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Adult Journal in a Jar: Make-Ahead Gift to Print. Hero Subunit 3: Three Paragraph Essay on a Personal Hero – The Canswedian English Teacher. Subunit 3: Three paragraph essay on a personal hero.

Hero Subunit 3: Three Paragraph Essay on a Personal Hero – The Canswedian English Teacher

Ask the students to think about their personal hero, or someone they look up to. It could be a family member, singer, someone from history, whoever…It is mindblowing how many will say they don’t know. If they don’t have one – they can research. I showed a few people The White Helmets from Syria for example. One girl thought about her grandmother who was battling cancer. Click below for the lesson plan Remember the paragraph writing in Grade 7? Follow the directions for the three paragraph essay on the PowerPoint. But – word of the wise: beware of the over Pinteresting. *deep calming breaths* And we’re moving on. Make A Writing Jar (Plus 101 Prompts to Fill it!) – Far From Normal. Writing. Feed forward på gruppnivå - Mia Smith.

Hur många gånger har vi lärare inte suttit sena kvällar (och nätter) med personlig, individuell feedback för att eleverna ska utveckla sitt skrivande, sitt tänkande och sitt lärande.

Feed forward på gruppnivå - Mia Smith

Och efter några timmar kommer väl den där tanken farande att det man skriver till en elev säkert skulle gagna flera elever. Och att vi skriver samma saker på flera olika ställen. Hur kan vi maximera effekten av detta? Hur når vi ut så att alla elever kan lära maximalt, utan att slösa bort lärarens tid alltför mycket? En kollega som undervisar SO berättade nyligen att hon ibland färgmarkerar olika olika prov eller uppgifter som eleverna har gjort för att sedan kunna följa upp gruppvis. ”Ni som fått en lila lapp, kom till mig så ska vi gå igenom en sak lite till.” ”Ni som har fått gula lappar kan tänka lite extra på att koppla ihop era exempel med varandra för att fördjupa resonemanget.” Texttyper i engelska. Cambridge English Write & Improve. Free IELTS Listening tests - IELTS-up. Here you can find full IELTS Listening Tests and answers to them.

Free IELTS Listening tests - IELTS-up

All tests are constantly being renewed and correspond to the real exam sections. To get your IELTS Listening score calculated, just follow this procedure: Choose one of the tests below and click on the first section of it. Play the audio and answer the questions. After you finish the section, press "check" and you will see the correct and wrong answers, and get your result. 16 Persuasive Writing Secrets & Influential Words. Essay writing. Writing. Six Wonderful Sites to Help you Write, Speak and Sound Better. I’m not a native speaker.

Six Wonderful Sites to Help you Write, Speak and Sound Better

Even though I read, write, work and I would almost dare say live and dream in English, I haven’t learned the language from birth and sometimes have moments of self-doubt. These websites I am going to share in this post have been an invaluable help. Blog de Cristina is also on Facebook. FOLLOW IT! ♥Howjsay and Forvo: The world’s largest dictionaries of English Pronunciation How often have you come across a proper name you had no clue how to pronounce and you desperately needed to know the correct standard pronunciation of or perhaps a variant pronunciation of this word? ♥Linguee We all know how difficult it is to write, even more in a foreign language. ♥Phraseup Sometimes we know what we want to write, the sentence is phrased in our mind, but we can’t figure out some of the words we need. ♥

Six Amazing Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger. Long writing activities are not very frequently done in class.

Six Amazing Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger

I tend to think that my students are like me; I need the right kind of atmosphere. Writing requires time, silence and lots of inspiration. Ideally, at this time of the year, I would probably wish to be sitting next to a fireplace with the most perfect instagrammable snow falling outside my window while drinking a nice cup of coffee waiting for inspiration to strike. Unfortunately, there isn’t any snow where I live so I’ll have to make do with a bit of rain and some reddish trees.

Note: you won’t find “instagrammable” in the dictionary Inspiration, the most important word when writing and something my students claim to lack. These are some great sites that can help you make your writing stronger. Photo by Tekke 1. Skell is easy to use. 2.Netspeak is a really helpful site to help you write better. You can find the word(s) you’re looking for by typing signs as seen in the picture below.

Activities for correcting writing in the language classroom. How can teachers encourage learners to correct their own writing?

Activities for correcting writing in the language classroom

Second-time winner of TeachingEnglish blog award, Cristina Cabal, offers a few tried and tested error-correction activities. 5 Ways to Write Smarter - Grammarly Blog. Allan H.

5 Ways to Write Smarter - Grammarly Blog

Mogensen was an industrial engineer who streamlined the complex processes of many different types of businesses. He was so capable that he earned the nickname “Father of Simplicity.” Though he never focused on the writing field, he did give some advice that can benefit you: work smarter, not harder! When mountains of work threaten your sanity, simplify the writing task with these five practices. Skrivövningar i åk 4.