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Google Created Its Own Laws of Robotics. In his famous Robot series of stories and novels, Isaac Asimov created the fictional Laws of Robotics, which read: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

Google Created Its Own Laws of Robotics

A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. Although the laws are fictional, they have become extremely influential among roboticists trying to program robots to act ethically in the human world. Now, Google has come along with its own set of, if not laws, then guidelines on how robots should act.

Robots Should Not Make Things Worse Let's say, in the course of his robotic duties, your cleaning robot is tasked with moving a box from one side of the room to another. In addition, Google Brain says that robots shouldn't be programmed to one-notedly obsess about one thing, like moving a box. Sex with robots to be 'the norm' in 50 years, expert claims. Humans could soon be having sexual relationships with robots, a top academic has claimed.

Sex with robots to be 'the norm' in 50 years, expert claims

Dr Helen Driscoll said advances in technology mean the way in which humans interact with robots is set to change drastically in the coming years. Sex with robots will be ‘the norm’ in 50 years - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent. While the notion has dystopian elements, Dr Helen Driscoll of the University of Sunderland said that any stigma attached to robophilia could quickly dissipate.

Sex with robots will be ‘the norm’ in 50 years - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent

“We tend to think about issues such as virtual reality and robotic sex within the context of current norms,” she told The Mirror. "But if we think back to the social norms about sex that existed just 100 years ago, it is obvious that they have changed rapidly and radically.” A robot has passed a self-awareness test - News - Gadgets and Tech. The induction puzzle goes as follows: 'The King called the three wisest men in the country to his court to decide who would become his new advisor.

A robot has passed a self-awareness test - News - Gadgets and Tech

He placed a hat on each of their heads, such that each wise man could see all of the other hats, but none of them could see their own. Each hat was either white or blue. The robots are here — and you should be worried - Business Insider.


A survey of motivation frameworks for intelligent systems. Anthropomorphism and AI: Turingʼs much misunderstood imitation game. 24-IJSSCI-1101-AbstractInt.pdf. Intelligence in Seven Steps: Howard Gardner. Theory of multiple intelligences. The theory of multiple intelligences is a theory of intelligence that differentiates it into specific (primarily sensory) "modalities", rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability.

Theory of multiple intelligences

This model was proposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner articulated seven criteria for a behavior to be considered an intelligence.[1] These were that the intelligences showed: potential for brain isolation by brain damage, place in evolutionary history, presence of core operations, susceptibility to encoding (symbolic expression), a distinct developmental progression, the existence of savants, prodigies and other exceptional people, and support from experimental psychology and psychometric findings. Gardner argues intelligence is categorized into three primary or overarching categories, those of which are formulated by the abilities.

Theory of multiple intelligences. The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 to analyze and better describe the concept of intelligence.

Theory of multiple intelligences

Gardner argues that the concept of intelligence as traditionally defined in psychometrics (IQ tests) does not sufficiently describe the wide variety of cognitive abilities humans display. For example, the theory states that a child who learns to multiply easily is not necessarily more intelligent than a child who has stronger skills in another kind of intelligence. The child who takes more time to master simple multiplication 1) may best learn to multiply through a different approach, 2) may excel in a field outside of mathematics, or 3) may even be looking at and understand the multiplication process at a fundamentally deeper level. The theory has been met with mixed responses. The multiple intelligences Full article ▸ IQ ‘a myth,’ study says. The idea that intelligence can be measured by a single number — your IQ — is wrong, according to a recent study led by researchers at the University of Western Ontario.

IQ ‘a myth,’ study says

The study, published in the journal Neuron on Wednesday, involved 100,000 participants around the world taking 12 cognitive tests, with a smaller sample of the group undergoing simultaneous brain-scan testing. IQ Scores are a Myth. Science & Tech / Discoveries By: Chris O'Shea Leave it to scientists to prove things that seem to be fairly common sense.

IQ Scores are a Myth

In the latest example, several researchers at the University of Western Ontario's Brain and Mind Institute have concluded that IQ scores are sort of irrelevant. Or rather, a myth. Optimiser la valeur des données géospatiales. Les gouvernements ont, dès le début, été au cœur de cette tendance des Big Data géospatiales.

Optimiser la valeur des données géospatiales

Les pays recueillent en effet de grandes quantités de données géographiques, qui sont stockées dans des bases de données et représentent une partie essentielle des activités du gouvernement. Online Services launch page : Courts Service of Ireland.

