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One of the leading brands in pen industry. ELKOS Pens has been certified by the standards of ISO 9001:2008(QMS)

The endearing appeal of the sketch pens. Are you looking to do some artwork for your office work or simply to explore your creativity and beat the stress?

The endearing appeal of the sketch pens

Then you should definitely have the right kind of instruments that can help you to achieve the desired results. While artists use different types of sketching and drawing materials like charcoal and brushes, the sketch pens are considered to be some of the most widely used instruments that are suitable for this purpose. The best thing about the sketch pens is that they come in all kinds of colors and this makes it possible for people to come up with striking artwork very easily and quickly. The sketch pens not only help you to create outlines of artwork but also put color in them and make them come alive. Whether you choose to work with pens that have permanent ink in them or the standard sketch pens, you can benefit from having the most alluring artwork when you work with these instruments. The distinct advantages of ball pens. Our modern world is greatly defined by its use of computing and IT systems.

The distinct advantages of ball pens

That being said, most people still prefer to do many of their writing works with pen and paper. Writing notes and scribbling on a notepad is something we all tend to indulge at some point of time or the other. Direct Fill Pens. Body Colours : Ink Colours : Description Attractive looks Fine point 0.6 MM Tip Long Lasting Smooth Writing Tip Available in 7 fabulous body colors Packaging 5 N Pouch 200 N Inner Box 3600 N Master Carton Body Colours :

Direct Fill Pens

SKETCH PENS FRESCO. Gel pen. Ball Pen Refill. Direct fill pens ensure the most flawless writing experience for all users. Are you looking for writing instruments that can ensure a highly accurate and detailed writing experience?

Direct fill pens ensure the most flawless writing experience for all users

If so, then you should certainly think about getting direct fill pens as they are surely some of the most popular writing products out there. Whether you are looking to write in different types of official documents, create tags and labels, jot down notes and perform other types of writing tasks. Ball pens make awesome gifts for a corporate event. Offering gifts in a corporate setting is a very common practice.

Ball pens make awesome gifts for a corporate event

Not only this can help to make the employees feel good about the way they have contributed to the growth of the company but it can also encourage them to do better in the future. Among all the different types of gift items that you can choose for a major corporate event, pens definitely head the list as they are very useful and are preferred by practically everyone. Pens are used all the time for making signatures, taking down notes, making sketches, writing drafts, performing calculations and writing down ideas during important meetings. That is why you should certainly consider giving pens as gifts for a corporate event. SKETCH PENS / LITTLE ANGEL. Direct fill pens for an effortless writing experience. Are you looking to streamline your writing experience in your professional setting?

Direct fill pens for an effortless writing experience

Then you should consider buying direct fill pens as they can ensure superior accuracy and efficiency when you are writing on a notepad or any other surface of your choice. Whether you are looking for a writing instrument that goes well with your day to day casual writing purposes or you want to have a pen that is suitable for writing in important legal or official documents, you can certainly have a positive writing experience when you choose to work with direct fill pens.

It is for this reason that direct fill pens are used by millions of people across the world when they are trying to have a seamless writing experience. Compared to some of the other types of writing instruments that are out there, the direct fill pens are actually easier to use which makes them very practical. The direct fill pens can be refilled after the previous ink has been used. What makes Ball pen a fabulous writing instrument. When you are into the habit of taking dictation from others or you need to write down things as quickly as possible, you need to find the right kind of writing tools that can help you to get your work done flawlessly.

What makes Ball pen a fabulous writing instrument

One of the types of pens that are ideal for fast writing purposes is of course the ball pens. Inexpensive and super user friendly, the ball pens have become a staple in all offices as they can suit well for all kinds of writing tasks. You can also make artwork or doodles with these pens in any way you like. The versatility and flexibility offered by ball pens have made them a hot favorite among users of all ages.

Ball pen. BALL PENS / JIX. Pen Refill. SKETCH PENS FRESCO. Which is the best and economical pen in India for regular use? Which is the best and economical pen in India for regular use?

