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Elite InfoWorld is a web design, web development, and Internet Marketing company in India. We provide end to end solutions in web design, development, SEO and Internet Marketing to global clients.


Video. Infographics. Elite Articles. Blogs. Some Search Engine Marketing Techniques. Search Engine Marketing Services are a form of Internet Marketing which is done to increase the visibility of the website in search engine results with the purpose of promoting the website.

Some Search Engine Marketing Techniques

In order to ensure, that the company’s name is known well online some specific techniques is important to be implemented so as to get targeted traffic and potential customers. Some effective search engine marketing techniques which should be considered important for bringing business online are:- 1] Keywords Density: In order to ensure that major search engines are seeing your website as valuable, the content of the website should have perfect keyword density.

The perfect keyword density for any kind of website should be under 5% i.e. it should be approx between 2-3% and it should be used in such a way that it doesn’t read awkwardly. 2] Meta tags: Meta tags are equally important as search engines often consider the meta-description as the content which is used in your listing. Top Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development [INFOGRAPHIC] - Elite Infoworld Blog. Five Simply Awesome Web Design Tools. Web Design in itself is an interesting area of work.

Five Simply Awesome Web Design Tools

Turning an idea or an imagination into real websites is quite a task! Along with this, details are important too! Colors, contrasts, resolution, background, text, text to graphics ratio, there are so many factors to consider before you see that magic on your screen! Know about Google Web Designer. Google web designer was launched in October 2013.

Know about Google Web Designer

It is an installable application for Windows 7 and higher or Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. This is a tool for building interactive HTML5 sites and ads. It allows advertisers to easily create ads using HTML5 for mobiles as well as desktop. It creates media rich ads for mobiles and you can also create single page sites that are interactive.

Essential Search Engine Marketing Techniques. Search Engine Marketing is the practice of marketing or advertising website via search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Essential Search Engine Marketing Techniques

It is a kind of Internet Marketing Services that targets to promote websites by increasing their visibility on search engine result pages [SERP]. The main techniques employed under Search Engine Marketing [SEM] are:- 1] Organic Search Engine Optimization [SEO] It is a method of improving the volume and quality of web traffic for the website coming from search engines through “natural” or “organic” search results for targeted keywords. This is the place where optimization of website content with its coding, keywords, major terms and sub-terms is done. 2] Pay-Per Click Advertising [PPC] It is an advertising model used on search engines and advertising networks where an advertiser pays when user actually clicks on ads to visit the advertiser’s website.

Tricks for Neat and Cool Web Design. The simple tricks and tips to build a neat, cool and attractive website are being discussed below: 1] Select nice attractive color combination, which can also be done by surfing on internet and different websites.

Tricks for Neat and Cool Web Design

If you hold a company logo than that can be used matching the color schemes. 2] The page loading should not be slow. Web Design as a Career. With the rise in the demand of Web Design Services in India and worldwide, there are many companies and freelancers which offers web design services.

Web Design as a Career

Few Things to Consider When You Need a SEM Plan. Next time you search for something on Google, check out the results.

Few Things to Consider When You Need a SEM Plan

On the left hand side, you see the links to the websites that were returned organically. On the right hand side there is a column that has links to the paid ads that were targeted for the same keywords. Both of them are essential for your website. The ads on the right are pay per click or PPC ads. Open Source Web Development Provides You With Better Options For Customization. The very fundamental difference between open source and proprietary software is the availability of the source code.

Open Source Web Development Provides You With Better Options For Customization

Open source provides the source code along with the software and users can read and modify it at will. With proprietary software, you cannot view the source code and any customization needs to go back to the developers who created the software. Open source is highly customizable and hence very popular these days. Addressing The Challenges Of Enterprise Mobile Application Development. The plight of a mobile application developer today is the increasing number of new smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices.

Addressing The Challenges Of Enterprise Mobile Application Development

The diversity in make, model, shapes and sizes is what poses new challenges for development. It gets increasingly difficult for a business to analyze what devices to target and how to go about it. Cross platform and multiplatform development methods are hence becoming very popular. Corporate users demand apps that can seamlessly connect them to their office environment and help them work from anywhere, anytime. Well, this poses a great security challenge. Data Access Enterprise data access via mobiles is crucial for the smooth functioning of today’s modern businesses. Security issues Every mobile operating system has its own architecture and security varies from one OS to another. Research Well Before You Hire a PHP Developer.

Finding PHP talent today is an easy task, but finding the right talent that suits your project requirements is quite a task.

Research Well Before You Hire a PHP Developer

Depending on your business requirements, you have plenty of options to choose from too. Well, there are plenty of criteria to keep in mind when it comes to hiring the right programmer for your project. If you understand development and need to outsource PHP projects, it is an easy task but for those who have nothing to do with programming, the task becomes quite daunting. Here are a few tips to remember when you hire PHP developers: To begin with, evaluate your requirements. 3 Best Social Networking Sites for Online Marketing. It has become very important to get involved in the social networking or social media sites, if you have something to promote online like a website, or a blog, or a product or business. The social networking sites are used by millions of people nowadays and so there is massive traffic through them. The three best social networking websites for the purpose of Internet Marketing are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Facebook is a new site compared to Twitter and YouTube but it has grown popularity tremendously in such a short time. It has more than 500 million users which is growing everyday which makes it more popular and powerful. Techniques for SEO: HTML and Web Design Analysis and Reporting. In continuation of our SEO techniques for website analysis and reporting here we present a detailed study on the overall HTML and web design of the website to be optimized. Page Size. Page size is defined as the sum of all the files combined that are displayed on your web page.

