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15 Paper Gift Boxes with Free Templates. You may have noticed that I'm a little obsessed with paper gift boxes. I enjoy making them, whether I am creating my own template or just printing and assembling one that some one else has gratefully shared. They are such a fun way to give small gifts or favors, and are perfect for everything from a Christmas party to a wedding. I especially love to give jewelry in these little boxes. I made these little hexagon gift boxes from this template. I love the Neon Cardstock colors. I've gathered together 15 DIY gift box tutorials and templates. .

Or something similar when assembling these kinds of boxes. How to Make Paper Ranunculus. To start the new year of our paper flower series we will begin with the delicate ranunculus. When I had my flower shop many years ago, this was a wedding bouquet favorite. The ranunculus comes in an array of colors but my favorite was this pale peachy pink with the slight green centers. For these paper flowers I used a regular copy paper to mirror the delicate petals of the original. Just download and print the PDF template of my pink ranunculus, gather your scissors and hot glue gun and follow the tutorial below.

Enjoy! ~ Lia Lia Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Watercolor Butterfly Spring Decor Printable. A few weeks ago, an idea popped into my head. I wanted to do watercolor. The last time I painted in watercolor was in 19XX (I am NOT going to date myself), when I was in art school. My school offered a week-long summer watercolor class in beautiful McCall, Idaho. My parents were in art school along with me, so the three of us took the class together as a little school credited vacation. I do have fond memories of that week. Being in the business of crafty. . . The downloadable PDF has 2 pages. Stay tuned for more of my watercolor butterfly projects! Lia Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer.

Paper diamonds. By Kate on December 11, 2012 I had a lovely email last week from a Brazilian Engineering graduate. He send me a hand-drawn template for a paper diamond he had been working on. The diamond is really stunning and is an accurate representation of a real cut diamond. Anyway, I loved it and Jean happily agreed for me to spruce up the template to share on minieco…yay! Jean writes: “I’m from a small town between mountains, somewhere in Brazil where the weather is good most of the year round. I’m a recently graduated engineer (a guy, by the way), who doesn’t have much time but still finds some to do crafts, origami, drawings and stuff… P.S. The diamond model is very beautiful and surprisingly strong. If you are new to paper-crafting I would recommend you made one of my gems or diamonds as a warm-up! When making the diamond I would recommend using good quality thick paper. If anyone gets really stuck and needs some step-by-step images to refer to then do let me know ^_^ Paper Tea Cups #1 | next to nicx. I’ve been messing around with paper. I’m not sure exactly why I decided to make paper tea cups, but inspiration hit over the holidays and I couldn’t find one online. Hence the gauntlet was thrown down! I had to make one. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated. These would be perfect as use for cupcakes, biscuits, little presents, used as gift boxes or just as gorgeous packaging. To create this project you’ll need an A4 piece of card at least 160gsm in weight (that’s what I used).

The handle, by far the most fussy part, is created by using the three pieces above. Fold along the score lines on the long strip. Fold along the score lines on each of the handle sides. Then glue the tabs on one side of the handle strip to the inside of a handle side, bending the strip so that it aligns with the outer edge of the handle side. To glue the other side on, fold the tabs on the unglued side of the middle strip so that they’re at 90 degrees and apply adhesive to the outside. Accordion paper folding // Candle holders. I‘ve been playing around with accordion paper folding for about a year now and thought it was high time that I put something on the site! The technique is really addictive. This project shows how to make a simple candle holder. All you need is some paper, a glass jar and a little bit of glue so it’s a really affordable project.

If you fancy having a go then you will find a full how-to after the jump. ***IMPORTANT*** If you want to use this as a candle holder please make sure that you put a glass jar inside the paper cuff and ensure that there is no paper hanging over the top of the jar (otherwise it may set on fire). If you want to explore more of these folding techniques then you can buy a fantastic book called ‘Folding Techniques for Designers‘ by Paul Jackson. YOU WILL NEED: – – – – – – – – – – + A4 Paper + Scissors + Ruler + Needle (for scoring) + Double sided tape/glue + Printable templates (all files are at the bottom of the post) 1. 2. 3 & 4. 5. 6. 7 & 8. 9 & 10.

