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Fonts. Guide Sheets for Calligraphy and Penmanship. Ritual - home. Little Paper Lane. Blog - Meant To Be Calligraphy. We’re so pleased to share that registration is now open for Meant To Be Calligraphy’s popular calligraphy workshops.

Blog - Meant To Be Calligraphy

Our spring Introduction to Contemporary Pointed Pen Calligraphy classes will be held both in Washington, D.C. (this season, at the airy enclave of The Loft at 600 F in the heart of the District) as well as in Chicago (at the paper shop dreamland that is Greer Chicago)! For the latter workshops, we are partnering with the amazing Chandra Greer to bring our workshop experience to her beautiful space in April to celebrate Greer’s “Month of Letters” and we could not be more excited!

Our formal follow-up workshop, Continuing with Contemporary Pointed Pen Calligraphy, will again take place at our home/studio, which is located just outside of the Del Ray area of Alexandria, Virginia. Those who have previously participated in one of our Intro workshops are also invited to take part in our signature Calligraphy Study Table sessions. How to Create Envelope Calligraphy.

A Google search for “how to create envelope calligraphy” turns up surprisingly empty (there even seem to be tumbleweeds blowing in the “DIY envelope calligraphy” search).

How to Create Envelope Calligraphy

Sure, there are results — but all of them seem to focus on who to hire to create calligraphy for you. If you’re planning a wedding, you know that it’s good to cut corners financially where you can.