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Elite Dental Group by Dr. Andre Eliasian the area’s leading restorative and cosmetic dentistry with a modern, gentle approach to oral care. Dr. Eliasian and our proven team of professionals handle every case with the same amount of care and treat every client with the same passion and respect.

Dental Services. Best Dentists in Glendale, CA - Elite Dental Group. Things To Know Regarding Mini Dental Implants - Elite Dental Group. Overview As the world is taking the benefits of some advanced technologies, there have been various changes in the treatment procedures of dentistry.

Things To Know Regarding Mini Dental Implants - Elite Dental Group

Just like if we talk about mini dental implants, they have become an alternative for traditional dental implants and are opted when someone requires a smaller than average implant to fit in an extra thin space. For those who don’t know about dentures, they prove to be the common solution for replacing the missing teeth. They are detachable restoration having a gum-colored base by which the replacement teeth are held. However, some disadvantages are linked to dentures as they slip out of place at the time of eating or speaking that can cause pain and embarrassing conditions. Other Details This kind of dental implant contains a diameter of around 1.8 mm to 3.3 mm and one of the major changes that can be seen between regular and mini implants is their design. Placement. Flipper Tooth -Important Aspects To Have A Look - Elite Dental Group. Introduction Suppose one of the teeth has been missed from the mouth due to some reasons, how will a person manage to fill the gaps in his smile?

Flipper Tooth -Important Aspects To Have A Look - Elite Dental Group

One of the simplest options that are opened for such a condition is a flipper tooth. What Is A Multiple Dental Implant? - Elite Dental Group. Introduction Smile is one of those activities which enhances the personality standards of a person.

What Is A Multiple Dental Implant? - Elite Dental Group

But the condition can look awkward to many people when there comes a presence of gap. And most importantly, leaving missing teeth to be untreated can lead to problems like tooth shifting, gum, and bone worsening along with the collapse of the face. Due to such activities, there can be a feeling of sagging skin and some symptoms of premature aging. Those who contain more than a couple of missing teeth and don’t want to have a removable partial denture, one of the best options for them can be implant bridges. Difference Between A Periodontist And Oral Surgeon - Elite Dental Group. Introduction What happens when you realize that you have a fever?

Difference Between A Periodontist And Oral Surgeon - Elite Dental Group

The answer is simple and straight. You will visit the doctor. Then what will be your move when the issue is related to your bone or any cardiac-related case? At that time you may approach an expert who has taken training in that particular field and is specialized to solve such kind of issues. The reason behind delivering the above statement is that medical science has been divided into various categories where everybody has their role like nurses, compounders, doctors, physiotherapists, surgeons, etc. Temporary Tooth And Related Aspects - Elite Dental Group. Introduction There have been a lot of cases where people have to take help from the dentist for numerous reasons.

Temporary Tooth And Related Aspects - Elite Dental Group

Sometimes there can be a presence of cavities, or the patient suffers from gum disease. In some conditions where the dentist finally decides to remove the teeth, it can sound a bit unpleasant to many people. But don’t worry, as the technology is growing, dentistry is also introducing various options for the patient to assist them and deliver them nice services.

What Are Immediate Dentures? - Elite Dental Group. Overview Immediate dentures can be identified as a removable denture.

What Are Immediate Dentures? - Elite Dental Group

The words show a lot about them as they can be inserted with an immediate effect on the patient’s mouth after teeth removal. Along with that, a person is provided a chance to eat and speak with the new teeth immediately. Advantages One of the advantages following immediate dentures is that the patient can walk away with a full smile on the exact day when the removal of natural teeth has taken place. What Is The Difference Between An Endodontist And Periodontist? - Elite Dental Group. Introduction Dentistry in today’s world has stretched a lot.

What Is The Difference Between An Endodontist And Periodontist? - Elite Dental Group

There is a great depth by which the professionals focus on particular procedures of oral health. Today we are going to talk about two of the professions of dentistry named endodontist and periodontist. With the help of their description, you will find out the difference between both these professions. But before knowing their differences, we will firstly tell you regarding the general dentist. 1. Endodontists are those dentists who have taken advanced training on the tooth root canal and treatments. There can be a usage of 3d imaging, and it is said that their other equipment is generally on the top of the range. How To Floss A Dental Bridge? Overview Brushing and flossing are considered two of the best ways of protecting the mouth from different types of oral health problems.

How To Floss A Dental Bridge?