How to make an origami paper lantern. This pattern is applicable for a whole vellum cartolina paper with the size 28.5" x 21.75". You may apply this to a short bond size paper since it is a scaled down size of the cartolina. There are many patterns on the web but I modified this version to easily measure and fold that will fit the cartolina. First, fold the paper in half. You may measure it first or fold it by meeting both ends then carefully scouring to fold. From the first fold, fold it again to meet the ends in the middle.

You should now have 3 folds or 4 panels. You should now have 12 equal parts throughout. Measure and divide the paper into 4 parts horizontally as shown in the photo above. After scouring, fold them diagonally at a time to avoid misalignment. Carefully gather all the folds together like in the photo. You may also vary the number of folds and the size of the diamond. To gather the folds in place, punch small holes on every other panel and insert string. This is how the lantern should look like. Weekend D.i.Y - Origami lampenkap. How to make an origami paper lantern. Roxy Russell Design — Origami Fortune Teller Instructions - Make an Origami Fortune Teller. I learned to fold this origami fortune teller as a kid. I remember having lots of fun playing it with my siblings and friends. I had forgotten all about it but there was an ER episode not too long ago where a kid in the show refreshed my memory of this childhood game.

It's also used in the opening credits of Community, a tv series. Made this origami? Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page! This is also one of those origami that people know of but may not know the name. "Ask a question and you would open and close the corners to reveal an answer "Like an origami Magic 8 ball. " Well, look no further and wonder no more. Check out our video showing how to use the origami fortune teller. Origami Fortune Teller Step 1: Start with a 6 inch square origami paper color side down.

Origami Fortune Teller Step 2: Make 2 folds, one along the horizontal axis and one along the vertical axis, following the dotted lines shown in the photo below. Crease well and unfold. Faceted Pendant Lights – The Large Sphere. Inspiration really can come from anywhere. Sometimes I will see an odd product at a hardware store and just know, that could be a light.

Sometimes I see a fully formed light idea and just know I have to try it for myself. That’s what happened with this project. I may not have been posting over the last three months, but I certainly have been creating. My latest obsession has been with fortune tellers, you know those little folded things we made as kids? (Some people call them ‘cooty catchers’ but I’m not crazy about that phrase, and since I personally only used them as fortune tellers, that’s what I call them.) Well, the first time I had a spare moment I sat down and just knew I had to try this. For paper I used simple white printer paper, but I am kind of interested in trying one out of newspaper or some similar printed paper. I love this big light, its approximately 18 inches across (I used a 16 inch lantern) and it really makes a fantastic statement piece. Ciao, Allison Like this:

DIY Origami Lamp Shade « Kootut murut. Me and the husband made a new lamp shade for the foyer using cardboard. We’d been looking for a new lamp for some time, because Panu wasn’t happy with the green light of the old one, and I wasn’t happy with its small size. Then I remembered these instructions found via Kolmas kerros and voila! There it is! Cardboard was a bit difficult to handle in big size, paper would have probably been easier. You could also use decorative origami paper or even giftwrap. Smaller lanterns would also look nice grouped together. (That’s my plan for the bedroom.) Yes yes, one happy dog here. In Finnish / Suomeksi Askartelimme Panun kanssa kartongista uuden lampunvarjostimen eteiseen.

Pop up flower. Origami Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon. Papirstjerne -slik lagar du den. Då har eg prøvd meg på ein forklaring på korleis ein brettar desse stjernene. Video er nok det rette mediet når ein skal formidle slike forklaringar, men eg og bildene mine gjer eit forsøk. Dersom noko er vanskeleg forklart, sei i frå, så skal eg prøve på ny :) Lykke til! Stjerna er designa av Paolo Bascetta. 1. Stjerna er bygd opp av åtte kvadrat, så du startar med å klippe ut desse. Eg har laga meg ein mal i tynn papp, då går det raskt å berre teikne rundt og klippe ut. Stjerna eg lagar her er av kvadrat som er 10x10 cm 2. Brett sidespissane langs midtlinja Brett og dei nye sidespissane langs midtlinja Ta tak i den øverste spissen, og brett den mot høgre. 1. 2.