Which is the best and economical pen in India for regular use?

Pens remain unnoticed by most of us, but pens have an essential role in our life. After completing their primary education, young students get a taste of being an adult once they are allowed to use pens in schools. Then a pen never leaves a person for the rest of their life. A pen becomes your daily companion subsequently, from your late childhood or early adulthood. Even while buying a pen, some people become loyal to a particular pen that they find best suitable for them; they are attracted to the features such as ink colour, smoothness, grip, lightweight and many more; some people, though remain unbiased and buy the fastest available option. So, it becomes challenging to choose the best and economical pen available in India. Gel Pen. BALL PENS ANOM. Body Colours : Ink Colours : Description Decent look Soft rubber grip Quick start refill User - friendly Korean Technology Packaging 5 N Pouch 250 N Inner Box 3000 N Master Carton.


Elkos Pens launches new gel pen - Emmi. Kolkata, Oct 21, 2020 ( - Elkos Pens, a leading brand in the writing instrument industry, is thrilled to announce the release of a brand new gel pen Emmi ( a new addition to the gel pen line of products.

Elkos Pens launches new gel pen - Emmi

Emmi gel pen is an economical everyday option that is comfortable to use. Emmi gel pen offers ultra-soft rubber grip, attractive foil design and waterproof Japanese gel ink for smooth writing, comfortable hold and longest-lasting gel ink that doesn’t fade or bleed, making it ideal for use at school or in the office .They are available in striking 7 body colors and 3 ink color option - red, blue and black. “We’re pleased to release a product that appeals so strongly to our consumers across the board, but especially to a community that actively seeks out and embraces innovation.

The all new waterproof Japanese ink technology dries in less than a second on most surfaces, without smudging or smearing. It really doesn’t get any better than that,” said Mr. Packaging Company now: Direct Fill Pens Manufacturer India. PEN REFILL. The benefits of using gel pens for writing and drawing. PREMIUM BALL PENS ONICK. Onick Body Colours : Ink Colours : Description Premium pen Z black Elegent look Stainless steel pocket clip Hi mileage refill Metalized front cone Korean technology Packaging 1 N Box 10 N Inner Box 240 N Master Carton.

Ball Pens India. Make use of sketch pens to achieve flawless precision as an artist. Do you want to make artwork for your office or school project? Ball Pens. Direct Fill Pen. Directfill pen, or directfill pens as they are called, are preferred by people all over the world as they can help users to maintain a high level of precision while writing. Most government offices and departments prefer to work with directfill pens as they can help in maintaining complete neatness while working on forms and documents. The ease of use assured by directfill pens make them a hot favorite among students and academics as well as grownups. These pens are also often used in immigration offices when it comes to handling the signing of visa and passport paperwork.For more information please visit us : . Ad-Id :312785 No Of Views :8 Reply to this Ad. Gel Pen Refill. Use direct fill pens for a delightful writing experience. When you are looking to get pens that can provide you with high precision and accuracy while writing, you must choose direct fill pens for the best experience.

Writing can be made significantly easier and smooth with direct fill pens, which is why they have become one of the most widely, used writing instruments in the world. The ink that is filled in these pens is quite similar to what is used in the standard fountain pens even though the time taken for the ink to dry up is shorter. Working with gel pens for a broad range of writing tasks. The gel pens are popular writing instrument that you can use when you are looking to have flawless writing experience. Ever since the gel pens were introduced into the market a few decade ago, they have attained wide spread popularity due to the unique nature of the ink used in them. The gel pen ink is prepared with powder pigments that are suspended in a type of water-based gel. Compared to the ink that is used in the ball pens, the gel pen ink is a lot smoother and vivid which makes it a lot easier to write with these pens.

The ink can stay the same even after a long time and can display water-resistant properties. The gel pens have always been known for the smooth and seamless writing experience that they can deliver which has made them a hot favorite with both right-handed as well as left-handed writers. The smooth flow of ink and efficient usability has also made them a popular choice among children who may use these pens in their school work.