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Centre d'aide Legal. Removing Content From Google This page will help you get to the right place to report content that you would like removed from Google's services under applicable laws.

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Providing us with complete information will help us investigate your inquiry. If you have non-legal issues that concern Google's Terms of Service or Product Policies, please visit We ask that you submit a separate notice for each Google service where the content appears. What Google product does your request relate to? Which product does your request relate to? 901 - Biens publics et gratuité (23 mai 2014) - Modes d'emploi.

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Bruit. Financement Public. Le sexe comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu dessiné (2/4) ROLE CT TRANSITION CLIM. COP 2015. PERMACULTURE. Being Somewhere - Low Impact Living. This was an interview which I was sent in 2007, after a year or so in the hobbit house. It was one of my first attempts to articulate the principles behind what we were doing following instinct and fun, rather than ideals. I certainly knew nothing about what organic architecture meant in the architectural tradition !

Since when do you live in an organic house? 5 years ago Was it a conscientious decision to move to an organic house, which were your influences in the first place? Yes, but to be natural (nontoxic/low energy/eco), close to nature and self built were our first priorities. What are, for you, the big differences between living in an traditional straight lines house, or living in an organic one? Suits my aesthetic. Do you think that living in an organic house affected your way of being, your personality, and if so, in which way?

I think we overuse the cause and effect model. Comment favoriser les fondations actionnaires en France ?

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Associations. Eloi Laurent - Accueil. Telex. Idée cadeau : L'écosphère. La stratégie de relocalisation va poser des questions environnementales. ESS. Alur. Doc pédagogique. L'économie circulaire : du consommateur à l'utilisateur. Pour une réforme bancaire plus ambitieuse : vous avez dit Liikanen ? Chiche ! PRESTATION DE SERVICES. L’économie circulaire en faveur du développement territorial et de la coopération internationale (16.12.13) - France-Diplomatie-Ministère des Affaires étrangères. Droit médical. LinkedIn : 11 fonctionnalités que vous avez tort d'ignorer. L’économie circulaire en faveur du développement territorial et de la coopération internationale (16.12.13) - France-Diplomatie-Ministère des Affaires étrangères.

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Résumes FR EMF. CT. PED. Amiante. Européennes. FUTUR ECO. ECO. Apple, Google Learn That The Car Is More Than Just A Smartphone On Wheels. International Transport Forum. And CMU Announce Strategic Partnership and Advanced Technologies Center. Uber and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) are announcing today a strategic partnership that includes the creation of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, near the CMU campus. The center will focus on the development of key long-term technologies that advance Uber’s mission of bringing safe, reliable transportation to everyone, everywhere. The partnership will provide a forum for Uber technology leaders to work closely with CMU faculty, staff, and students — both on campus and at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) — to do research and development, primarily in the areas of mapping and vehicle safety and autonomy technology.

“We are excited to join the community of Pittsburgh and partner with the experts at CMU, whose breadth and depth of technical expertise, particularly in robotics, are unmatched. —Jeff Holden, Uber Chief Product Officer —Andrew Moore, Dean of the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. Uber just announced its own self-driving car project. Uber is spending some of its vast war chest on a new facility that could pave the way for self-driving cars to join its fleet of taxis. Today it announced joint plans with Carnegie Mellon University to create the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh. Some of its projects include research and design of autonomous vehicles, as well as vehicle safety technologies. "The partnership will provide a forum for Uber technology leaders to work closely with [Carnegie Mellon University] faculty, staff, and students — both on campus and at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) — to do research and development, primarily in the areas of mapping and vehicle safety and autonomy technology," Uber said in a blog post.

The company added that a formal event for the project will occur in Pittsburgh the coming weeks. The center will focus on maps, safety, and autonomy. La voiture autonome pourrait éliminer les parkings et faire baisser les loyers. Computers That Know How You Feel Will Soon Be Everywhere. Sometime next summer, you’ll be able to watch a horror series that is exactly as scary as you want it to be—no more, no less.

You’ll pull up the show, which relies on software from the artificial intelligence startup Affectiva, and tap a button to opt in. Then, while you stare at your iPad, its camera will stare at you. The software will read your emotional reactions to the show in real time. Should your mouth turn down a second too long or your eyes squeeze shut in fright, the plot will speed along. But if they grow large and hold your interest, the program will draw out the suspense.

