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Elizabeth Vitale

Most of my Writings are of Justin Hayward, NYC 1960s, Kevin Kronin, REO, Robin Gibb, Tom Petty, friend from England NYC 1960s, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Beatles, friends from Pennsylvania, all of the musicians I met, Jeff Lynne, dedications to artists in my life, Little Anthony, Michael Jackson, my father, Hollywood 1980s - through 1990s, Skid Row, Eric Burdon and the Animals. Without meeting all of these superb artists I would not have the writings I do. Slash of Guns and Roses, Leonardo DiCaprio, President Trump, John Bon Jovi, Cinderella band,the list goes on and on of fortunate memorable moments in my life. Brian Epstein, Alan Williams, Hendrix, Traffic, Thunderclap Newman, Bobby Vinton and so many more.

For My Memory. For Me. For An Earth Of Change. Follow The Sun. Feelings From You. Feeling Of Loss. Feel Different. Facing The Reality. Explain So I Can Understand. Every Time You Show Me Yesterday. Every Time I Try To Slip Through Time. Every Night To LIve. Every New Writing. Enough Already. Emotions To Get Where.

Driven Into Place Not For Me. Don't You Want To Reach For My Life. Don't Try To Change The Date Time. Don't Return It's Fine. Don't Remind Me. Don't Know How To Miss The Love You Were. Don't Forget Me In Your Dreams Tonight. Don't Feed Me Another Line. Doesn't Matter Where I Am. Does Anyone Really Watch The Rain. Do You Still Read The News. Do I Think. Do I Cry. Did I Expect Every Now To Come True. Days Pass By Into Nothing But A Sky. Creating What I Lost.

Creating Sound. Counting On You. Could My Clouds Be Touched As Yours. Common Ground. Come To Think Of Now. Come Around Again. Cities In The Trees. Change. Change Is A Common KNown Ground. Calling To You To Keep Me Alive. Brings A Tear To My Eye. Boys Will Be Boys Girls Will Be Girls. Born From Memories. Blame On The Clouds. Bitterness On The Run. Between You And I. Before I Leave This Earth. Been This Way Since 1964. Be Me. Balancing Acts Of Day. At The Top Of My Hill Now. At The End Of My Life To Remind Me. Ask God To Bless A Soul.

As We Would Together. As One Last Show Of Love. As Is. As I Rest On You. As I Read My Thoughts Are True. As Always. Are You The Same. Appears This Way Anyway. Another California Home. And You Played Your Games. And Love Lives On. Amid The Credits Of Your Bow. Am I Still Different To You. Always With A Thought To Find. Always Though To Look In On You. Always I Return To You. Always Different As My Song. Always Always Over You. Along My Need To Write. All You See Is Through You. All Isn't Fair In Love And War. All I Touch Is Myself. Aligned With Home. After All. About Time. A Worthless World Ahead. A Long Rough Ride Of No One. A Little Brighter. A Friend Once Told Me. A Country Woman Like Me. A Choral View Today. A Broken Engagement Left Behind. A Beautiful Blue Sky. ElizabethVitaleWritingWorld - Index. AfterHours Dance Studio. Elizabeth Vitale.

LYRIC and POETRY READINGS with VIDS. Trying to find understanding's road Making rain paying with my heart Once protected by you Making rain in my sleep Win this world one time Making rain I never said goodbye How time plays with my eyes Making rain is my life I speak to no one though I try Holding reason alive for a song Just to carry feelings along I'll follow you after the sun Making rain it's my life. Home | LYRIC and POETRY READINGS FROM HOME. Video Lyric and Poetry Story Reading. Elizabeth Vitale Lyric and Poetry Expression Time. Trouble viewing this page? Go to our diagnostics page to see what's wrong.

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