The size is inclusive of the text content, images, graphics, flash, and every single component of the webpage. More the size the more time the page takes to load on a browser. The page has to be optimized and all unwanted things are to be removed to get the minimum possible page size. CSS and HTML Code Validations. Web Design Principles to Remember. An online shop is no different than a real life store.

Customers at both places scan the new products, look at the first thing that attracts their attention and in case of an online business, they click on the first link that attracts their attention. So, your web design service has a lot of responsibilities. Your web design should be able to attract and keep the visitors in order for you to make some profitable business online. Social Media Marketing. All of us have a Facebook and Twitter account. We all know that the whole world is there!

With every one over the world spending considerable time on Social Media, it has become the most apt platform for businesses to spread the word and gain popularity. Social Media Marketing uses the potential of these social sites to give businesses increased visibility and popularity over the internet. Here are some of the tips which every business, small or large should have a Social Media Marketing strategy. Create a compelling profile. Web Design, SEO and Smartphone Optimized Websites.

SEO Plugins For WordPress. WordPress being a blogging platform comes already feature packed in terms of SEO usability. But let’s make it better with a few more SEO Plugins. SEO plugins ease your optimization tasks many fold. Here are a few most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. Choosing a Right Web Design Company. 5 Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rates. Top 5 Myths of WordPress – Debunked! WordPress, one of the best content management systems is gaining popularity big time. Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Should Know For The Future.

Year after year Search Engine Optimization evolves and becomes more sophisticated than ever. Marketers work towards refining their skills and search engine modify their algorithms to provide searchers with the most relevant and accurate results. Programming Languages Used for Mobile Application Development. The technology and the programming language you use for mobile application development could be the difference between success and failure. 5 Important Features of an Effective Web Design Service. Website accessibility: A website is not only designed for the non-organic search engine robots and organic healthy humans, even people who are physically challenged should be able to access the website and understand what you want to say. SEO friendly: A website design should be SEO friendly with check rules such as having relative and distinct meta tags, alt tags, prominent keyword reach within genuine content (no keyword stuffing), and search engine robot readable code.

Quick Tips For Reducing Web Page Load Time. The site usability and Search Engine Optimization of a website highly rely on the speed at which your web page loads. Page speed is considered to be one among the two hundred ranking factors that decide the position of a website in the organic search results. What To Include In A Web Design? We all agree that web design is the first interaction that you will have with your customers – or prospective customers – visitors to be very specific. So, it’s time to make first impressions very very impressive. 4 Tips To Optimize Your Mobile Site. We all are aware that Google’s crawler is called as Googlebot. Responsibilities of a Web Designer. Few Search Engine Optimization Tips. Any Disadvantage of Responsive Design instead of Separate Mobile URLs ? Elite InfoWorld Blog. Advantages of Social Media Marketing.

Facebook LIKE Button Vs Google +1. Why You Should Use Responsive Web Design ? Advantages Of Local Business Listing Submission. Web Design using HTML5 - Why Should You Hire A PHP Web Development Company? How Important Is Navigation In A Web Design? Amazing and Professional Graphics for a Website. Google+ Over Facebook. Responsive Web Design – New Era In Design Segment. Benefits of Social Media Marketing. The Choice: Web Development Outsourcing Or In-House? Top 4 Tools For Open Source Web Development. Search Engine Marketing Techniques That Can Lead You To Success. Critical Considerations for Mobile App Development.

Importance of Joomla Development. Tips before selecting a WordPress Development company for your business website. How Zen Cart Development Can Benefit Your Online Business. Why Is Mobile Development Important In This Era? Why You Should Hire Web Design Company ? Web Design Mistakes. Google’s Panda Algorithm - it’s here to stay! Work with it rather than against it. Cross Platform Application V/S Native Application. Future of PHP. Growth and future of Open Source Design and Development. Email Marketing Tips. Build Better Mobile Apps With The Following Tips. Social Media Marketing Is Important For Business Owners. How to evaluate the quality of a Web Design Company ? Mobile Application Development Company India. Hit by Penguin or Panda – How will I know? Elite InfoWorld Blog. Protect Your WordPress Website With Few Essential Tips.

Build Conversion Friendly Ecommerce Websites with Magento. Future of Mobile Application Development – Challenges and Opportunities. Innovative Mobile App Ideas That Could Make You Reach With The Help Of It. The Importance of Database Design in Web Designing. All You Need To Know About Magento Before You Get Started. Features of WordPress. Future Of E-Commerce Websites. Bundle of Legal Aspects for Mobile App Development. Elite InfoWorld Blog. A few pointers for iPhone Application Development.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Site. Magento Development at Elite InfoWorld. Web Development Trends that will Dominate 2015. Benefits of Search Engine Optimization. Why Should You Hire A PHP Web Development Company? A Cost Effective Way To Create Open Source Web Development. Why Android Application for your mobile phone? Display Marketing as one of Internet Marketing Services. The Importance of Database Design in Web Designing. Elite InfoWorld Blog. What is Affiliate Marketing? Definition And Scope Of Marketing -

Seven Stages of Internet Marketing. Main Differences between Advertising and Sales Promotion. Online Web Portal Development for Your Business Using PHP. Web Design, Mobile Apps & Web Development Company India. Magento Web Development: Reasons to get Selected as a Development Platform. OpenCart: An Out of The Box Development Solution. Magento 2 or WooCommerce: A Comparison Without Conclusion - So Why to Approach Web Development Companies for WordPress Development? PHP Development Company India. Elite InfoWorld.