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Dimensional storytelling - Guest User. Never Miss A Word. I've Been Waiting for This! AirPlay Mirroring to a Mac (no Apple TV required) Update: Reflection has been renamed Reflector.

I've Been Waiting for This! AirPlay Mirroring to a Mac (no Apple TV required)

It is available for Macintosh and for Windows PCs. I am so excited for a new Mac app called Reflection! It shows my iPad's screen live on my computer screen wirelessly! How to capture video from an iOS device. Reader Andrew Lane is interested in the technique I used to capture video from my iPad’s screen.

How to capture video from an iOS device

He writes: I just watched your video about configuring the kid-friendly iPad and noticed a couple of things. First, that you were able to capture movements on the iPad. Second, that the menu bar was blue. How did you do that and does the second have anything to do with the first? You win this week’s Most Observant Reader award. It’s true, I did capture motion from the iPad’s screen, which is something that’s been difficult to do in the past. Fire up your iPad 2, third-generation iPad, or iPhone 4S, expose the multi-tasking bar, swipe the bar to the right until your see the device’s play controls, and tap on the AirPlay icon. You now need an application that turns your Mac into an AirPlay device—one that your iPad can mirror its display to. Exquisite Corpse 2.0: 4 Apps for Collaborative Story Writing. As a child, I was a huge fan of a collaborative story writing game that I later learned was also a favorite of the Surrealists.

Exquisite Corpse 2.0: 4 Apps for Collaborative Story Writing

The gist of the "exquisite corpse" game: write a sentence on a piece of paper. Fold the paper so that only the last word or phrase can be seen, and pass the paper around in a circle. Everyone gets a chance to add a line or two to what becomes a story composed by the collective, rather than by a single author - a story created together, but separately, in secret. Expat Educator. Example of Student Electronic Portfolio Home Page (with the student name covered) I do my best to teach paperless.

Expat Educator

One of the disadvantages of less paper is that parents don’t see much of the work students do in class. Electronic portfolios virtually eliminate the parent question: What is my child doing in school? ICT Planning. 500+ Creative Lessons To Teach Almost Anything. Pictureka-like Activity w/Web 2.0. By Brian ThomasJune 29th, 2011 8:28 am If you’re a board game player (raise your hands), then you most likely have played Pictureka before.

Pictureka-like Activity w/Web 2.0

This game challenges players to take a very busy image and find parts, pieces, items, and people in a race against time and each other. I love how the game teaches the skills of scanning and recall. This morning while looking through some of the latest web 2.0 tools to launch into cyberspace (I use I came across a website called ConceptBoard. The idea behind this website is that it allows users to share documents, screenshots, and images and mark them up, talk about them, in real-time.

This site also gave me the bright idea to marry two of my favorite things together….board games and web apps. Conceptboard can do so much more too! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5-7. The teaching strategy here is called Visual Discovery. Web tools abound like grass, or weeds depending on your perspective. Comments comments. 21 signs you’re a 21st century teacher « Brave new world. Yes, the phrase (is it a definition?)

21 signs you’re a 21st century teacher « Brave new world

21st century teacher has been bandied about and annoys some people, but whatever you want to call it, shouldn’t we all, as educators, use this checklist to check our relevance? Prezi (@prezi) The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator - Create your own fun newspaper. Tips, tricks, and help for educators and bloggers using technology.

What Makes Project Based Learning Effective? #Edchat #EngChat. I've been meaning to write about my adventures in Project Based Learning for a while.

What Makes Project Based Learning Effective? #Edchat #EngChat

It's a topic many teachers are interested in, but are unsure of how to implement it or know if it is working. After much thought, I have broken down Project Based Learning into the 5 parts that make it effective in the classroom. Long before my Epic Romeo and Juliet Project, the first major project I created was during my student teaching 10 years ago. 62 things you can do with Dropbox. 12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach! In a Simple K12 blog post titled “17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times” they provide a list of things that characterize a classroom that has fallen behind.

12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach!

Number 16 lists a variety of technology tools that every educator should know about. As I read the list, I realized that although many teachers are interested in and excited about technology integration, they are too busy to explore all the new technology tools available online. This blog post is dedicated to all of the overworked teachers who just don’t have the time to seek out this information. STEAL THIS PRESENTATION!