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E-Discovery, Computer Forensics & Cybersecurity Software. Pipl - People Search. This Week in Cybercrime: Online Bank Heists Just the Latest in a Long String. Late last month, I began an edition of This Week in Cybercrime by noting that, “The idea that cybercrimes are the work of miscreants or gangs of hackers picking targets at random is outmoded.

This Week in Cybercrime: Online Bank Heists Just the Latest in a Long String

Analysts now see a mature industry with an underground economy based on the development and distribution of ever more sophisticated tools for theft or wreaking havoc.” That updated thinking was backed up by a report released a few days earlier by researchers at 41st Parameter, a fraud detection and prevention firm. Further reinforcement came this week when U.S. federal prosecutors filed charges against five people for orchestrating what is said to be the largest hacking/data breach/bank robbery case ever reported. The estimated financial losses stemming from the thefts reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Prosecutors named 16 separate corporate victims of the Russian and Ukrainian cyberthieves’ reign of terror. The banks should do a better job at securing their networks, you say? SAML Wiki Knowledgebase. Contact Us - SSO Easy. When is Strong Authentication required with SAML?

Contact Us - SSO Easy

When information is particularly sensitive or vulnerable, using a password alone may not be enough protection. A stronger means of authentication, something that’s harder to compromise, is necessary. SSO Easy – Strong Authentication SAML Solution SSO Easy's Strong Authentication SAML Solution is built upon the market leading EasyConnect SAML solution. This solution enhances and extends EasyConnect, and includes full integration with the YubiKey® strong authentication product from Yubico. This unique, integrated solution provides strong authentication to deliver secure, simple access to every web and cloud-based application. About YubiKey® The YubiKey® is the leading one time password token for simple, open online identity protection.

Key benefits: An Introduction to Simple Cloud Identity Management. Simple Cloud Identity Management, or SCIM for short, made its first foray into the standards process at IETF 83 with a standing room only birds-of-a-feather (BoF) session.

An Introduction to Simple Cloud Identity Management

Since then SCIM has been working on finalizing its charter, which went to the area directors in late April and has been a topic of interest in numerous identity- and access-management communities, such as the Internet Identity Workshops (IIW), working groups (WGs) of Internet2 and TERENA, the Kantara Initiative, and several advocacy campaigns of SCIM contributors.

What is SCIM? The SCIM protocol takes a pragmatic approach to the challenge of provisioning user identity across cloud-based service providers. The Simple in Simple Cloud Identity Management is more than just a name; it is a principle participants have used to evolve the concept and hope to continue as it goes through the IETF process to become a formal standard. Special Publication 800-12: Chapter SEVENTEEN. Chapter 17: On many multiuser systems, requirements for using (and prohibitions against the use of) various computer resources114 vary considerably.

Special Publication 800-12: Chapter SEVENTEEN

Typically, for example, some information must be accessible to all users115, some may be needed by several groups or departments, and some should be accessed by only a few individuals. Empresa Clavis Segurança da Informação » Blog Corporativo » Webinar #14 – “Teste de Invasão com o Nmap Scripting Engine” 18 de setembro de 2012 Qual foi o objetivo deste novo webinar da Clavis Segurança da Informação?

Empresa Clavis Segurança da Informação » Blog Corporativo » Webinar #14 – “Teste de Invasão com o Nmap Scripting Engine”

Este webinar teve como objetivo apresentar o Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) e sua relação com o Nmap e com suas varreduras tradicionais no contexto de Auditorias Teste de Invasão. O NSE é um engine que permite levar as varreduras do Nmap ao próximo nível, adicionando a elas novas funcionalidades e permitindo que usuários criem outras que atendam suas necessidades particulares.

Entre as funcionalidades já disponíveis no NSE podemos destacar: detecção de vulnerabilidades, varredura de aplicações web, execução ataques de força bruta, busca proxies abertos, etc. NSEDoc Reference Portal. Download the Free Nmap Security Scanner for Linux/MAC/UNIX or Windows. Nmap and Zenmap (the graphical front end) are available in several versions and formats.

Download the Free Nmap Security Scanner for Linux/MAC/UNIX or Windows

Recent source releases and binary packages are described below. Older version (and sometimes newer test releases) are available from the dist directory (and really old ones are in dist-old). For the more security-paranoid (smart) users, GPG detached signatures and SHA-1 hashes for each release are available in the sigs directory (verification instructions). Before downloading, be sure to read the relevant sections for your platform from the Nmap Install Guide. The most important changes (features, bugfixes, etc) in each Nmap version are described in the Changelog.

Nmap users are encouraged to subscribe to the Nmap-hackers mailing list. Violações em Banco de Dados e Roubo de Identidade. RSA: SecurID Attack Was Phishing Via an Excel Spreadsheet. IaaS Encryption: How to Choose. There is no single right way to pick the best encryption option.

IaaS Encryption: How to Choose

Which is ‘best’ depends on a ton of factors including the specifics of the cloud deployment, what you already have for key management or encryption, the nature of the data, and so on. That said, here are some guidelines that should work in most cases. Volume Storage Always use external key management. Narration Other Books 1940000 source codes to download - Narration Other Books 1940000 source codes to download -