Brushing proves to be an easy task but many people don’t have the knowledge to brush their teeth properly. You need to be gentle with your teeth while brushing and make sure that the brush covers all the portions inside the mouth. If we talk about flossing, it proves to be a crucial step in maintaining proper hygiene as it keeps our gums healthy, eliminates food particles that our toothbrush can’t reach and assists in removing plaque to avert the buildup of tartar.

Top Reasons to Get a Tooth Extracted - Elite Dental Group. Tooth Extraction Having a tooth pulled may not be likable for many people, but there can be some conditions when a necessity of tooth extraction is there in adulthood.

Top Reasons to Get a Tooth Extracted - Elite Dental Group

Tooth extraction, in simple words can be described as having a tooth pulled out from the mouth. Why Is It Required? Several conditions are there in which the requirement of tooth extraction can exist. Like if there is a presence of excessive tooth decay, an infection in the tooth or crowding has taken place, then the dentist might suggest the patient for tooth extraction. Procedures Before scheduling the procedure of a tooth extraction, the dentist will take the X-ray of the patient’s tooth. There is also a need to tell the dentist if there is a presence of problems like diabetes, hypertension, damaged heart valves, an impaired immune system, an artificial joint, renal disease, a history of bacterial endocarditis, liver disease, a congenital heart defect, or thyroid disease.

Elite Dental Specialists  - Elite Dental Group in Glendale, CA. Smile Makeover: Treatments And Cost. Introduction The process of a smile makeover can be identified as improving the appearance of the smile with the help of one or more cosmetic procedures of dentistry.

Smile Makeover: Treatments And Cost

There can be various reasons for which smile makeover can be done and customized according to the considerations of a person. One of the aspects of a smile makeover is that the process isn’t particularly done on the basis of smile design that is desired by a person, but it is also based on the facial appearance, complexion, shape of lips and their color, gum tissue, and its color, and even color of the hair. Smile Makeover Treatment The treatment of smile makeover will initiate by treating the existing problems of teeth like bad breath and inflammation of the gums, gum disease which leads to bleeding gums, untreated tooth decay or teeth grinding that may lead to pain in the jaw and structurally damage the teeth. The next thing we will talk about is bonding.

Dentist open on Saturday. Pegged Teeth- Meaning, Causes and Treatment - Elitedentalg. All of us would love to have a gleaming smile on our face. It usually a result of crystal white beaming teeth. But what will happen when the teeth have a cone-shape and are significantly smaller than average, there might not be that attraction as compared to normal. PEGGED TEETH- MEANING, CAUSES AND TREATMENT. Dead Tooth Things To Know About Dead Tooth, Signs, Treatment. Things To Know About Dead Tooth Signs Treatment. Dead Tooth : Things To Know About Dead Tooth, Signs, Treatment. Our teeth develop from a combination of soft and hard tissues.

If they are working correctly in our body, we may assume they are alive. DEAD TOOTH: THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT DEAD TOOTH, SIGNS, TREATMENT. Dead Tooth Things To Know About Dead Tooth, Signs, Treatment. 5 Everyday Bad Habits That Erode Your Enamel- Things You Must Know - Elite Dental Group. Maintaining healthy teeth is supposed to be an easy task. Whatever we eat and that goes into the stomach, it first meets with our teeth as they are responsible for converting food into tiny pieces and then sending it down for our body to digest. If we don’t care of our teeth, the food can stick to its surface causing different oral problems. Though, it is almost impossible to avoid ordinary wear and tear of your teeth. Nobody can claim to have fully natural and entirely unstained and unmarked teeth. In order to endure this wear and tear, one must need to brush and floss; there is a requirement to involve a regular healthy diet.

Talking about tooth enamel, it is considered as one of the strongest substances of a person’s body. 10 Tips For Child Dental Health-Parents Need To Keep An Eye On Their Oral Health - Elite Dental Group. Almost all of us will agree about the fact that childhood is one of the best and enjoyable periods of our life. There were no worries except studies. We had complete freedom of whatever we wanted to eat, especially things like chocolates.

But there wasn’t thought of caring about oral health. That’s why many children faced dental problems in the earlier part of their life. Everything You Should Know About Gum Pockets And Treatment Options - Elite Dental Group. In a healthy mouth, our gums get to fit tightly around the teeth. An ordinary distance between the gum tissue and teeth is near about 1 to 3 mm in depth. Bacteria are always there to cause different types of oral health problems; for that, you need to stay on top of proper oral health responsibilities like brushing, flossing, and consistant professional cleanings. Increase of bacteria can cause plaque to form as a sticky material on the teeth. If plaque remains there on the teeth, it will develop tartar. Top 20 Oral Health Issues- You Need To Take Care About Them - Elite Dental Group.

