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Open Source Content Management Systems Clearly Simplify Technology. Open source has been around since a long time.

Open Source Content Management Systems Clearly Simplify Technology

But time has only made it better and bigger. Beginning with those times where open source was only for those who have the passion and are driven by innovation to build something new, today open source offers a world of opportunities in the web world. Content Management Systems based on open source web development languages such as PHP are the pillars of today’s web world and power almost 40-50 % of the web sites on the internet. Here are some of the most popular content management systems: WordPress WordPress was a result of a desire to build elegant, well-structured personal publishing platforms. Web Apps Development Technologies To Watch Out For! -

In a world that is practically ‘online’ every minute of the day, it is imperative that businesses are online too.

Web Apps Development Technologies To Watch Out For! -

Well, being online does not mean to simple have an online presence. It requires proper planning and adequate consideration needs to be given to the fact that customer interactions count too. Interactive, engaging apps that involve customers too are becoming the way of life and more and more businesses demand apps that benefit the business and are also customer centric. Ecommerce Mind Tricks that Make Customers Actually Buy from Your Online Store. Ecommerce is a tricky business.

Ecommerce Mind Tricks that Make Customers Actually Buy from Your Online Store

Owners need to understand customer psychology and use it to influence their decision making. Buying decisions are often made by feelings of excitement or fear. How is iPhone Apps Development Different. The world’s most advanced mobile operating system – iOS 10 has everything that you wish for designing beautiful and engaging mobile apps. iPhone apps development has always been exciting for mobile application developers.

How is iPhone Apps Development Different

There are always a lot of new features to look forward to with each release of the operating system as well as the mobile device. It’s just a completely different experience working with Apple devices and apple operating systems! 6 Myths About Rankings that can Destroy Your Business. Search engine optimization has come a long way and there have been so many alterations that it’s very easy to develop certain myths on the way.

6 Myths About Rankings that can Destroy Your Business

These false notions tend to keep content marketers and bloggers from improving their search rankings. Here are some of the most common myths – busted! Keyword targeting became irrelevant after hummingbird The hummingbird update completely revolutionized the Search Engine Optimization world. IT prompted content creators to adopt a new mindset and create content for the end users rather than target certain keywords. However, this does not mean that it’s the end of the keywords era. Node.js – Advantages for Building Web Applications. As we all know, Node.js is an open source, cross platform run time environment for server side and networking applications.

Node.js – Advantages for Building Web Applications

It brings event-driven programming to web servers that enable the development of fast web servers in Java Script. In an event driven application, there is one main program that runs and then listens for events and triggers a call back function whenever it encounters an event. Node.js also provides a non blocking IO API that essentially optimizes the application’s throughput and scalability. In very basic terms, in a non blocking language, commands execute in parallel and make use of call backs to signal a completion. Elite Infoworld Blog Web Design & Development Company in India. Social media is always bustling with activity.

Elite Infoworld Blog Web Design & Development Company in India

There is never one dull moment when you log on to either Facebook or Twitter or any other social media channel for that matter. Social media presence is hence imperative for businesses who wish to see their brand grow and make its presence ‘felt’ over the internet. Why PHP Website Development for Your Business. PHP has become one of the most crucial elements of the web programming world.

Why PHP Website Development for Your Business

Whether it’s used in its core form or as a framework or a content management platform, it still remains as the most popular web programming language that powers almost 60% of the websites. Why to Approach a Magento Web Development Company. Being an online business owner is not easy.

Why to Approach a Magento Web Development Company

Along with all the business related issues, you also need to pay equal attention to your technology needs. Well, business issues you know you can handle – but what about your ecommerce requirements? What about all the technology decisions that go along with setting up an online shop? Well, this is exactly where a Magento web development company can help. With proper consultation, you can set up an ecommerce platform to manage all your business requirements – hassle free! Among the numerous ecommerce development technologies, Magento has certainly grabbed the right kind of attention and is today the most popular platforms today. What does Google’s Android O have in store for app developers? Google has recently released a few tidbits of the next version of its Android operating system – the Android O – which arrives later this year.

What does Google’s Android O have in store for app developers?

Android apps development world is already excited about the new features this operating system might unfold. Although Google will not formally launch the Android O until the I/O conference in May, but it definitely has provided us with a good enough peek into what could be expected. And although we know that there are a number of feautures coming, Google has timed this sneak peek perfectly to get most of the developers thinking and planning and even tinkering! Key benefits of Android O Powerful notifications Android O brings with it, powerful new feature called as notification channels. Handy Tips To Improve Your Mobile Ecommerce Strategy. As today’s customers increasingly turn to smartphones to find products and influence their buying decisions, more and more stores are moving from brick and mortar model to a click and order model.

M-commerce of mobile commerce is becoming a predominant business model for online businesses. Ecommerce needs to be more mobile in order to sustain in this ever evolving customer centric market. As businesses expand and make their services and products available at a click of a button or swipe of a finger, here are a few tips that could come in handy while they develop their ecommerce strategy: Taxi Mobile Applications have Completely Transformed Personal Transport. Gone are the days when you had to wave frantically to stop a taxi when you needed a ride.

