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Recent Study Reveals Challenges for Securing Enterprise IoT Devices. Ultimate Design Rules from Responsive Design Specialist. With more and more consumers shifting from desktop to mobile devices for navigating the digital world, businesses are left with no choice other than gearing up for improving mobile experience of their customers.

Ultimate Design Rules from Responsive Design Specialist

For that, responsive design is the need of the hour to help you meet up with the expectations of your audience. Keep the page clutter-free. After Mobile App Development Now Go For Mobile App Branding. There are many apps that have emerged in the mobile market today; there are equal numbers of existing and new app developers emerging for all mobile platforms in existence today.

After Mobile App Development Now Go For Mobile App Branding

Although there is one particular area of mobile marketing that is neglected which is a mobile app branding. Below is the list of mobile apps branding techniques that will help developers to establish a portfolio: App Icon: An app’s icon is the first thing that catches the eye of the users; hence it is important that it makes an impression. Then icon is displayed in various different locations within the listing page on both app stores, on the top panel of the app’s home page and also on the device’s home screen when the app is downloaded. Give Your E-commerce Business a Boost with Visual Content. There is a popular old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it holds good even today in the context of your website.

Give Your E-commerce Business a Boost with Visual Content

No wonder that people prefer to watch a video than reading a long text. Even as a child you would have easily consumed study materials with pictorial explanations rather than the ones with only text! Did You Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your B... - Elita Barteaux's Blog - Quora. With so many web hosting options available these days, you are very likely to be lured by the low cost ones offering you exactly the diskspace and bandwidth that you need.

Did You Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your B... - Elita Barteaux's Blog - Quora

Saving cost by choosing a low cost host may seem like a rational decision but put a glance at the following factors to find out whether it is promoting your business or hindering it from growing. Website load time Page load time is a very important factor that decides user experience and also search engine rankings as Google already admitted.

There could be many reasons behind a slow loading website.


Role Of Designer And Developer For Building Successful Mobile App. Mobile app development is the popular and growing business since last few years.

Role Of Designer And Developer For Building Successful Mobile App

Every person running business wishes to develop mobile app and get connected to the people using smartphones. Marketing budget of any company has to necessarily include mobile app in its plan. As per the predictions for this year’s number of smartphones users are going to reach 1.75 billion. This is a quite promising figure and with the growing number of users, number of apps on almost all mobile platforms are going to increase tremendously. Responsive Web Design: Guidelines from Web Development Experts. Top security tips from CakePHP Specialists for Building Your App. CakePHP is an open-source framework that facilitates easier and faster web application development by building rapid prototypes using code generation and scaffolding features and hence it doesn’t make you to write long codes.

Top security tips from CakePHP Specialists for Building Your App

It follows model-view-controller architecture and since its release in April 2005 it has become popular among developers for its enhanced security. This framework comes with in-built security options such as CSRF protection, XSS protection, form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, input validation and many more. Along with controlling cross controller communication in web applications, it also controls HTTP methods used by CakePHP experts. Even if you are new to development field this framework comes to your aid by offering helpers which covers different topics like AJAX, HTML forms and JavaScript.

Data validation This feature adds security to your application by restricting users to provide important data only in correct format. Make An Eye - Catching Website For Your Customer. The world is connecting to the web.

Make An Eye - Catching Website For Your Customer

Among the thousands of internet sites and apps that your customers flick through on a daily basis, it’s robust competition to face out and build an impact. Whoever same “the 1st impression is that the last impression” positively had UX design on his mind. Within the virtual world, the primary impression that is constructed in but 5 seconds is your state of grace to achieve or lose a client. Applications and Benefits of IoT in Healthcare.

Internet of Things (IoT) is intended to minimize or completely eliminate interactions between human beings or between human beings and computers.

Applications and Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

Most hospitals have improved diagnosis, reduced operating costs and increased life expectancy of patients by achieving a higher level of automation and convenience through the use of connected wristbands in patients, beds and beacons in and outside the hospital premises. We discuss few benefits of IoT in healthcare as given below: Top Ten Proven Tricks to Build Feature-rich Websites. Your business website must aim for better performance and user engagement to achieve customer loyalty.

Top Ten Proven Tricks to Build Feature-rich Websites

We bring you ten proven tips to build a feature-rich website which will definitely help you maximize revenues and sales. Your business website must aim for better performance and user engagement to achieve customer loyalty. We bring you ten proven tips to build a feature-rich website which will definitely help you maximize revenues and sales. Must - Know Web App Development Trends in 2016. The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility! The enterprise mobility industry has seen a growing demand curve in the recent times.

