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Klaus Moje — HELLER GALLERY. Klaus Moje has been recognized internationally as one of the most significant innovators in the medium of glass, and as a highly influential educator who has inspired several generations of young artists.


Born in Hamburg, Germany, Moje established his first studio, in 1961. He relocated to Australia in 1982, where he founded the Glass Workshop of the Canberra School of Art and the modern art glass movement in Australia. SYLVIE VANDENHOUCKE. Fine Wood Art & Wood Art Pieces by Mark Doolittle Studio. Stephen Knapp Lightpaintings. David Patchen Handblown Glass. Richard-m-parrish. Layne Rowe - Contemporary Glass. Zoë Woods Glass. Fused Glass - Helen Rudy Glass. Daniel Maher Stained Glass - Home. Home - Lino Tagliapietra. Davidyuleglass.

Carrie Gustafson : Glass Artist. Panorama. Giles Bettison. Giles Bettison has become one of Australia’s most dominant and recognised glass artists.

Giles Bettison

This acclaim can be attributed to his unique & strikingly beautiful application of colour, patterns and forms in his continual exploration of the traditional techniques of Murrini glass. His works invite a subtle contemplation of the environment in country South Australia, which inspires him. Tobias Møhl Glas.