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Articles for kids, middle school, teens from Smithsonian. Comprehension Tests 7-9 ⋆ Talk, talk and talk some more Every spring the Swedish schools must arrange National Tests in English for all 9th graders to attend.

Comprehension Tests 7-9 ⋆

An essential part of this test is speaking English. The students need to be able to tell something about themselves, their experiences and/or their thoughts, and also to discuss given topics with a… LearnEnglish Teens. Free Fiction & Nonfiction Literacy Resources, Curriculum, & Assessment Materials for Middle & High School English Language Arts. LearnEnglish Teens - British Council. Life aboard a pirate ship - Q-files Encyclopedia. The pirate code Before they could join a pirate band, new recruits had to promise to follow a strict code of conduct.

Life aboard a pirate ship - Q-files Encyclopedia

This included fighting bravely in battle and keeping weapons in good working order. There were penalties for disobeying these rules. Stealing from shipmates and deserting the ship were some of the most serious crimes. Disgraced pirates could be marooned (abandoned on a desert island), or even put to death. Every crew member signed a copy of the rules, which were called "articles". Every crew member signed a copy of the rules.

Before a battle, the whole crew discussed their plan of attack, with any disagreements settled by a vote. A pirate's diet: chicken, turtle, porridge, biscuits and beer The diet: chicken, turtle, porridge, biscuits and beer Food. English Listening Lesson Libary Online. Let's talk about the ENVIRONMENT worksheet. Free IELTS Listening tests - IELTS-up. Here you can find full IELTS Listening Tests and answers to them.

Free IELTS Listening tests - IELTS-up

All tests are constantly being renewed and correspond to the real exam sections. To get your IELTS Listening score calculated, just follow this procedure: Choose one of the tests below and click on the first section of it. Play the audio and answer the questions. After you finish the section, press "check" and you will see the correct and wrong answers, and get your result. Comprehension Tests 7-9 – Kopia av Working with articles 8c 2015. Learning Resources. Cooking in Britain Today. Introduction This lesson consists of a series of activities to help students talk about food and cooking.

Cooking in Britain Today

The main focus of the lesson is a text based on a recent survey in the UK indicating that British people are becoming more adventurous and experimental in their cooking and eating habits due to the growing popularity of cooking programmes. Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English News. FREE BOOKS: 100 legal sites to download literature. INTRODUCTION. ”The Magic Finger” by Roald Dahl. Årskurs 4 läser just nu ”The Magic Finger” av Roald Dahl.

Read, listen & learn a littleEnglish. The Giving Tree – Background suggests this lesson plan as a Teacher’s Choice of literature studies.

The Giving Tree –

The theme can be repeated every year from year 4 until year 9 with different focuses. Suitable timing would be at the beginning or end of either term or together with autumn or environmental studies. Short Stories at East of the Web. A game of Scrabble has serious consequences. - Length: 4 pages - Age Rating: PG - Genre: Crime, Humor A semi-barbaric king devises a semi-barabaric (but entirely fair) method of criminal trial involving two doors, a beautiful lady and a very hungry tiger.

Short Stories at East of the Web

1001 Inspirational Stories And Motivational Stories. About Us - Owl Eyes. Owl Eyes is an improved reading experience for students, teachers, and everyday readers.

About Us - Owl Eyes

We wanted a clean, smart e-reading and annotating tool, and when we couldn't find one we liked, we built it! Reading. News. ReadWorks. Anchor Charts, Inference och Huvudtanken. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. The Solution to Reading Comprehension. Book Tasks ⋆ Posts, Teaching Matters. When I went to school I loved reading books, but I hated answering content questions for class.

Book Tasks ⋆ Posts, Teaching Matters

I always felt stupid answering questions that everybody in the classroom knew the answer to. When I studied at the university, I was finally allowed to answer what I thought about what I had read and found a new joy in exploring the deeper secrets in my mind that the book opened up. This is why in I always prefer open questions to clear-cut repetitions of facts.

When it comes to reading books, presents several sets of questions that will let your intermediate students explore their own minds through their reading experiences. The best thing is that these can be assigned to any book! 25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area. 25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area Reading is reading.

25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area

By understanding that letters make sounds, we can blend those sounds together to make whole sounds that symbolize meaning we can all exchange with one another. Without getting too Platonic about it all, reading doesn’t change simply because you’re reading a text from another content area. Only sometimes it does. Science content can often by full of jargon, research citations, and odd text features. ESL English Language Learning - Adult Literacy - Listening & Reading - Audiobooks - Stories. Learn English skills online, interactive activity lessons. Simple Short Stories : Many Short Stories are here for your enrichment. Reading. Biographies for Kids, Famous Leaders for Young Readers.

Famous Biographies & TV Shows - News English Lessons: Free Lesson Plans for Current Events. Articles. ESL Reading Worksheets - Short Stories - Free. Top 10 Reading Websites for Elementary Students. There are so many great websites out there for Elementary students that I decided to put together some Top 10 Lists for websites to use in the upcoming school year.

Top 10 Reading Websites for Elementary Students

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting lists of sites to use for various subjects. Be sure to see the post I wrote about organizing websites, if you need a way to keep track of all of these. The Solution to Reading Comprehension. Easy English Articles - TeachingEnglish. Introducing Shakespeare - Mia Smith. Reading Comprehension Resources for EFL and ESL Learners. Reading skills practice. Free Reading Worksheets.

Ereading Worksheets has the best reading worksheets on the internet, and they’re all free. These worksheets are skill focused and aligned to Common Core State Standards. You are free to save, edit, and print these worksheets for personal or classroom use. Many of these assignments can now be completed online. You’re going to like this. 21 Anchor Charts That Teach Reading Comprehension. This blog is sponsored by Questar Assessment, a K–12 assessment-solutions provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability. Reading comprehension is one of the most complex skills to teach. It’s also arguably the most important. Students will only succeed in other subject areas (and make it a lifelong habit to read for pleasure) if they understand what they are reading on an ingrained level. Many factors go into the development of reading comprehension, including building an extensive vocabulary, asking questions, making connections and visualization.

Below, you’ll find 21 anchor charts that tackle some of the trickiest parts of teaching comprehension. Läsförståelsestrategier på svenska och engelska. Att arbeta med läsförståelsestrategier är inget nytt för svensklärare, men tack vare det utvidgade kollegiet sprids många bra varianter för att förtydliga och synliggöra detta arbete. Som språklärare har jag inte fått någon formell utbildning kring detta, så inspirationen för min del kommer från nätet. Jag har tittat på de jättetydliga filmerna som Susanne Nystedt har gjort, kollat in Josef Sahlins sida, kikat in på En läsande klass och läst Annika Sjödahls tydliga beskrivningar.