. Prada commissioned several murals for its spring 2014 runway show. The Gagosian Gallery represents the fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh. The Welsh teen behind Instagram’s darkest make-up looks. Girlacne has only been doing makeup for a year (and “big and dramatic” makeup for just a few months), but you would never be able to tell from looking at them. Their Instagram is crawling in high-concept lqqks that would look equally fitting on a runway in hell or one of Ladyfag’s festivities: a Rorschach butterfly for a mouth, Escher-esque bone structure beneath six pack-rings worn as a mask, blood-red skin with a crucifixion on the lips.

Although their Instagram captions reference butoh dancers, apocalyptic Bible verses, and Louis Vuitton gimp masks alike, they prefer to keep their artistic influences and creative process an enigma. “With a lot of art, you can tell the thoughts someone’s had and what inspired them and also how they made the art,” they say. “I prefer art that doesn’t show any of that. The History of Art and Fashion's Long-standing Relationship.

Fashion is in love with art like never before. From clothing design to catwalk show art direction, major labels to boutique houses, the word of fashion is falling over itself to involve important names from a diverse range of the visual arts. It’s hardy surprising — after all what is fashion if not wearable art — and these collaborations between the disciplines are certainly mutually beneficial. Fashion, often unfairly judged as one of the more frivolous applied arts, gains serious cachet by association, while the artist reaches a wider, more populist audience. Just as art and fashion so regularly collide, we bashed our heads together with online fashion destination Lyst (whose brilliant editorial arm The Long Lyst has quickly become one of the web’s go-to spots for well-considered fashion news; ideas; stories; opinion), digging up the history of this long-standing relationship.

Fashion and Art: Adam Geczy: Berg Publishers. “Finally a book on the complex relationship between art and fashion adopts a different approach. Instead of the usual attempts to decide where the boundary lines might be drawn , this anthology examines the areas where art and fashion meet. These essays are not only vital for scholars and students within both disciplines - for anyone and everyone, this is a highly enjoyable book.” – Pamela Church Gibson, Reader in Cultural and Historical Studies, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London “A book that both traces, and participates in, the decay of the idea that Fashion is the superficial Other of Art. Between the covers of this book lies all the evidence one might need about the sustained collaboration between modernist artists and fashion designers.