(No har me kome til den delen der det hadde vore greit med video. Du har nå ein skrå trekant som ligg over ein litt større. Ser den slik ut no? No har me kome til monteringsdelen. Når alle delene er sett saman, byrjar du å strame. Så enkelt var det! No gler eg meg til å sjå korleis stjernene dykkar blir!  How to make an origami business card holder. Here's a quick and easy origami project: a business card case or gift card holder. Use patterned gift wrap (I like heavier-weight wrapping paper for a sturdier case), graph paper, a paper bag, magazine pages, or origami paper. Decorate the case with washi tape or stamps for a cute way to present gift cards. It will look like you put a lot of thought and effort into a gift that was probably the easiest thing you could buy.

Slacker. Just kidding. To make a holder for a standard 3.5 x 2" business card, start with an 8.5" square of paper. Place the paper pretty side down. Fold the left and right edges inward to meet the center fold. Open the paper again. Close the left and right flaps. Turn the paper over and fold the top down so that the exposed diagonal edges meet precisely at the fold. Fold the bottom up in the same way, tucking the bottom edge into the diagonal flaps. Insert a card to make sure it fits, then fold the case in half. To make a fabric version of this case, see this post. 15 DIY Paper Holiday Decor Projects. Papier. Papel. Carta. Papper. Paper. 1. 2. 6-Point Stars, by Kate's Creative Space. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas? Home > Geometric toy > Origami Spring. How to make a paper bow. I've gotten some questions asking how I made the paper bow on the bottom package in this post. Here's a quick tutorial. I made a template so you can see the parts. Download the free file you need: The PDF template Files for digital cutting machines:The zipped Silhouette .studio file (double click the .zip file after downloading)The .svg fileThe .dxf file If you print the PDF on colored paper and cut out the pieces, you'll have enough parts to make two bows.

Anyhow, whether you wing it or use the template, you'll need three parts for each bow: the band in the middle, the loops, and the tails. Grab the two outer tabs on the "loops" piece, bend them to the center, and glue them down. Layer the loops piece on top of the tails with a dot of glue, then wrap the band around the center and secure it in the back with a little more glue. Bow Garland - Handmade Decor - The Flair Exchange. This fun bow garland is inspired by everything girly! I’ve seen a lot of bows in various fashion magazines and catalogs recently. I’ve toyed around with creating a bow garland in the past, but didn’t use the right kind of paper! This garland is made of crepe paper, unlike most of the garlands I make (those are usually card stock or tissue paper). These vibrant hues have me excited for spring celebrations. Follow the step by step guide below to create this gorgeous bow garland. Oh, and don’t mind my fake cake. Supplies: Heavy Crepe Paper Rolls, Glue Gun, Twine Directions: Step 1: Cut 8 inch strip from Heavy Crepe Roll Step 2:Cut 1 inch strip from bottom of 8 inch panel *Set 1 inch strip aside Step 3: Fold sides of panel in toward center making along folder panel.

Step 4: Fold ends of panel toward middle forming your bow shape. Step 5: Pinch bow making fancy creases Step 6: Using 1 inch strip wrap bow to secure folds. Step 7: Glue strip to secure. DIY #3: fun favour boxes : bloved weddings | UK Wedding Blog | Wedding Inspiration & Styling. DIY Fortune Cookie Favors. MAGAZINE ENVELOPES. A DIY Geometric Bookmark! DIY Idea: Mini Gold Leaf Notebooks. Darwin chair by Stefan Sagmeister.

DIY posters with cut-out lettering. 17 DIY Valentine's Day Decor Ideas. Geometric Wall Sculpture | decor experiment. DIY Envelope Liners. Halftone wrap // graphic gems. Pop-Up Valentines. DIY travel notebook with pocket. {Valentines day} pixelated popup card. Elly MacKay - Theater Clouds » Portfolio.

Top 5 Favourite Geometric DIY Inspirations - Oh So Very Pretty | A few of our favourite little things. DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland. DIY Star Wars Snowflakes. Diamonds Are Forever... And Foldable! DIY Mini Marquee Lights. A Polyhedron Garland.