Drought and desertification: How robots might help. Groundwater levels in California’s Central Valley are down to historic lows and reservoirs have been depleted following four consecutive years of severe drought in the state. California is set to introduce water rationing in the coming weeks, and though the new rationing rules will focus on urban areas and not farms for the time being, they serve as a warning bell to farmers who will inevitably need to adapt to the effects of climate change on food production. Long term solutions are needed to help make agriculture drought resistant. How could robotics help? A NYTimes article published April 2nd, Mapping the Spread of Drought Across the U.S., leads off with an animated map supplied by the National Drought Mitigation Center, which shows the spread of drought conditions across the contiguous 48 states since late fall, 2014. IBM traitera des données médicales collectées par Apple. Lorsqu'il a présenté la plateforme HealthKit qui lui permet de réunir une grande base de données d'informations médicales sur les utilisateurs de ses iPhone et montres Apple Watch, Apple n'a pas fait mystère de sa volonté de partager les informations collectées avec des partenaires commerciaux et industriels, y compris jusqu'aux assurances qui pourront conditionner des remboursements au suivi de normes comportementales par le client — ou de façon plus sournoise, offrir des avantages à ceux qui se plieront aux recommandations sanitaires de l'assureur, ce qui pourra se vérifier grâce aux capteurs que les clients acceptent de porter en permanence sur eux.

Parmi les premiers partenaires de poids d'Apple figure IBM, qui a annoncé lundi le lancement de sa plateforme IBM Watson Health, en partenariat avec Apple, Johnson & Johnson et Medtronic. Internet of Anything: Simple Tools Make It Possible for Anyone to Hack Robots. Ron Evans thinks it’s about time that everyone should be able to make robots. Or at least tell them what to do. The world of robotics right now is still dominated by grad students, he says. “But the next exciting wave will come from average people who will imagine things that us so-called professionals would never think of.”

To help usher in this future, he and his colleagues at a company called The Hybrid Group created a set of free frameworks—basically skeletons of code—that free up non-specialists to write up the fun stuff for a wide variety of hardware, from Arduino circuit boards to Parrot ARDrones to Sphero robots. Geek is cool again. Evans hopes these frameworks will make it much easier to program these machines by reducing the amount of code you need to write in order to do something cool. Ultimately, Evans says, the company may release tools that will help people create their own robotics or Internet of Things software without having to write a single line of code at all.

Cloud : Amazon lance ses offres de machine learning - JDN. L'apprentissage automatique fait son entrée dans les Amazon Web Services. L'offre, baptisée Amazon Machine Learning ,va concurrencer celles de Microsoft et d'IBM, notamment. Machine learning : décryptage d'une technologie qui monte - JDN. Vente en ligne, recommandation de films, analyse de la consommation électrique, objets connectés... We Robot 2015. La technologie de Google Maps utilisée pour cartographier le corps humain.

Voici la nouvelle machine à cash d'Amazon (vidéo) - Numerik. Loi Renseignement : à quoi aura accès l'IA des boîtes noires chez Free ou Gmail ? Google patents robots with personalities in first step towards the singularity - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent. Red Innovation. Laurent Alexandre "Transhumain oui Posthumain Non"La revue du Cube. Des robots militaires américains et européens bientôt dans les océans. Des robots militaires américains et européens bientôt dans les océans. Amazon Giving Away $25,000 To Find Robot That Can Pack Boxes.

3D-printed bionic ants team up to get the job done - tech - 26 March 2015. Bits.blogs.nytimes. Leave Facebook if you don't want to be snooped on, warns EU. CITP Luncheon Speaker Series: Peter Asaro – Regulating Robots: Developing Policy for Robots. Blog - Welcome to a New Era of Machine Emotional Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business. Le marché de la robotique va s'envoler en France - JDN.

La voiture autonome. China's factories are building a robot nation. La preuve par les données. Et la justice comme boite noire. La preuve par les données. Et la justice comme boite noire. Couples who meet online tend to have better marriages. Akademik: Thèmes de recherche & d'enseignement. Vous protégez votre ordi, c’est bien. Et votre voiture ? Transport. La route automatisée : un scénario périurbain. Renault envisage des voitures automatisées dès 2015. Voitures autonomes : les tests sur route autorisés outre-Manche. Révolution numérique : sommes-nous vraiment prêts.

Seminar on the Law of the Newly Possible - NewlyPossible. RoboLaw: Why and how to regulate robotics. Raffaello D’Andrea on the future of robotics. Le plan du gouvernement pour contrer les plates-formes logicielles étrangères dans les objets connectés. L'homme de demain sera connecté, imprimé en 3D et open source. FLI - Future of Life Institute.