Elkos Pen Launches new Ball Pen - Dash. The Elkos pens team is excited to announce that they have just added a brand-new ball pen- Dash, the latest addition to the Elkos line of products. Dash, is our new ergonomic ballpoint pen for extremely comfortable and easy gliding writing. Based on the latest trends, it features sporty, modern and minimalistic design with acupressure grip and is available in 4 body and ink colours. When the fingers cramp and the hand gets tired and shaky, the writing comes out ugly and unreadable. SKETCH PENS FRESCO. Ball Pen refills Manufacturer India. Give the gift of ball pens to your child.

Being a parent of a kid, it is natural that you would want to encourage your child to focus more on literary activities. Along with reading, your child must also dedicate a lot of time towards the act of writing. It is a well-known fact that writing can not only improve mental focus and concentration but also help your child to express his thoughts and ideas in a better way. Students who always focus on writing after reading are always able to score higher grades in their examinations. How gel pens serve as the best instruments for writing and making artworks. Elkos Pen Launches new mechanical pencil- Kenzi. Elkos Pens team is excited to introduce Kenzi, its new mechanical pencil as an extension to their wide range of office and classroom products ( Kenzi is designed to provide lines of constant thickness without requiring sharpening, features easy click, refreshing body colors and a small eraser at the end opposite the tip.

MECHANICAL PENCIL KENZI PENCIL. Ball Pens ORRA. Body Colours : Ink Colours : Description. Elkos launches new ball pen – Elexa. Gel Pens. Published Date: Jul 23, 2020 Contact Number: 913366079643 Category: Buy/Sell » Other Products Location: West Bengal » Kolkata 16 Strand Road, Diamond Heritage, 10th Floor, Office No : 1015A, Kolkata - 700 001 West Bengal, Indi. Choose ball pens for all your workplace writing needs. Sketch pens, A perfect tool for your Professional and Personal artwork needs.

For many people, sketching is a process that invariably involves making use of pencils or charcoal components. SKETCH PENS LITTLE ANGEL. Get creative with gel pens coloring. Gel pens are all time favorite among artists, students and teachers as they are super fun, bright, and add amazing color to all types of artistic creations. Why you should consider using ball pens for your writing purposes. Posted by elkospens on June 29th, 2020. The Advantages of Buying Gel Pens for your Children. Pen Companies In India.

Ball Pens Manufacturer India. How to choose a perfect pen. Gel Pens QUE ASSORTED. Gel Pen. Finding the best pen for all of your writing needs. How should you decide on buying pens? Sketch Pens Manufacturer. Simple tips for using gel pen efficiently and effectively. Sketch Pen. Ball Pens Manufacturer. PEN REFILL. Gel Pens. Gel Pens India. How direct fill pens are awesome writing and sketching instruments. The benefits of working with sketch pens. Elkos pens is proud to be associated with TechMITi'20. Pen exporter in India. Gel Pens. Elkos introduces new gel pen Monitor. Ball Pen Refills Manufacturer India. Changing the way of writing. The Amazing Gel Pen!

Ball Pens Manufacturer. Gel Pens India. Pen Refills Manufacturer India. Elkos Pens Limited at Paperworld 2020. Ball pens as the best writing instruments for various purposes. The diverse benefits of choosing to use gel pens. Elkos Pens: Know your gel pen. Elkos introduces new gel pen Monitor. Gel Pens Manufacturer India. Pen Refill. Gel Pen. Ball Pen. Ball Pen. Pen Refill. Gel Pen. How gel pens have become the best writing instruments. Sketch pens and their diverse applications in professional and academic world.

Ball Pens- the most effective promotional tool. Elkos launches new ball pen — Jix. Ball Pens ORIO. Ball Pens Manufacturer. Ball Pens. Gel pens and their diverse exciting features. Ball Pens. Ball pen. Ball Pens. A look at the evolution of the ball pens. Ball Pens. What makes ball pen a popular writing instrument? Gel Pens. Elkos introduces new ball pen Quanta.