Those who try to take care of their oral health right from the beginning are the one who lives their life with less dental problems. Still, there are lots of people in this world who face different types of oral health issues, out of which we will tell you some of them. Periodontal (Gum) Disease Gum disease or periodontal disease refers to an infection of the gums that surrounds the teeth and one of the main causes of tooth loss amongst adults. Gum disease can happen with anyone, but it is more likely to develop after a person passes the age of 30. 11 Every day Brushing Habits that Damage’s Your Gums and Teeth - Elite Dental Group. I think you will be agreeing with me when I say: Poor Oral Hygiene can lead to other diseases like cardiovascular, gingivitis, bacterial infection, gum diseases, Plaque, Tooth loss, etc. Most of us like to brush our teeth in the morning and many people have a habit to do the same in the night. But this practice is not particularly essential for maintaining a healthy mouth.

17 New Ways By Which You Can Get Your Teeth Whiter. 11 Foods That Are Beneficial In Improving The Oral Health Naturally - Elite Dental Group. Health is considered as one of the most important things in the life of a person. Reasons Behind Sensitive Teeth-Information & Available Treatments - Elite Dental Group. Reasons Behind Teeth Grinding In Night-Aspects To Know About - Elite Dental Group. Grinding the teeth or clenching them occasionally can prove to be normal and typically it won’t cause damage, but when a person applies it on a regular basis, they don’t know it can harm their teeth and can able to put some oral health issues.

Teeth grinding often take place at the time of sleep. Also known as bruxism, it is when a person moves their teeth forth and back during sleep.Teeth grindingcan lead to different problems. We have mentioned some causes as well as symptoms below that will assist you. 17 Foods That Can Prove To Be Worst For The Oral Health - Elite Dental Group. Overview Maintaining oral health can be considered as one of the important aspects of a person’s life. Can We Consider Charcoal Toothpaste Safe For Teeth Whitening? - Elite Dental Group. Overview. Tooth Sensitivity-A Problem Among Many People - Elite Dental Group. Overview Few things which we like may be too hot or too cold. Ways To Brush The Teeth - Elite Dental Group. Overview Right from our childhood days, we all have been taught to brush our teeth in a good manner to protect them from various germs.

Things to Know About Dentures - Elite Dental Group. Titanium Dental Implants-Related Information to be Acquainted With - Elite Dental Group. Top Reasons to Get a Tooth Extracted - Elite Dental Group. What Does Zirconia Crown Stand For? - Elite Dental Group. Affordable Dentures And Implants-Related Things To Know About - Elite Dental Group. Things To Know About Oral Sedation-Advantages And Disadvantages - Elite Dental Group. Teeth Whitening and Bleaching-Is It Safe And Effective? - Elite Dental Group. Amalgam VS Composite Filling-Essential Things to Know - Elite Dental Group.

Root Canal Treatment-Things To Know - Elite Dental Group. What Is A Cavity Filling? - Elite Dental Group. What Kinds Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are Available? - Elite Dental Group. Procedures Associated With Cosmetic Dentistry - Elite Dental Group. Things To Be Acquainted With Dental Filling - Elite Dental Group. What Is The Difference Between An Endodontist And Periodontist? - Elite Dental Group. How Much Long Does It Take to get a Dental Bridge? - Elite Dental Group.

How To Floss A Dental Bridge? - Elite Dental Group. Things To Know About a Smile Makeover: Treatments And Cost - Elite Dental Group. THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT A SMILE MAKEOVER: TREATMENTS AND COST. Best Dental Clinic and Dentists in Glendale, CA - Elite Dental Group. What Is a Canker Sore? , Symptoms and Causes Of Canker Sore. Things To Know About Tooth Bonding, Process, Disadvantages.

Things You Need To Know About Jaw Pain, Causes and Symptoms. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT JAW PAIN, CAUSES & SYMPTOMS. What is accelerated-

Many people in this world are fond of maintaining their personality with a serious touch. Lots of things are responsible for adding beauty to the personality of a person. Out of which teeth can be considered as one of the essential things. As every person differs from another one, their qualities do not match up as well. The same procedure is there to explore in the case of teeth. Not everybody has an attractive pair of teeth to improve their personality standards. – elitedentalgroup

Dental Implants With Affordable Cost in Glendale, CA. Affordable Dental Clinic In Los Angeles - Elite Dental Group.