The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility!

More businesses are realizing the importance and benefits of enterprise mobility and thus more of them are opting for it. The mobile device management tools are also increasing in number with the passing days. Enterprise mobility is crucial because the role of a development company does not get over at just development phase, the step of management and support needs to go along with the app once it is well tested and ready to be deployed online. 3 Verticals of Enterprise Mobility Management Mobile Application Management This management comprises of applying policy control for individual mobile applications. Mobile Enterprises- Running concept in Today’s World. Responsive Design: Ultimate Design Rules from Responsive Design Specialist.

Improving Filter In E-Commerce Site Improves Shopping Experience For Customer. Filters on an ecommerce sites help customers find the product faster and also narrows down the search results or listings on a product category page. This improves the shopping experience for the consumers and boost sales for the online merchants. The success of the filtered navigation on an ecommerce site can be measured by the results it produces, its ease of use and how it impacts sales.

Here are ways to improve filters on the ecommerce site: Provide filters that differentiate a product: The filters in the navigation should be able to direct the users to choose the specific products they desire. Allow users to select multiple filters: Filtered navigation basically means helping shoppers zero down their choices to a particular set of products. Avoid displaying no results: A customer sometimes can narrow down their filter too much to end up with no results of their specific choice. Clarity of options: Ensure to use filters that are easily understandable by the shoppers. WooCommerce vs Magento: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your e-Commerce Site. E-commerce business sector has seen tremendous growth over the past few years with more and more players exploring this digital zone to increase their business opportunities. For an e-commerce startup choosing the right platform can be the decisive factor leading to its success or failure.

With so many options around and each one offering lucrative features it gets really tough to zero in on just the right one for your business. It gets even more challenging when you end up with two e-commerce solutions – woocommerce and magento – the usual choices that seem to be the perfect fit for your online business. Here, we strive to throw some light on these two most popular platforms. Mobile App Development: The Cost Which Brings Profit Too - Mobile Applikation Entwicklung. Improve Mobile UX With Top 5 Tips. As a website designer and developer you are always trying to give the best experience to your users. Internet users are growing everyday and most of them are browsing your website from their mobile phones.

Invest in Custom Mobile App Development and Win Customer Loyalty - Mobile Applikation Entwicklung. AngularJS vs. Ember.js: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your App Development Project. In the current era of web development, building interactive web applications using plain JavaScript sounds impossible! But impossible is possible with the cool JavaScript frameworks that strengthens plain HTML and JavaScript and hence are aptly called the backbone of single page applications (SPAs). In this article we will discuss about two popular JavaScript frameworks – Angular JS and Ember.js. Angular JS It is the most popular and frequently used JavaScript framework for developing SPAs and its community of developers has grown in remarkable strength since its inception in the year 2009. This framework powers HTML by adding all the rich features necessary for building interactive user interface. Angular JS empowers web applications by manipulating DOM and attaching all the features in the directive that is used, at the time of compiling and rendering the HTML on user interface.

Ember.js This framework also follows the principle of two way data binding as discussed above for AngularJS. What is a Better eCommerce Technology? Magento or ZenCart. With the increase in the demand for webshop, eCommerce development is witnessing cutting edge competition. Designing Tips For Bringing More Crowd To Your Website. If you would like to succeed on the target market of your business, having a website has become a necessity. Differentiating Between Mobile Friendly & Mobile Optimized Website. Using ASP.NET Framework to Avoid Technical Debt. Why Protecting Your Magento Website should be your Priority? Magento recently informed about an important security patch that should be deployed as soon as possible. Outsource OpenCart. Outsource PrestaShop. Outsource OS Commerce. Joomla Spezialist. Helios Solutionsist ein renommiertesUnternehmen im Bereich der Joomla Entwicklung, welchesmaßgeschneiderte Webentwicklungen für zahlreicheOrganisationen vonHotels über Restaurants und Bauunternehmen bishin zur Immobilienbrancheliefert.Wir sind sehrstolz darauf, Joomla Entwicklungen auszuführen zu können und bieten kundenspezifische Pakete in einer effektiven Art und Weise.

Drupal Spezialist. Responsive Design Experte. Mobile Friendly Website: Has Transformed the Business Industry. Magento Entwicklung. Wordpress Spezialist. How To Increase The Visibility And Downloads Of Mobile App.