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Elite Mobile App possesses a diversely skilled and expert professional designers and mobile apps developers (Android & iPhone) who can tailor solutions according to the exact needs and requirements of our clients.

Quick Tips About Mobile Apps Development – How To Ensure Success. Developing a mobile app is a task in itself, and getting it approved is another challenge that needs to be combated.

Quick Tips About Mobile Apps Development – How To Ensure Success

Well, finally, after you have an approved app in the app store, the real journey begins! How do you ensure that your app attracts the right users and how do you ensure that it makes the expected revenues? While some businesses seem to be seamlessly rolling out mobile apps and making revenues, some businesses encounter a number of hurdles on the way. Here are a few tips to ensure the success of your mobile app.

It’s imperative that businesses have the right strategy in place and take the right approach from day one! iPhone Application Development – What’s in the Future? Apple has played a significant role in the mobile revolution and has completely changed the way in which we interact with technology.

iPhone Application Development – What’s in the Future?

No matter what their next product release is, the whole world is watching with eager eyes! iPhone application development has augmented the use of smartphones to such an extent that they have become an indispensible part of our lives. How to go about Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development? The very first decision you will need to make when you think of going mobile is which mobile platform to target.

How to go about Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development?

It is highly essential that you analyze where your customers are. Well, the best option is to use cross platform mobile application development. Cross platform development tools have been around for a while. Top Trends to Watch Out for in Mobile Application Development in 2017. ComScore report says that the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users’ way back in 2014.

Top Trends to Watch Out for in Mobile Application Development in 2017

Gartner predicts that by 2017, more than 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue. The ever increasing numbers of smartphones all over the world has also led to a surge in the number of app that people download and use. Currently, Google Play houses over 2.2 million apps while the Apple Store has around 2 million apps .

As times change and technology evolves, mobile apps evolve too. Today, apps are not solely built for smartphones alone – wearables, connected homes, smart cars and other IoT enabled devices are also a part of the mix. 2017 presents a huge opportunity for businesses to develop innovative apps and see their business grow. iOS 10 Design Guidelines for iPhones and iPads. While iOS 10 is one of the biggest Apple releases ever, it is important to note that most of the features are consumer facing.

iOS 10 Design Guidelines for iPhones and iPads

For designers too, however, there are a number of things to remember while designing apps for the Apple’s latest operating system. There are a few noticeable design changes that iPhone apps development professionals must be aware of such as bolder titles, bigger use of cards, bolder fonts and texts. Platform maturity Over the years, iOS has matured into a very stable operating system.

In the 9th version of this OS, Apple introduced a new system font called the San Francisco. Adaptive layout and multitasking The number of devices with various screen sizes has lead Apple to ensure that designers have the right tools to develop adaptive designs for all their devices. The San Francisco font. Native Vs Hybrid - Demystifying the Technology Dilemma. All businesses face a common dilemma while deciding on mobile app development: should they choose native apps or hybrid apps.

Native Vs Hybrid - Demystifying the Technology Dilemma

If you too are undecided about your choice, here are tips to help you decide what suits your needs best- Native Mobile Application Development or Hybrid App development. First, you need to understand the difference between the two types of apps, unravel the mystery that surrounds these two names. The two principle technologies used for app development are the Android and the iOS. Both these systems work with the latest hand held devices that now dominate this world. The app you develop needs to work across all platforms to meet this shift in focus. Principles of iOS Development You Need To Know Before You Begin.

The complex process of IOS development is handled by professional iPhone app development services and developers with appropriate skills and knowledge.

Principles of iOS Development You Need To Know Before You Begin

Before handing your project over to the expert, get a hang of the technologies to be implemented and steps to be followed. Here is what you need to do. You and your developer will work in tandem to chalk out concepts and design of your app. The iOS developer will act as your advisor in deciding prototypes, interface, coding and all other necessary technology related details. The central principle of iOS app development is the Model View Controller method of development. This is the user map and blue print for your app. A Powerful Operating System Android Nougat. Android Nougat is Google’s latest operating system release.

A Powerful Operating System Android Nougat

It is the seventh major version of the Android Operating System. Released officially in August 2016, it was first made available to Nexus devices. Android Apps Development Company brought in notable changes in this version both in the OS and the development platform. With as many as 250 features, this OS has inputs from fans and developers round the globe. It can display multiple apps on screen at once in a split screenview. The Debate: Cross Platform Apps vs Web Apps. Selecting the Right Mobile Apps Development Company Makes All the Difference. If going mobile is on your next strategic plan to capture new markets, you might want to consider developing an app for your business.