Along with all the other aspects of our lives, technology has changed this one too! Today, if you need to get to some place fast and conveniently, all you need to do is to hire a taxi via a mobile app. You can enter the pickup point, the destination, the route (if need be) and your taxi shall arrive at your doorstep. The Good Old Game Of Rummy – Now Online – And On Your Mobiles! The old time charm of playing ‘card-games’ is back! Rummy has been an all time favorite Indian Card game that is played – especially during family gatherings, vacations and when friends gather around to simply have fun! So, what is rummy all about? For those who do not know the game, the rules for playing this game are simple! Building Mobile Apps for Long Term Success. Due to the frequent operating system updates, changing market conditions and the continually increasing competition, many apps tend to become irrelevant soon. While it’s a fact that these changes are inevitable – and there is no way to future proof mobile apps, there are a few mobile application development steps you can take to ensure that your apps are sustainable – for long term if not forever.

Build an app to solve a real problem This is a very crucial step in mobile apps development. Never build an app for the sake of it. Top SEO Trends for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC] Ecommerce Tips to Increase Your Online Sales [INFOGRAPHIC] Web Design For Today’s Modern Businesses [INFOGRAPHICS] What Exactly is Express JS and how is it Beneficial for Web Development? Express JS is a web application framework for Node.js. Node.js is a platform that allows Java script to be used outside the web browser in order to create web and network applications. This essentially means that you can create a server and the server side code for and application like most of the web languages – the only difference is that this is done using the Java Scrip – the only difference is that this is done using the Java Script.

All You Need To Know About Google’s Mobile Pop Ups Algorithm. Google announced last year that it will start rolling out the mobile pop up algorithm on January 10th 2017, that will essentially penalize the pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results. The following types of interstitials would be potentially problematic: Why AngularJS For Your Next Project? WordPress Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2017. With every passing year, WordPress seems to be getting better and better with a number of incredible features being added. Hamburger menus, one page themes, innovative plug-ins and features all add up to make WordPress one of the most powerful content management systems available today. Here are the latest trends that will impact WordPress Development in 2017: Genuine design In the web space, the competition is fierce and each website fights to look unique.

Driven by this trend, WordPress has consistently made way for creative customizations and other elements that can be tailored as per business requirements. The Right Approach to a Direct Mail Campaign - Elite Infoworld Blog. How to Run a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. Direct mail marketing could be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. If not done right, it could also turn into a big black hole where you pour your money and do not get any returns on your investment.

Basics of Node.js and How it has Revolutionized Web Development. Node js is a packaged compilation of three components, namely – Google’s V8 Java Script engine, the libuv platform abstraction layer and the core library which is primarily written in JavaScript. How to Find a Good Magento Developer. Let’s face it; Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms available today.

It is one of the most widely used too. If you are looking at going online with your store, Magento has all the required features for you to go live soon and manage your store efficiently. What does the Future Hold for PHP Web Development. PHP is one of the most versatile web programming languages. MongoDB – To Meet The High Availability and Performance Demands of Today’s New Age Apps. MongoDB is a document oriented database program which is open source and uses JSON like documents with schemas.

It basically shuns the relational database’s table-based structure and has dynamic schemas which make data integration of some types of applications much easier. SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2017. Getting Started with Small Business Mobile Apps Development. How to Hire a SEO Expert? What to Look for When You Hire PHP Programmer. Ecommerce Tips to Boost Your Online Sales. Things to Note While Hiring Web Developers in India. Why Should You Hire Joomla Developers?

How to Hire Magento Developers. Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers. What to Look for When You Hire Open Source Developers. How to Hire a Mobile Apps Developer. Hire the Right PHP Developers for Your Next Web Development Project. Web Design For Today’s Modern Businesses. What is Next In Mobile Apps Development? Using Open Source Technologies in Web Development. Core PHP development OR Use a PHP Framework. Elite InfoWorld’s Refreshingly New Logo Design Launched. Search Engine Penalties – How Can SEO’s Identify? Advertising Vs. Promotion [INFOGRAPHIC] Designing Websites With A Customer Focus. Web Development Services – Building a successful website. Hiring The Right Mobile App Development Resources. WordPress Development – Most Common Mistakes Developers Make - Necessity of Using Graphics in a Website. Keyword Research And Search Engine Optimization. Link Wheel A Powerful SEO Strategy. Brief History of Web Design. And The Debate Continues : iPhone Apps Vs Android Apps.

Trends In Internet Marketing Techniques That You Cannot Ignore. Type Rules for Excellent User Experience in a Web Design. Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Open Source These Days. Skills Required for Being Good Graphic Designer. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Vs ASO (App Store Optimization)[INFOGRAPHIC] - Best 5 SEO Blogs - Does E-mail Marketing Work Today? - Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy. Recipe For SEO Success. How E-Mail Marketing Helps? Search Engine Optimization Requires You To Be ‘Organized’ For Success. The Good and The Bad of Android Apps Development. Color Psychology in Web Design. Questions to ask before you hire a WordPress Developer. Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Business Growth. Finding the Best Product to Market on Internet. Myths of Mobile Application Development – Debunked! - PHP is still the best programming language! - 5 Web Design Galleries for Designers. Content Is King - Market It Well. Web Designing for Visual Impacts.

Landing Page Mistakes To Be Aware Of. Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising. Top Open Source Web Development Tools. What’s Next in Web Design? Understand Just A Few Golden Rules For Android Apps Development. PHP 7 has Great Features And Improved Performance. Top 5 Internet Marketing Tips. Minimizing Cost during Web Designing. Website Usability is Important for SEO. Guidelines and Tips for Re-designing a Website. Internet Marketing and Search Retargeting. Why Planning is Important for Good Web Design? Website Speed For SEO. Need of HTML and CSS during Web Design.