Selecting the Right Mobile Apps Development Company Makes All the Difference

All you need now is to find a mobile apps development company to do the work for you. A third party apps developer is an easy choice but one that works for you is not that simple a task. Obviously, you want the new mobile app you develop to bring about business growth and greater customer reach. A wrong choice impacts these plans and could even put you on the back foot. iPhone 7 and It’s New Opportunities for iPhone Application Development.

As Apple releases another masterpiece – the iPhone 7, the world of iPhone application development is all geared up to take advantage of the new features and create innovative apps.

iPhone 7 and It’s New Opportunities for iPhone Application Development

There have been significant enhancements in the phone and it has upgraded cameras, is water resistant, it has stereo speakers and a longer battery life. Here are some of the promising new features of iPhone 7: The iPhone 7 is as sleek as its predecessors. It has the iconic rounded design and weighs 138g – definitely lighter than the 6S.It is said to be water and dust resistant with the IP67 protection. This kind of protection was already present in the Samsung Galaxy S7.It has a notable camera bump.

The camera is larger, single lens 12MP rear sensor and has RAW support, is 50% lighter, 60% faster and has 30% more power. There are a number of enhancements in the latest iPhone. is an iPhone App Development Company located in USA. Pros and Cons of Building a Cross Platform Mobile App. Tips for Building Better Mobile Apps. Mobile devices keep evolving and each year sees a lot of new devices introduced in the market. This is exactly why mobile apps development professionals need to understand how to change their approach and create apps that work well on all the known devices.

Here are a few tips that will help build better mobile apps with a futuristic approach: Know your target platforms In order to design awesome apps, it is important that before you begin, take a step back and understand the target platforms and how they work. Make sure you finalize your design and implement your branding around these various platforms and their specific parameters. Make sure that you understand all the features at your disposal from the various mobile platforms before you begin. Small Businesses Need To Consider a Few Things Before They Develop a Mobile App For Their Business.

Small businesses generally hesitate when it comes to mobile apps, but they do not realize that it could be their means to move out of the ‘Small’ business category and grow! Mobile apps have great potential to take businesses to new heights of success. Especially small local businesses can take advantage of them and grow their business. There are plenty of companies that provide mobile app development services. All you need to do is select one that provides quality services at affordable costs. But before you do that, take a few minutes and think about the entire strategy. Top Mobile App Development Frameworks. Native apps are preferred due to the ample features they can provide businesses with.

Native apps make use of the device’s features such as camera and GPS and provide a host of opportunities for businesses so that they can provide their users with rich features. To make the development process easy, frameworks were introduced. Frameworks enabled rapid development and provided developers with just the right tools for building mobile apps quickly. Well, there are so many frameworks, that it becomes difficult to select one. A User First Attitude For Your Mobile Application Development Strategy. Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business. As per statistics, 7.5 hours per week are saved by using custom mobile apps and over 82% of the businesses think that mobile apps have helped them earn additional revenue.

Mobile apps can be completely customized to suit your business needs.


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Points To Be Considered For Your Mobile App Development Strategy. The mobile boom got everyone on their feet! Native Mobile Apps Are Steadily Exceeding The Popularity Of Websites. Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company in 2016. The world of mobility has changed the way we live! Cross Platform Mobile Web Apps Development. Android and iOS Devices: Helping for Better Mobile Conversion Rate -– Mobile Apps Design Services – Elite Mob App.

Native Mobile Web Application Development. Wireframe Design Services for Mobile Application. Modern Mobile App Development Trends to Follow -– Mobile app design and development is expanding its scope with the change in trends! Mobile app developers are more into developing new applications as per user interest and advance trends. Mobile app market is getting filled with applications for smart devices and wearable devices too. Developing an application for new smart devices includes a step of process, which includes designing, developing and deploying application with a proper testing implemented. This may take a lot of time and money. Here is where mobile app templates come into picture. Developing mobile applications using these templates can achieve more functionality and deploy an amazing application.

Mobile Apps Design Services – Elite Mob App. Cross Platform Mobile Web Apps Development. Native Mobile Web Application Development. Mobile Apps Development Services - Elite Mob App. Mobile App Strategy for Android & iPhone.